12v to 19v laptop power supply circuit

Sitting still with nothing to do will no longer happen again when your laptop, tablet or mobile phone run out of battery. Gear Up Power Bank charges all your favorite electric devices such as Tablet, Apple MacBook & iPad, Samsung Phone. Gear Up AC Power Bank uses a premium battery material that is qualified in charging Tesla electric car. Dramatics aside, unlike other products requiring 2 different types of USB ports for cell phones and other devices, this Power Bank has 2 USB ports which regulate the power output automatically.
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This AC PowerBank is much easier to carry than a bulky power supply and outdoor generators. With Gear Up AC Power Bank, you have AC POWER when you are on the road, on sailing or even in the airplane. You no longer need to seek for a seat which is next to a wall outlet in a coffee shop, restaurant and airport lounge. Perfect product if you travel a lot and need to charge your notebook, tablet or cellphone, especially on airplanes where you rarely find AC outlets at your seat. From now on I will never miss another ending of a movie when Ia€™m travelling due to battery loss in my tablet.

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