5v power adapter extension cable

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There's no such thing as "lossless" anything in electronics, and there's not a single IC that's designed to do what you want.
R1 essentially drops the difference between the Zener diode and the AC mains potential, so it's not going to be efficient for anything except light loads.
This introduces a bulky, costly transformer into the design, but it's more efficient than the previous design, and your load can vary quite a bit.
As you can see, AC mains voltage is immediately rectified and filtered to produce high voltage DC. These converters, in general, provide a great amount of efficiency and can also source high-power loads.
The 7805 in figure 4 immediately reduces efficiency to under 70% due to very high dropout voltage of regulator. These circuits are so far good enough (taken from the Internet): less components + isolation bonus. I am mildly surprised that while the Non-Isolating Zener Supply was provided, there is no mention of a non-isolating capacitive reactance circuit voltage divider. If the device functions within a narrow current requirement, this can be reasonably efficient. IMO, a MOV (metal-oxide varistor) should be added to all of these designs to protect against line transients. It's very nice to have no external components required (or, at least very few compared to the typical support for a switched mode DC-DC converter IC). This circuit replaced all 1N4001 rectifiers with 1N5819 Schottky rectifiers and used a low dropout linear regulator AMS1117-5.0.

An LDO with PMOS pass element (AMS1117 used PNP BJT) can have even smaller loss (headroom of a few tens of millivolts from its \$R_{ds(on)}\$) and hence more efficient. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged voltage ac dc converter or ask your own question. After publishing my manuscript in a relatively new journal can I then withdraw it and publish the same manuscript at a different journal? SECURE ORDERING You will be taken to a SECURE server before being asked for your payment information.
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These work on the principle of first converting AC to DC, then switching the DC at very high frequencies to make optimal use of the transformer's characteristics, as well as minimize the size (and loss) of the filter network on the secondary.
The Power Integrations device switches this voltage rapidly across the transformer's primary side.

These are the sorts of supplies you see in everything from tiny cell phone chargers to laptop and desktop computer power supplies.
You still have to give it some headroom to cover mains voltage variations, the diodes also mean a 30 % efficiency loss. Due to package variations from suppliers, the product packaging customers receive may be different from the images displayed. Specifications are subject to change without notice; please ensure you conduct testing to ensure the product is suitable for your intended application. For the full range of Mean Well power supplies speak with your sales representative; navigate the product sections above or visit Meanwell Direct. I want to connect my microcontroller to an ordinary electrical socket and I don't have enough space available.
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This is because high-frequency AC requires much smaller components to filter than line-frequency AC.

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