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Good Friday happens to be one of the most important and the most solemn day for the Christians all over the world. To talk about the history of the Holy Day, Christians used to observe every Friday as a special day for special prayers and fasting until the first century, however, it is only after the fourth century, they started observing the Friday before the Holy Easter as an even more special one since it was associated with the crucification of Lord. According to the second, the name originated from the Gallican Church who replaced the word Holy with Good. This year this Holy day will be observed on the 25th of March 2016, according to the Christian calendar. In spite of the day to be so special and holy, Good Friday is a mere Christian holiday but not a federal holiday, in USA. As far as the traditions and rituals of Good Friday are concerned, it varies according to the Church. The ceremony starts very early in the morning around 3 am with specific prayers from the priests. During the afternoon, a ceremony called the adoration of the Cross takes place where, a replica of the True Cross is unveiled to show respect and gratitude to the Lord for his sacrifices. New Year is all about new resolutions, new zeal, new zest – in a nutshell, a point to start over a new leaf. So we at 123NewYear have designed for you a plethora of wallpaper options to deck up your gadget – be it your desktop computer, your laptop, your notebook, or your cell phone. To get these, all you have to do is select the image of your choice and click “download”; or you could also right click on the image and select the “save as” option from the drop down menu and save the image to your disk! Good Friday is considered as the pinnacle of the Holy week by every pious Christian with reverence and due humility.

The Greek called it special Friday whereas the Romans named it as Good Friday, much later though. One must remember the occasion is Holy but not a joyful ceremony hence it is observed as a somber and simple one. The priests dress themselves up in black vestments, and recite special verses as lessons from the old scriptures. It is believed that the Lord was crucified around sometime in the afternoon and it is specially done to coincide with the time. I adore Lord Jesus as my very God, who willed to become Man only to save me from the eternal death.
Oh Lord Jesus, forgive those souls who don’t believe in your power, have pity on those poor sinners who deny your existence and save them from hell. On this Friday, I pray to You, Lord Jesus, to love You and serve You faithfully till my death, to save my soul. Oh Lord Jesus, teach me how to unite the sorrows and the sufferings of my life with your own. Well, we can no more deny that gadgets have become an integral part of our life and lifestyle.
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However, schools and colleges never remain opened during the Holy day and that gives the little kids and young adults to follow the rituals existing especially for the day. After that a series of prayers follow to remember the Lord, seek mercy and forgiveness for mankind for all sins. After that, a common mass takes place in the presence of the priest, followed by a procession around 3 pm.

Available in different size options and plenty of designs to suit all tastes, there is surely one that you shall find appealing. Being brutally crucified, he arose from death after three days on the Easter day and went to heaven. To show homage to the Lord, no candles are lit in the church, and the altar as well as the pulpit remains bare. Some churches arrange for some special services on the evening of Good Friday to make the event even more special, like enactment of the incident of crucification or singing appropriate hymns or even reading out the verses that Jesus spoke while dying etc. It is considered “good” because all those who believe in Lord Jesus Christ and acknowledge his sacrifices made on this day, end up reaching to the heaven after death and live there in eternal peace.
Thus Christians on this day lament on the sins of mankind and rejoice the Lord’s stay in the Heaven in eternal peace. The ambiance is such created to make the people aware of the excruciating pain and grief that the Lord underwent to bring peace upon earth.
The end of the ceremony is observed with special evening prayers in the name of the God’s child. His sacrifices are remembered and Christians wet their eyes since they feel the same pain as the God’s only begotten son, Lord Jesus Christ.

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