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Your Personal Year Number is different from your Life Path Number, which, like your astrological Sun sign, never changes.
This is a year of completion, of unraveling, of letting go of the old to make space for change.
This is also a year where you can revel in the successful culmination of all that you’ve been working toward for the past eight years.
For more of Felicia’s insights on 2015 numerology, download our 2015 Planetary Planner, which includes her special bonus Numerology section!
Name Numerology holds the keys to Success in the Name Numbers, which are More Powerful than your Day and Life Numbers. What is name numerology – renowned numerologist, Matthew Goodwin, on the Science of Numbers – short history, how it works, what the numbers in your name mean.
Our resident Numerologist, Nancy Laine, has created these reports on a few of her own favorite celebrities in honor of their loving contributions to t. Note to female users: If your current name is not the same as your birth name, please keep in mind that this numerology report is NOT completely correct.
I understand that the information I provide will be used to generate my own personal numerology reading.
Sample Numerology Report for Tom Cruise from Professional Numerologist, numerology software by renowned numerologist Matthew Oliver Goodwin.
May (the 5 month) is all about energy and aliveness and being sociable, but it is also about freedom.
Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Your Life PurposeFind Your Destiny or Life Purpose NumberYou can find out what is your destiny number or life purpose by calculating your month, day and year of birth.
Find Your Successful Business Name ReadingCreative Business Name Reading Through NumerologyLooking to find your most successful business name? Do You have a Question About Your Business Name?Do you have a specific question about your business name? Numerology Oracle CardsNumerology Journey Oracle CardsA deck of 15 beautifully painted oracle cards, each representing a different number, an original painting, numerology description, words of insight and enlightening mantra. Most of believe in destiny and luck and that very same way many among us believe in the miracle of numbers which is termed as "Numerology".
These numerology apps also lets you find out your lucky numbers, love compatibility, lucky days, and much more.
Numerology Calculator is a numerology app that lets you calculated your birthday number and find out balance number, birthday number, capstone, and more. This numerology app lets you find out your heart’s desire number, that relates with your love number.
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The Chaldean Numerology method also differs in that it goes by the name you're most known by. After the name, the birth number the day of the month on which you were born is considered to be the next most important factor in Chaldean Numerology. In the Chaldean Numerology system the numbers only go from 1 to 8, and not 1 to 9 - this means the transposition of the numbers assigned to the alphabet is different than in the Pythagorean counterpart.
All numbers, whether found under this system or the Pythagorean one, have basically the same meanings, symbols, nature, and character. However, under the Chaldean Numerology system, it isn't enough to know what the single numbers mean. Once the physical (single number) and metaphysical (compound number) aspects of your name have been determined, the next important step is your date of birth. Your date of birth means the day of the month you were born under, for it too has its own occult symbology and significance.
Single numbers denote what you appear to be in the eyes of others, while the double or compound numbers show the hidden influences that play a role behind the scenes and some mysterious way often foreshadow the future. All the numbers from 10 upwards, become compound numbers and have a meaning of their own distinct from the root number. The universally accepted symbolism of the compound numbers in ancient times was given in pictures and may still be found in the Tarot Cards which have been handed down to us from ancient times and whose origin is lost in antiquity. This is a number indicating change of plans, place and such-like and is not unfortunate, as is generally supposed.
This is a number of movement, combination of people and things, and danger from natural forces such as tempests, water, air or fire.
This is a number of occult significance, of magic and mystery; but as a rule it does not represent the higher side of occultism, its meaning being that the persons represented by it will use every art of magic they can to carry out their purpose. It gives warning of some strange fatality awaiting one, also danger of accidents and defeat of one's plans. This number has a peculiar interpretation; the call to action, but for some great purpose, cause or duty. If used in relation to a future event, it denotes delays, hindrances to one's plans, which can only be conquered through the develop­ment of the spiritual side of nature. This is a number denoting strength gained through experience, and benefits obtained through observation of people and things. This is a number of thoughtful deduction, retrospection, and mental superiority over one's fellows, but as it seems to belong completely to the mental plane, the persons it represents, are likely to put all material things on one side — not because they have to, but because they wish to do so. This number is very similar to the preceding one, except that the person it represents is even more self-contacted, lonely, and isolated from his fellows.
We have now completed the 52 numbers which represent the 52 weeks of our year, and for all practical purposes there is no necessi­ty to proceed further.
Numerology believes that we all go through nine yearlong life cycles, called Personal Year Cycles.
Depending on where you are in your cycle, your Personal Year Number could be a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or a 9. The Life Path (or Birth Path) number is calculated by adding up your month, date and year of birth.

This year holds much more clarity than last year and is the start of a new nine-year cycle. While you may see yourself functioning fairly “normally,” this is a year where you’ll be heavily involved in deep inner work. During your 8 Personal Year,  you can’t help but wake up every morning—and go to sleep every night—thinking about your finances. This change can be somewhat dramatic and tumultuous; possessions, relationships, job, geographical location, spirituality, health.
It’s going to be a matter of evaluating what’s finished and no longer necessary for you and then moving forward without a net. The other side is to understand that if we jump with complete abandon without understanding the rules, we may fall. Then click on the results.Your Personal YearFind Your Personal Year Number for 2016What is your personal year number for this year?
