Ac to dc welder converter for sale

Sorry George but didn't want to put out too much info at first.The diodes are already arranged for a bridge config to be connected to separate insulated aluminum plates that will sit on standoffs. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. I added a switched 240V outlet to power another fan for the DC converter box and some old Lincoln posts for better connectivity when converting to DC (in the process).
If the diodes he showed came from a mig, it's possible all the cathodes are the lugs and the anodes are connected to the wire. It's important to make sure you use a welding rod that is made for the current you are using.

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Been thinking of doing the same thing, however I think the diodes you have are from a mig welder which doesn't use a bridge rectifier. Still haven't figured out why he us going to use a coil and not capacitors, like you would find in a mig. I guess with AC the splatter makes it somewhat rough, not to mention my skill level.My local welding shop sold me 4 used 275A stud diodes $15 ea. Using a 6013 rod will make a better looking weld and will weld through any rust, dirt or crap that's on the steel.

A mig welder is like a jumbo battery charger, the transformer has a center tap so you can use the diodes you are showing.Again, hope this works for you. 7024 is a really good rod but it can only weld flat, 7018 is a structural rod but it HAS to be dry and the steel MUST be clean.
If each diode can handle 275 amps, it's possible to seperate them and make a bridge rectifier.

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