5v power supply audio

The voltage will then converted to 5V DC by the LM7805 IC, due to which you will receive two different voltages at the same time.
Here is a low cost and simple circuit that can be used to power up small electronics devices. Hi Virender the above circuit can supply around 19 to 20mA where as the circuit for which you are using requires around 70 to 100mA, hence this is not suitable. Hi Jimmy The circuit shown above is just designed for 5volt 20mA for which the component values calculaed and used values are more than sufficient.

Hi all, Can anyone please let me know how to make 5VDC transformerless power supply to run the Wireless Light Switch Circuit. I’m actually converting 24vac to 5vdc (100mA needed for circuit) and found this circuit while searching for least expensive parts. The loss in the capacitor power supply around 15 watts with a shunt regulator not really worth, as the capacitor required will be 15uf 350volt AC will be costlier than the transformer.
You have to reduce R1 to 2.2K 25watts with 7805 regulator and a protective zener of 9volt 1watt before the regulator chip.

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