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Abraham-Hicks teachings are unquestionably the ultimate guidance to understanding and applying the Universal Law Of Attraction in our lives.Esther and Jerry Hicks have been teaching the Law of Attraction since the 1980's.
I am in the process of changing this Abraham Hicks page so that the categories will eventually be on separate pages, for now there are some new pages and the rest of the quotes are on this page. Anytime you feel negative emotion, stop and say: 'Something is important here, otherwise I would not be feeling this negative emotion. By choosing better feeling thoughts and by speaking more of what you do want and less of what you don't want, you will gently tune yourself to the vibrational frequency of your Broader Perspective.
If you intend to be of assistance, your eye is not upon the trouble but upon the assistance, and that is quite different. Look for good things about where you are, and in your state of appreciation, you lift all self-imposed limitations - and all limitations are self-imposed - and you free yourself for the receiving of wonderful things. The law of attraction is most understood when you see yourself as a magnet getting more and more of the way you FEEL. There is a Life Stream that flows to you, and this is a Stream of clarity, a Stream of wellness, a Stream of abundance - and in any moment, you are allowing it or not. The Universe does not know if the vibration you are offering is because of what you are imagining, or because of what you are observing. Today no matter where I'm going, no matter what I'm doing, no matter who I'm doing it with, it is my dominant intent to look for and find things that feel good when I see them, when I hear them, when I smell them, when I taste them, when I touch them.It is my dominant intent to solicit from experience and exaggerate and talk about and revel in the best of what I see around me here and now. Who you really are is Non-Physical Energy focused in a physical body, knowing full well that all is well and always has been, and always will be. You are here to create the world around you that YOU choose - while you allow the world, as others choose it to be, to exist also. You don't have to work at being in the high vibration that is natural to you, because it is natural to you. Your hands are tied in action, but your hands are not tied in imagination and everything springs forth from the imagination. And you say, "The only reason that I believe this is because it is true." And we say - the reason that you believe it, is because you've practiced the thought.
As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with who you really are. If you're not thinking about a negative thought, your vibration is going to raise to its natural positive place. The thought that you think, you think, which attracts to it - so you think it some more, which attracts to it - so you think it some more. What anyone else has or does not have, has nothing to do with you.The only thing that affects your experience is the way you utilize the Non-Physical Energy with your thought. When you look at a thing that you don't want to look at, you activate it and law of attraction will bring you more like it. When you say "Yes" to something,you include something you do want in your experience.When you say "No" to something, you include something you don't want in your experience. You are on the leading edge of thought, taking thought beyond that which it has been before.
You are the creator of your own life experience, and as the creator of your experience, it is important to understand that it is not by virtue of your action, not by virtue of your doing, it is not even by virtue of what you are saying that you are creating. If there is something that you desire and it is not coming to you, it always means the same thing.
Offer a vibration that matches your desirerather than offering a vibration that keeps matching what-is. The reason for desires, goals, for finding those decisions or points of focus, is because they are the life-giving things of the Universe. There isn't anything that I cannot be or do or have, and I have a huge Nonphysical staff that's ready to assist me. Those old habits don't have to be erased, they just become replaced by a new habit that is more in vibrational harmony with who you are and what you want. Let your alignment with Well-Being be first and foremost and let everything else be secondary. See this world as a free world, and see everyone in it as trying, through their individual experiences, to find their way back to that calling, back to that Source Energy. There is a paradigm shift that is afoot because so many people around the world are understanding the vibrational aspect of living.
When your heart is singing, you are allowing Well-being.When you are appreciating, you are allowing Well-being. These spiritual law of attraction quotes are all uplifting words about the universal law that teaches us that like attracts like. If you have enjoyed these spiritual law of attraction quotes from Abraham you might like to take a look at some of the other pages of Abraham-Hicks quotes.
The energy you give off - based on your beliefs, your emotions, your behaviour - the vibrational frequency you give off is what determines the kind of reality experience you have, because physical reality doesn't exist except as a reflection of what you most strongly believe is true for you.
When you change your vibration by changing the way you think, by changing the way you act - you change your frequency - you go faster, things run more smoothly, not quite so slowly and difficult.
Your belief in yourselves is the only thing that will make a difference and create an ability for you to see for yourselves that you really are unlimited beings, in the way that you were fashioned to be. Be at peace and see a clear pattern and plan running through your lives.Nothing is by chance.
Be very very still and allow every new experience to take place in your life without any resistance whatsoever. The secret of making something work in your lives is first of all the deep desire to make it work.

