5v 3a power supply circuit diagram 12v

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This circuit will respond your needs did well – Due to this circuit is very simple with the IC-LM323K (or LM123 or LM223) only one. He did use an external battery, but the size 5 volts not had to modify the battery lead acid 12 volts reduced pressure down to the 5 volts.OR other case. But the can supply 5V fixed output voltage, and can be connected load current up to 3 Amp.(If you not can buy this IC or want easy circuit with more transistor please read down)How it works.

It’s like if you have voltage 5 volt 3amp power supply 12V directly from the battery, then it must have a lower voltage to 5V and a current sufficient. Which we have C1 is the current filter smoothly -Then IC1-LM323K is used to It is used to maintain a constant voltage 5V.
This circuit can meet the demand of friends get , by it uses normal electronic part and have 7805 integrated circuits perform to control Voltage 5V Regulate alone it gives current get just 1A.
Because the equipment seeks easy , build not difficult too.Application I have old GPS, usually I use it in my car.

In installing the IC1, be careful not to input or an output short circuit with the heat sink is strictly prohibited.

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