12vdc 75a power supply

If the tariff rate go up, the cost of electricity per watt will relatively increase as well.
What can I do to reduce my electricity bills, at the same time conserve our global energy resource? First I have to understand my energy consumption in my own house, by doing a simple energy audit. The energy audit of my home shown on this page will be based on the latest tariff rate of 27.28? (as of Jul 2011). Besides measuring power consumption, this power meter is also very useful in my area of engineering works.

With this measuring instrument, we will have a better idea of how we can improve our energy consumption.
Hardly any wattage and current detected from the AC indicator lamp found on the multi socket adaptor..
With the streamer fully switched on, the reading is similar rto the power consumption of the "Keep Warm" feature. There is this quick heat button to heat up the iron faster (can only press for no longer than 10sec). The soldering iron is a resistive load, which is why the power factor is always quite close to 1.0PF.

TRC Electronics is the USA stocking headquarters of Mean Well RP-75 medical power supplies.

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