If you have enjoyed these spiritual law of attraction quotes from Eileen Caddy you might like to take a look at the page of her quotes. If there is some aspect of creation you find you do not enjoy, bless it and simply change it. Your own life is the way it is because of you, and the choices you have made - or failed to make. If you have enjoyed these spiritual law of attraction quotes you might like to take a look at the Neale Donald Walsch page. Besides your recognizing that thoughts are never idle, salvation requires that you also recognize that every thought you have brings either peace or war, either love or fear. Every decision you make stems from what you think you are, and represents the value that you put upon yourself.
What you acknowledge in your brother, you are acknowledging in yourself and what you share you strengthen. As the days are passing, you are becoming more powerful and have much stronger powers of creation, use them wisely for the good of All. Dear Ones, we do not want to make your tasks sound too difficult, as they are helped considerably by the incoming energies being beamed to Earth.
Remember that all of the time you are creating your own reality, and you are now benefiting from the dedication of the Lightworkers that have gradually guided Humanity towards the Light. The demand for peace is uppermost in so many peoples minds, and that powerful energy is instrumental in bringing it into being. Incorporating these types of inspirational quotes is one part of your practice.  Learn what is the missing piece that is missing from all of these quotes that will help you truly manifest your dreams!  Read my Manifestation Miracle Review Here and I promise, it is the missing piece that will change your life! Abraham-Hicks quotes about money help us to become aware of how our thoughts and focus on lack, even though we are wanting and asking for more, stops us from receiving an abundance of this life resource that is a problem for so many. As you begin to feel freer regarding the expenditure of time and money, doors will open, people will come to assist you, refreshing and productive ideas will occur to you and circumstances and events will unfold.
As you observe the enormous differences in the effort that people apply and the results they achieve, you have to conclude that there is more to the equation of achieving than action alone. As you practice your more positive, better-feeling story, in time your pleasure will become the dominant vibration within you, and then as you couple your pleasure with your means of earning, the two will blend perfectly and enhance each other. Continuing to tell stories of shortage only continues to contradict your desire for abundance, and you cannot have it both ways: you cannot focus upon unwanted and receive wanted.
Do not let others set the standard about how much money you should have, or about what you should do with it, for you are the only one who could ever accurately define that.
If you are feeling a shortage of time or money, your best effort would be to focus upon better-feeling thoughts, and do more things that make you feel good. If you believe that you must work hard in order to deserve the money that comes to you, then money cannot come to you unless you work hard.
If your dominant intent is to feel joy while you are doing the work, your triad of intentions - freedom, growth and joy - will come quickly and easily into alignment.
Look for good things about where you are, and in your state of appreciation, you lift all self-imposed limitations (and all limitations are self-imposed) and you free yourself for the receiving of wonderful things.
Make a 'career' of living a happy life rather than trying to find work that will produce enough income that you can do things with your money that will then make you happy. Many people protest when we explain to them the power of telling the story of their finances as they want it to be rather than as it is, because they believe that they should be factual about what is happening. Most people have put anything that earns money in the category of the things that I HAVE to do. Some say that you should not want money at all because the desire for money is materialistic and not spiritual. The idea of success for most people, revolves around money or the acquisition of property or other possessions, but we consider a state of joy as the greatest achievement of success. What-is has no bearing on what is coming unless you are continually regurgitating the story of what is. When you are thinking of money in the way that will make it come to you, you always feel good. Through books, CD's, DVD's, workshops and the internet they circulate the wisdom that Esther brings through from Abraham (a collective consciousness.)My understanding and use of the Law Of Attraction has been mainly through Abraham materials. To see your world through the eyes of Source is truly the most spectacular view of life, for from that vibrational vantage point, you are in alignment with, and therefore in the process of attracting, only what you would consider to be the very best of your world. When you are looking for a solution, you are feeling positive emotion, but when you are looking at a problem, you are feeling negative emotion.
When you pay attention to how you feel and practice self-empowering thoughts that align with who you really are, you will offer an example of thriving that will be of tremendous value to those who have the benefit of observing you.
If you don't take the time to line up the Energy, if you don't find the feeling place of what you're looking for, not enough action in the world will make any difference. What someone else does with the Stream, or not, does not have anything to do with how much of it will be left for you.
You are here to experience the supreme pleasure of concluding new desires, and then of bringing yourself into vibrational alignment with the new desires that you've concluded, for the purpose of taking thought beyond that which it has been before.
And while their choices in no way hinder your own choices, your attention to what they are choosing does affect your vibration - and therefore your own point of attraction. In other words, when you have an expectation, you've got a dominant thought going on, and Law of Attraction is going to deliver that to you again and again and again.
