10 things to ask a psychic

Here are ten great questions you can ask your child which will get them talking and give you more insight into their day.
All of these questions are great conversation starters to help give you more information about your child’s day.
A cute little way to get the family involved is to place all of the above questions into a box and ask everyone to pick one or two at dinner time, they then get to share the answer with everyone.
Topics: children how was your day questions to ask children school About The AuthorJessica BirchWife to a man child and Mum of 2 girls, 2 boys and 4 chickens. I’d like to try some of these with my tween sister who is very difficult to communicate with at the moment. There are also some great questions to ask even for the younger ones who are still at home so they don’t feel excluded. I have a teenage son who actually loves to tell me all about his day… in great detail.
No picture uploaded yet Please wait to see your image preview here before hitting the submit button. Although Siri, Apples’ virtual assistant, is not real artificial intelligence, the programmers at Apple have done a pretty good job of making her sound like she has a mind of her own.
She’s also would appear to have a pretty good knowledge of science fiction movies too, and anyone who has ever watched the Matrix will understand what this question is all about. Here is another one of funny things to ask Siri: “When will pigs fly?” For a lot of questions, Siri has a range of possible answers, so you never know what you will get. Apples’ alternative to Microsoft’s Cortana, also has some interesting insights into some of the deeper questions that you might be searching an answer for.
Whether you have planned 100 meetings or none at all, there is no doubt that the list of questions to ask seems endless.

Use the questions below to organize your thinking and reasoning while using them to make decisions for the perfect meeting or corporate event. Headquartered in New York City, Convene was recently named by Forbes as one of America’s 100 Most Promising Companies and by Inc.
Don’t ask every question everyday, just pick one or two and make sure you lead by example and get them to ask you questions too. Siri was designed to make tasks in your phone simpler to perform, but you can have a lot more fun with her, than simply asking her to make an appointment in your diary for you. Even Siri has her limitations and asking her to rustle up a tasty snack for you is still, at the moment, out of her reach. In the movie, the choice was to wake up in the real world, or in the computer generated world of the Matrix.
When asked the rather strange question of “when will pigs fly?”, she might answer: “When they grow wings”,” When they buy tickets”, or “When inserted into a circus cannon whose fuse is lit”. According to Siri, the meaning of life is: “To be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try to live in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and all nations”. You are safe letting your children loose with Siri, and she will keep them occupied for hours!
Just to make sure the illusion of Siri being intelligent is kept alive, she can also grow tired of answering that same question over and over again. If you ask what is the best computer, she will, of course, answer: “The Apple Macintosh is my favourite computer”. Next time you are tasked with being the "planner", impress your boss with new perspectives and show them your thought process. What resources need to be provided to support my participants in achieving their strategic objectives?

Do the breakout rooms allow my participants to make their thinking visible, in order to easily communicate and share their ideas? Is the furniture ergonomic; Will it support my attendees in comfort for the duration of the program? Have I considered the needs of all my participants; not only during, but also before, in between, and after the program? If you’ve never tried asking Siri anything more taxing than the time of the day, here are ten funny things to ask Siri. You’ll find that Siri has attitude, as well as a sense of humour. The virtual assistant takes a responsible attitude to your state of inebriation by telling you: “I hope you are not driving” and offers you a button to select to call a cab. Ask her to make you a sandwich and she is likely to answer: “I’m not permitted to prepare food”. Either way, it seems that your virtual assistant would still be working, because Siri answers with the reassuring: “Either way… I’ll still be here when you wake up”. What is even stranger than the question itself, is that someone at Apple thought that more than one answer would be needed.
If they ask the question that all kids want to know about Santa, Siri hedges her bets with a reply of: “There is not a unique computable answer to that question.

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