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I have had Robert Lee Camp's Cards of Destiny and Love Cards books, which describe the same system above in more depth, for about 4 years now. There are some key ingredients to making great predictions with the cards and once you understand them, your own ability will improve dramatically. When I was first learning the cards, it was the Sixes that mystified me and eluded my understanding the longest. Explore your destiny with Robert Lee Camp, author of the books Cards of your Destiny and Love Cards. I tend to think the system is pretty spot on, especially when it comes to card connections between each other and card descriptions(profile of each card). I can give a profile of your card(as seen in the book Love Cards) with just your birthdate. Learn how to find more information about every period of your year from a just discovered secret hidden in the Grand Solar Spreads. In this 3 hour recorded seminar hear Robert explain exactly how it works and when it will occur to you and everyone you meet. Once you start to see them, it enhances your understanding of both and allows you greater freedom in your interpretations.
When I finally did gain some understanding of them, I was amazed at their power and importance. If you have a Pluto connection(8 spots away) with someone, the pluto card is controlling, destructive and a challenge in your life.

It's in the same spot of the life spread(seen above in image) and the Spiritual spread(the cards in their natural order). Tell me the year as well and I can look up your cards for the year and your 7-year cards for a more accurate desription of what to expect.
Also, watch as Robert performs personal readings and answers questions from the 20 participants. Robert will discuss all the connections that he has discovered and look at the connections of the participants. But hidden in all these eight cards are spiritual opportunities that can transform your experience of them and change your life. I discovered that Sixes hold the most levels of meaning of any of the cards in the deck, and often point to life-changing years and periods where our strongest karma, both positive and negative are expressed. In this card talk and Q&A session with Robert, you will learn all about the ways you can transform the effects of these cards and how they can lead you to a deeper understanding of the truth. In this seminar we will go through these Sixes, one by one and uncover their many levels of meaning, including the life-changing ones. This is key because there are 7 planetary cycles we go through for 52 days apiece(Mercury through Neptune minus Earth).

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