All you need to do is simply type your birthday and full name to checkout the related predictions. Its lets you checkout your birthday number, facts, and related planets, simply by entering your date of birth. This numerology app lets you know more about yourself and at the same time lets you checkout your compatibility with your partner.
This app lets you enter your full name long with your date of birth to give you related results. Chaldean Numerology was developed by the Chaldeans long time ago, who once occupied the southern part of Babylonia. The analysis of your name under Chaldean Numerology system uses only the name you are most known by, instead of your original name given at birth (a requirement of the Pythagorean system).
The reason why the number 9 was omitted under Chaldean Numerology system was because the Chaldeans felt the 9 was holy, sacred, and thus to be held apart from the rest. So, Leslie Eric Scott, born on the 8th day of December, would also be considered a number 8 per­son under this system. You can calculate your vibration with the Chaldean Numerology vibrations table pictured above and find out if your first, last name or first and last name together have a good or bad vibrations.
In this picture he appears to offer no defense against a ferocious tiger which is attacking him. In dealing with future events it is a most fortunate number and a promise of success of one's plan's. It foreshadows disasters brought about by association with others; ruin by bad speculations, by partnerships, unions and bad advice. It indicates that reward will come from the productive intellect; that the creative faculties have sown good seeds that will reap a harvest. It indicates a person of great promise and possibilities who is likely to see all taken away from him unless he carefully provides for the future.
For this reason it is neither for­tunate nor unfortunate, for either depends on the mental outlook of the person it represents. It is a number of good and fortunate friendships in love, and in combinations con­nected with the opposite sex. It is symbolized by the signs of revolution, upheaval, strife, failure, and prevention and is not a fortunate number if it comes out in calculation relating to future events. Number 1 powers the thought of striving forward and pursuing your ambition, goals, self leadership, instinct, intuition, new beginnings, assertiveness or a fresh start.Another 1 meaning is that it relates to us creating our own reality with our beliefs, thoughts and actions. Take the time to slow down, steady your pace, and become more methodical about which goals you want to focus on.
Lots of unexpected opportunities are bound to come your way, so be open to trying new things. It’s a spiritual year; meaning, you’ll have many opportunities to test your sense of spirituality, however you define it.
You’ll be in work overdrive this year and also be handed opportunities that test your personal power. I like to put it this way: You know people who are in a marriage or a relationship that’s over with, and yet they won’t get a divorce or break up with their partner until they have another love interest waiting in the wings?
What is important in this karmic lesson is to be proud of your wings but remember the importance of having a nest.
It is a great time to rekindle your energy and creativity and get in touch with what freedom is for you.  Perhaps a time for some spring cleaning, clearing out the cobwebs of the winter doldrums.
For me, I see my past as holding on to my judgments and making them real.  As I let go of these thought forms, I feel the freedom of a lighter, more joyful and inspiring being. Only by taking responsibility for ourselves can we ever loosen the grip that this slowly collapsing industrial system has on us. Submit your month and day of birth to the current year in this numerology calculator and find out!A Numerology Reading Can Transform Your LifeHave you always wondered what your name and numbers can tell you? On filling the required fields, you can then see your birth day number, life path numbers, and many more.
This app lets you know more about your health, psychology, destiny, karmic advice, profession, and a lot more that which you might really want to know.
This is because the Chaldean Numerology system is not as easy to master, and the alphabet values are not in as systematic an order as the other Numerology system.
The birth day number affects the personality, health, and other factors in Chaldean Numerology that will be detailed in future chapters. Because of their long and diligent study of the occult, the people of Chaldea became well known for their contributions to astronomy, mathematics, and other sciences, particularly Astrology and Numerology. The single Chaldean Numerology number simply represents the physcal outward appearance of a person's name, whereas the compound Chaldean Numerology number represents the deeper, metaphysical, hidden influences or forces behind the name. Your date of birth is extremely important because it is unchangeable and therefore a constant, like the needle pointing north on a compass. It is a warning number of illusion and delusion, a good person who lives in a fool's paradise; a dreamer of dreams who awakens only when surrounded by danger.
If it comes out in connection with future events one should carefully consider the path one is treading. It indicates loss through trust in others, opposition and competition in trade, danger of loss through law, and the likelihood of having to begin life's road over and over again.
It can be all powerful, but it is just as often indifferent according to the will or desire of the person.
It is a fortunate number if the person it represents holds to his own judgment and opinions; if not, his plans are likely to be wrecked by the stubbornness and stupidity of others. Number 4 is all about hard work, effort, stability, honesty, patience, passion, drive and building a solid foundation for the future, also working hard to achieve your goals and dreams.Another 1414 meaning is to remind yourself to keep a uplifting mindset, attitude and a hopeful outlook to attract the positive energies and scenarios to your life. This is a year to plant the seeds for what you want to see grow and mature during the next nine-year cycle. This is a more serious year requiring hard work to set the foundation for whatever you’re working on: job, relationships, family. This is the year that’s inviting (oh, let’s be honest, it’s forcing you) you to move on to an even more expansive cycle in your life if you choose to let go and allow what’s no longer serving you to fall away.