Your vibration is offered because of the thoughts that you are thinking, and you can tell by the way you feel what kinds of thoughts you are thinking. If you have a desire that is strong enough, that desire will be the dominant vibration, and it will over-ride any other vibration that you have.

If you're out of balance, there are only two ways to bring yourself into alignment - either raise your expectation to match your desire, or lower your desire to match your expectation. Without objects of attention, or objects of desire, Life-Force does not come through any of us.
And not only will you have an eternally joyous journey, but everything you have ever imagined will flow effortlessly into your experience. And even though there are billions of them going about it in a way that is different than you would choose, there's no right or wrong way. What is it that I want?' And then simply turn your attention to what you DO want.In the moment that you turn your attention to what you want, the negative attraction will stop, and in the moment the negative attraction stops, the positive attraction will begin.
If you are moving too s-l-o-w-l-y, if you are too solid (because your beliefs and your ideas say that things have to be hard) things have to be difficult, to the point where you hardly know how to move at all. Then the faith and belief that it can work, then hold that clear definite vision in your consciousness and see it working out, step by step, without one thought of doubt or disbelief. This is because your very request is a statement of lack, and your saying you want a thing only works to produce that precise experience - wanting - in your reality.The correct prayer is therefore never a prayer of supplication, but a prayer of gratitude.
What a person believes is her or his reality, however far removed that may be from the facts. You cannot focus upon stories about money that make you feel uncomfortable and allow into your experience what make you feel comfortable.
How would you know that prosperity was possible if there wasn't some evidence of prosperity around you? When feeling happy is of paramount importance to you - and what you do for a living makes you happy- you have found the best of all combinations.
But if you continue to look at lackful what-is and speak of what-is, you will not find the improvement that you desire. But we want you to remember that you are here in this very physical world where Spirit has materialized.
And while the attainment of money and wonderful possessions certainly can enhance your state of joy, the achievement of a good-feeling physical body is by far the greatest factor for maintaining a continuing state of joy and Well-Being. By thinking and speaking more of how you really want your life to be, you allow what you are currently living to be the jumping-off place for so much more.
When you are thinking of money in the way that keeps it from coming to you, you always feel bad.
I first read "Ask And It Is Given" in 2006, and although I didn't really 'get it' at that time, I KNEW that this was an extremely important book to me.Over the past few years I have studied and absorbed the teachings of Abraham into my everyday life and I now believe that I understand the principles of their guidance. It's a matter of no longer giving your attention to things that don't allow your cork to float or don't allow you to vibrate in harmony with who you really are.
In other words, bless them all, and get on with the only thing you have any power about, which is opening or closing your vortex to your natural state of Well-Being.
And that if they will relax and reach for thoughts that feel good, and do their best to appreciate, then they will be less likely to keep the Well-being away, and more likely to allow it to flow into their experience. You are a big creation machine and you are turning out a new manifestation literally as fast as you can think. I am now doing my best to focus, as much as I can, on how I want it to be, rather than how it has been in my past. If you want to effect substantial change in your life experience, you must think thoughts that feel different as you think them. Once you not only understand the power of your thought, but you deliberately direct this powerful tool in the direction of things that you desire, then you will discover that the action part of your life is the way you enjoy what you have created through your thought. You cannot separate yourself from the aspect of yourself that is spiritual, and while you are here in these bodies, you cannot separate yourselves from that which is physical or material. It is not the choice of the craft that limits the money that flows - but only your attitude toward money. But if you speak predominantly of what-is, then you still jump off, but you jump off into more of the same.
I love to watch or just listen to Abraham speaking through Esther; the love, warmth, wisdom and humour just radiates out to the world. In your joy, you create something and then you maintain your vibrational harmony with it, and the Universe must find a way to bring it about. Thankfulness is thus the most powerful statement to God - an affirmation that even before you ask, I have answered. And I know that if I continue to focus on all the abundance of love, peace, joy and beauty that are in my life, then an abundance of money will follow. All the magnificent things of a physical nature that are surrounding you are Spiritual in nature. But this wonderful knowledge that we can all now share would not have come about if it wasn't for Jerry and his questioning nature. We are truly blessed with having Jerry and Esther devote so much of the lives to sharing Abraham with us all.Jerry Hicks made a transition into the Flow of Eternal Life on 18th November 2011. Although his physical presence is missed it wasn't long before his Non-Physical Energy was coming through to Esther and continues to be a part of the work that they so lovingly provide for us all.

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