5th grade nonfiction reading passages

Free, Printable Reading Worksheets, Lessons and Activities for Classroom use and Home Schooling. April 27, 2015 Pin7K Share414 +1 Tweet27 StumbleThis 5th grade summer reading list was fun to put together.
Magic Marks the Spot is the first book in the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates series. The Toothpaste Millionaire. The practical side of math is highlighted when sixth-graders Rufus and Kate decide to invent a superior toothpaste, sell it and make their fortunes. Summerhouse Time is a free verse novel, which if you’ve been following my book lists, you might have noticed verse novels are my favorite type of book these days. Under the Egg is part mystery, part treasure hunt, part friendship story and a suspenseful, engaging read. Surviving the Applewhites. Jake has gotten kicked out of his last school and now has come to live with the eccentric, artistic, homeschooling Applewhite family. My daughter is heading into 5th grade in the fall, and these look like some great suggestions! We just finished the Applewhites as a read aloud (wonderful book) and Out of Dust was a very sad but memorable read. Students read the passages and then circle the correct main idea from a multiple choice list. First published 40 years ago, Jean Merrill’s book (she also wrote The Pushcart War) is still a highly entertaining celebration of the imaginative spirit. Every book in the series has tons of adventure, twist and turns, loads of intelligent humor and a satisfying ending. My daughter and I have read a bunch but there are many new-to-us titles on here too that I can’t wait to explore. She has already read Under the Egg, so we are thinking of doing Chasing Vermeer and From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs.

The worksheet is written for students in high school but may be used in other grades as appropriate.
Unfortunately pirates don’t take young ladies into their ranks and she is sent off to finishing school. Instead of being chaperoned by other families on the journey, she unexpectedly finds herself alone with the crew and becomes entangled in a nail-biting and dangerous adventure. Her brothers can control natural elements,  her mother can do everything perfectly and Mibs is anxious to find out what her special quality is. After reading this book, don’t be surprised to see your kid start up a new entrepreneurial endeavor using his or her math skills! Her hunt takes her all over New York City, into the past, and introduces her to a diverse group of new friends. The feisty princesses also make an appearance and by the end of the book it is hard not to laugh out loud at the lovable foolishness of the princes’ exploits.
He is starting a new school and gets an artistic new babysitter, who connects with him on a creative level.
Ada, born with a club foot, has never left the apartment that she shares with her younger brother and cruel mother.
Right before her 13th birthday party, her father has an accident and Mibs is convinced that her power will heal him. Dini loves Bollywood movies but when her mother announces they are going to live in India, she is disappointed they will be living in a small village instead of Bombay.
Sophie looks forward to swapping secrets with her favorite cousin, trips to the donut shop and hanging out at the beach. When the family has to pull together to get the show up after they are blackballed by a local stage mom, the results are hilariously successful. At his new school he finds sympathetic teachers who help him navigate his learning delays. He and his parents are still trying to understand each other.

In free verse, she describes the difficulties of poverty, having a distant father, and the tragic accident of her mother’s death which also damaged her own hands so she is no longer able to play the piano. And English class doesn’t make life any better, as she has to write a nonfiction book on anything—anything—by the end of the term. 10 year old Flora, a self-proclaimed cynic and comic book reader becomes friends with this new superhero, and even opens up her cynical heart. When her mother sends her brother out of London to the countryside at the start of WWII, Ada runs away with him. I really enjoy how the story reinforces the necessity of cooperation when putting on a play. In other words, life is challenging for Albie, but he is learning about life and how he can succeed in the world, despite his difficulties. How can anyone survive this awkward, challenging, and at times just plain miserable period of life? This book has loads of humor, quirky characters, a dynamic heroine, and all the qualities of a fantastic summer read.
The novel uses comic strip style illustrations to tell parts of the story and is wonderfully funny as well as touching. In the country they begin to make a new life with Susan, a woman who reluctantly takes them in. But Lily thinks the answer is just that: to write about middle school nightmares, and deal with cliques, crushes, bullies, friend fights, and more.
This is one of the best books I have read in recent months, with interesting historical details and a compelling narrative voice.

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