5v 3a power supply circuit diagram questions

Hello Readers, We frequently add new circuit diagrams, so do not forget to come back often. An easy and simple low cost circuit of a stabilised regulated power supply containing only few parts. Random electronic project: TDA2030A Amplifier for MP4 MP3 Player suggest reading the article.
The two ends delay switch circuit with the LM122 is as shown in the figure, the LM122 integrated timer can be used as the two ends delay switch component.
TOPSwitch i€‘ GX is suitable for making low-cost, high efficiency, small size, full-enclosed switching power supply module or power adapter (adapter).
It can be used as set-top box, cable decoder, high-capacity hard disk drive or laptop computer switching power supply. The charging process with normal charge mode is generally carried out in the home and public places. Additionally,line filter which is used to control noise is connected to printed plate at the mains.

The heart of the circuit is a LM338K adjustable voltage regulator IC which is a good quality IC with many built in features like Adjustable output, thermal regulation, current limit constant with temperature, short circuit protection etc. When the LM122 integrated timer is in the conduction state, the voltage drop is 2 to 3V, the current can be 50mA. The normal charging modea€™s charging power level is typically 6.6kW and its typical recharging time is 5 to 8 hours.
Such takes the power requirements on the hardware system with small ripple and stable voltage regulating functions into accounts. Moreover, the other input end of the chip is also placed with a 0.1I?F filter capacitor, thus reducing the disruption for the input end.
And then,grounded common mode capacitor is fixed to the soleplate by screw.Lines are short and thick even if the current is not very big. An internal voltage divider reduces component count and eliminates the need for external resistors by dividing the reference voltage in half. All parts of the circuit are easy to find, Transistor 2N3055 and potentiometer are providing regulation.

The circuit function is: if you add the power supply voltage and after the delay time of R1C1 seconds, the relay conducts. The power converter of the normal charging mode is similar to that of the emergency charging mode. On the printed plate are the lines of sunrise-style,just as the picture.Additionally,when the circuit adopts dual platen,it must switch in washer to guarantee the favorable contact. The internal synchronous power switch with 85m? on-resistance increases efficiency and eliminates the need for an external Schottky diode.
So the power part of the hardware system uses TI's TPS76330 chip, whose output current is 150mA. However, with the single-stage PFC converter, the peak current of the switching tube is large.

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