So, giving a thought to it, today here we’ve reviewed some Numerology apps that shall help you calculating your lucky numbers by summing your name and date of birth.
In addition, you can also checkout the Karmic lesson and relationship compatibility, if required. In addition, it also lets you find out destiny number, soul number, and more, which you always wanted to know about you. So adept were these Chaldean people in the metaphysical arts, that their name became synonymous with such studies. A person may undergo a series of name changes over the years because of marriage, adoption, and the like, but the birth date remains the same. It is a fortunate number if it works out in relation to future events, provided it is not associated with the single number of fours and eights.
It is a for­tunate number of promise if it appears in any connection with future events.
It is also a number of false judgment owing to the influence of others.As a number in connection with future events, it is a warning and its meaning should be carefully noted. You can gain this through by practicing affirmations to maintain a strong link to your spiritual self and higher dimensions. Believe me when I say that this is a slow-moving year designed to test and build your patience! You’ll need to forgo Happy Hour and stay a little late at the office to finish up that big report or file, complete the last part of the chapter you’re writing, or think through the way you’re wanting to systematize your project. It’s time to travel and tap into your sense of fearless adventure—not a time to make a long-term commitment! You must break it off and then manage and master that empty space of nothingness for a while. So, giving a thought to it, today here we've reviewed some Numerology apps that shall help you calculating your lucky numbers by summing your name and date of birth.
These numerology apps are quite simple and come with in-built calculator to find out your lucky numbers. Chaldean Numerology indicates the hidden forces or invisible strings at play behind the scenes.
It can be a somewhat lonely year with feelings that a lot rests on your shoulders and only you can get it done—without help from others. This is your year to be out there, enhancing all aspects of your sense of creative self-expression.
While it may feel a bit thankless at times, you’ll reap the rewards when you accomplish your goals step-by-step. We must regain our sense of adventure because fear of the unknown is preventing us from making the changes we need to.
Concentrate on intimacy and relationships, fostering appreciation for yourself and your loved ones, and speaking your truth gently yet firmly.
Understand that this can also be a year where you’ll be challenged to work on expressing your emotions clearly and effectively, so you’ll be offered plenty of opportunities to practice this feat during the year. It’s all about evaluating the relationships in your life, starting with your relationship with you.
Combined with the 8 Universal Year, 2015 is all about active engagement in the material world. The key to this year is establishing and acting on some semblance of self-discipline or you’ll get to 2016 feeling like 2015 has been one big hangover.
It’s a year where you’ll be required to heighten your sense of responsibility to your home and family environment. This year is a power-year for you, and I don’t want to underestimate the power that’s available to you during your 8 Personal Year. You can also check the article on 5555 meaning.Number 6 in NumerologyThe number 6 in numerology has a feminine vibration and the number is related to the planet Venus and star sign Virgo.
You also might wrestle with some unexpected emotional highs and lows, so take it as it comes and know you can’t go wrong when you tap into your authentic feelings. You’ll have plenty of sex appeal this year, so understand that your alluring energy can offer plenty of sensual pleasures. You’ll need to hit the ground running and focus your actions and energies on creating the financial abundance you want in your life. Number 6 has a great sense of balance.Number 6 in Numerology is the mother number, this is a very hardworking and building number.
It’s a year where you can experience big financial ups and downs, so be prepared to tap into your resilience.
Combined with the 8 Universal Year, it’s going to be devoted to achievement in the material world and achieving your goals with organization, creativity, and endurance. Mixed with the energy of the 8 Universal Year, you’ll feel like you’re riding a teeter-totter. Put that together with the powerful energy of the 8 Universal Year and you might have a few bumps in the amazingly frenetic road. This is the year where you’ll finally feel that “click” in knowing if a divorce is necessary or you can also have the clarity you’ve been waiting for and officially say “I Do.” Your theme song for the year: “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” How does this energy relate to the 8 Universal Year? You’ll need to integrate the active, initiating energy of the 8 Universal Year with your intensely emotional year of letting go.
Number 6’s are are peaceful, they have the desire to bring harmony, truth, peace and justice to all the experiences in their lives.
How can you use your creativity and communication skills to benefit your finances and personal power? The 5 is about fun and adventure while the 8 is about getting down to business and taking responsibility for making things happen.
The 6 loves beauty and needs comfort in their lives either physically, spiritually and emotionally.
Please check the article on 6666 meaning.Number 9 in NumerologyThe number 9 in numerology signifies service to humanity, spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment, faith, eternity and universal love. They know their objectives and have come here to add to the concept of universal love and compassion. However 9’s need to grow and learn more in, generosity, selflessness, compassion and tolerance. This is a power-year where you can experience big financial ups and downs, so be prepared to tap into your resilience. This numerology app lets you find out your heart's desire number, that relates with your love number.
This energy is truly challenging and will bring up very real, deep issues related to your sense of empowerment and demand that you deal with them. 19 universal personal gods lovr shining on you, 39 charmed life, veing spoiled and appreciated by thise around you.

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