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In primary school, a student's relationship with his or her teacher has a significant impact on the student's academic progress. Most colleges have strict polices about student plagiarism, often including stringent penalties for those who violate the rules.
A lot of people have been tweeting or posting to Facebook a link to a graph which was posted to the Atlantic Monthly website on April 6, with this provocative headline: And here's the chart you are urged to show, derived from Gallup poll numbers over the years.
The goal of this blog is to provide pointers to scientific findings that are applicable to education that I think ought to receive more attention. Free, Printable Reading Worksheets, Lessons and Activities for Classroom use and Home Schooling.
Whether it’s somebody, nobody or anybody, these pronouns play an important role in sentences.
David and I note that there is, in some quarters, a rush to replace conventional paper textbooks with electronic textbooks. It is especially noteworthy that members of the Obama administration are eager to speed this transition. A student will fall behind and, with a deadline looming, get sloppy in the writing of a paper: a few sentences or even a paragraph makes its way into the student paper without attribution.
But if you have even a minimal knowledge of the field of psychometrics, you know that things are not so simple.
Rather, they help kids who have become good decoders to realize that the point of reading is communication.
It's pretty well established that a burst of glucose provides a brief cognitive boost (see review here), so the question is whether chewing gum in particular provides any edge over and above that, or whether a benefit would be observed when chewing sugar-free gum. You press a button if a stimulus is the same as the one before (N=1) or the time before last (N=2) or. And electronic textbooks offer obvious advantages that traditional textbooks don't, most notably easy updates, and embedded features such as hyperlinks, video, and collaboration software. Sample item "If upset, this child will seek comfort from me."Conflict Negative interactions, need for the teacher to correct student behavior. He describes himself as the kind of guy who shouts back at the television when he sees something to do with standardized testing that he regards as foolish. We should note that there are not many studies out there regarding the use of electronic textbooks, but those that exist show mixed results. Half of the students were required to complete a "short but detailed interactive tutorial on understanding and avoiding plagiarism." The student papers were analyzed with plagiarism detection software.

These one-way shouting matches occur with some regularity, and Wainer decided to record his thoughts more formally.The result is an accessible book, Uneducated Guesses, explaining the source of his ire on 10 current topics in testing. Male teachers did not feel closer to either boys or girls, but female teachers felt closer to girls than they did to boys.For Conflict, female teachers reported less conflict than male teachers did.
That's true regardless of their experience with ebooks, so it's not because students are unfamiliar with them (Woody, Daniel & Baker, 2010). In a near-transfer task, subjects are given some other measure of working memory to see if their capacity has increased. There is so much variation among districts (and probably even classrooms) on this issue, it’s hard to draw a conclusion with much confidence. In a far-transfer task, a task is administered that isn't itself a test of working memory, but of a process that we think depends on working memory capacity. Replicating this finding in other types of coursework--science and mathematics--would be important, as would replication at other institutions, including less selective colleges, and high schools.
All the excitement has been about far-transfer measures, namely that this training boosts intelligence, about which more in a moment. There were no differences among boys and girls on this measure.This research has been difficult to conduct, simply because most groups of teachers don't have enough male teachers in elementary grades to conduct a meaningful analysis.
Ebooks typically often have a narrative structure,  they are usually pretty easy to read, and we read them for pleasure. This is just one study, but the results indicate that all teachers--male and female--have a tougher time with boys. For example, a teacher might want her class create a graphic organizer as a way of understanding how an author builds narrative arcThe wasted time obviously represents a significant opportunity cost. That's a novel finding, and contradicts a lot of work that's come before, showing that working memory training tends to benefit only the particular working memory task used during training, and doesn't even transfer to other working memory tasks. More conflictual relationships are reported with boys than with girls, and female teachers report less close relationships with boys. But has anyone ever considered that implementing these strategies make reading REALLY BORING? The far-transfer claim has been that the working memory training boosts fluid intelligence. Everyone agrees that one of our long-term goals in reading instruction is to get kids to love reading. Fluid intelligence is one's ability to reason, see patterns, and think logically, independent of specific experience.

Elementary reading books tend of have a narrative structure, and students are not asked to study from the books as older kids are.Further, many publishers are not showing a lot of foresight in how they integrate video and other features in the electronic textbooks. We hope that more kids will spend more time reading and less time playing video games, watching TV, etc. Crystallized intelligence, in contrast, is stuff that you know, knowledge that comes from prior experience. A decade of research (much of it by Rich Mayer and his collaborators and students) show that multimedia learning is more complex than one would think. You can see why working memory capacity might lead to more fluid intelligence--you've got a greater workspace in which to manipulate ideas.A standard measure of fluid intelligence is the Ravens Progressive Matrices task, in which you see a pattern of figures, and you are to say which of a several choices would complete the pattern, as shown below. Videos, illustrative simulations, hyperlinked definitions--all these can aid comprehension OR hurt comprehension, depending on sometimes subtle differences in how they are placed in the text, the specifics of the visuals, the individual abilities of readers, and so on.None of this is to say that electronic textbooks are a bad thing, or indeed to deny that they ought to replace traditional textbooks. How can a child get really absorbed in a book about ants or meteorology if she thinks that reading means pausing every now and then to anticipate what will happen next, or to question the author’s purpose? The one study I know of reported a cost to vigilance with gum-chewing for kids with ADHDKozlov, M. The most telling criticism of this literature is that the outcome measure is often a single task. You can't use a single task like the Ravens and then declare that fluid intelligence has increased because NO task is a pure measure of fluid intelligence.
The best measure of an abstract construct like "fluid intelligence" is one that uses several measures of what look to be quite different tasks, but which you have reason to think all call on fluid intelligence.
If we imagine each as a test-taker, the high school team got a perfect score, whereas the Eagles got just three items right. Either the training regimens need to be refined, whereupon we'll see the transfer effects more consistently, OR the benefits we've seen thus far were mostly artifactual, a consequence of uninteresting quirks in the designs of studies or the tasks My guess is that the truth lies somewhere between these two--there's something here, but less than many people are hoping. And yes, the problem is the same when one contemplates comparing student learning in a high school science class and a high school English class as a way of evaluating their teachers. Effects of chewing gum on cognitive function, mood and physiology in stressed an unstressed volunteers.
The issues Wainer takes on are technical and controversial—they represent the intersection of an abstruse field of study and public policy.

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