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John F Kennedy was a perfect Aldebaran example, lusty, charismatic, pushy and powerful in his speech. Gary Hart (00’); Ran for president, but brought down by the press for having an extra-marital affair.
Anya Gallaccio (23’); Scottish installation artist who works with fruit, vegetables and flowers. There is a great drive and desire for these subjects to make a name for themselves and rise above the limitations or unhappy memories of their upbringing. Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli (03’); French pre-impressionist painter who lived in poverty despite a prolific output. All of these examples had Neptune in aspect to a personal planet or an angle. Neptune was conjunct Pluto at the time for all these examples which muddies the water a bit.
Mark Hoppus has worked hard to gain confidence and overcome, at least to some extend, an in-born shyness. Hoppus' Personality number often serves as a censoring device, both in terms of what Mark sends out, as well as what he allows to approach. It discriminates in the kinds of people and information Mark Hoppus lets enter his heart and mind. On the front of the talisman, which you can see above, is the head of the bull in the constellation Taurus with its prominent eye, Aldebaran. Peacocking his power with fine clothes like those Hip-hop stars decked in gold “bling”, driving their puffed-out chariots with the scary bull bars on the front. He had the Sun here, a leader and head of the country but sadly assassinated with a shot to it. Aldebaran, unlike its opposite Antares, can get away with all manner of evils, even though they are both just as extreme as each other. Sometimes they are the idolisers though and can go a bit over-board pursuing the object of their desire. Abnormalities in love life.” [3] There is some scandal here with Venus bringing out the insatiable desires of this star yet again.
This maybe because they were born in poverty or they are running away from demons in their childhood.
His rich, romantic and heavily textured paint daubs were often criticised, yet they were an inspiration to Van Gogh who took this style to another level. With the males it just seems that they felt they had licence (due to their fame and charisma) to bed with as many women as they could manage in a day. I wouldn’t like to speculate Neptune on Aldebaran, so I stuck with Robson’s interpretation and added Bernadette Brady’s for comparison.
As a child, and into his early twenties, nervous energy may have caused Mark to bite his nails or express his nervousness in other ways. They also include a special booklet with information and additional consecration instructions.
It’s status as a raging red giant ensures its position as the Alpha male of the bunch, even though it is sometimes described as a rather fey “pale rose red” star.
Instead it may be a tad complacent and happy with its lot, more in keeping with zodiac sign Taurus.
Those who act with integrity and have some sort of altruistic motive behind their work seem to avoid Aldebaran’s risk of sudden storms and misfortune. Tough on drug users, imposed compulsory rehab on offenders to try and reduce narcotics trade.
They may swing between sinner and saint and have the archetypical Mercurial talent of switching abruptly between conflicting principles.
There is potential for great artistic achievement and talent with the ability to create beautiful, harmonious and sumptuous environments.
The danger of a “violent death” here may simply be as a result of their dare devil behaviour. I think this is chiefly because of the subjects unshakable faith and determination to pursue their dreams no matter what the obstacles are.

The “great wickeness” I believe may be something these people will have experienced from others, most probably an authority figure or the father. Myra Hindley (06’); British child killer who sexuality assaulted her victims alongside her lover Ian Brady. Those that act with integrity should avoid the violent ending this star sometimes delivers and are actually sweet all the way to the pip!
What I found in my files of friends and family was quite a flare for fashion, but a tendency to self-indulgence. We get fame, notoriety, some wasted talent and a fall from grace, most probably due to over-indulgence of the good life that Aldebaran initially delivers. Pierre Laval (14’); War time French Prime minister executed for deporting French Jews to Nazi death camps. The bull’s insatiable sexual nature comes out strongly, but usually it’s bullish energy is channelled into the arts where they are especially fertile. Captain Admiral William Bligh (27’); Commander of HMS Bounty when the infamous mutiny took place.
They may confuse people with their twin personalities, but they also have a talent for being able to build bridges and mediate between opposing forces.
These people are highly impulsive and take risks, but as the saying goes “Who dares wins” and more often than not, they do.
The chance of success is more likely if Jupiter is well placed near an angle or closely aspected by one of the personal planets.
Otherwise these people do have the capability of being wicked themselves if they don’t address the demons they may try to suppress. Uranus here just seems to exaggerate the decadent, permissive side of Aldebaran. Bob Marley may have had a long lingering death due to the spread of his cancer. Mia accused Woody of sexual molestation of their daughter in the custody battle after their divorce. Hoppus is vulnerable and he needs to be more careful than most people when he chooses friends. Unfortunately for JFK Junior it literally was a fall from a high place and another violent Aldebaran death.
The Ascendant is the physical body and relationship axis so the sensual appetite of this star comes out very strongly. David Helfgott: Australian concert pianist with schizoaffective disorder, subject of the film “Shine”. The subject’s charm, artistry and refinement gets them far, if they can avoid becoming complacent. Those that use their wealth to help others remain relatively unscathed by the unfortunate consequences of this star. They will then be overly materialistic and find it hard to let go of people or possessions.
He is alleged to have had sex with the corpse of his sister before he photographed it as a piece of art. The tendency to accidents depends on the rest of the chart and if there are other elements to cool the hot bloodedness of this placement.
Saturn tends to make the shadow deeper and darker than any other planet Remember Antares opposes this star, so the battle between good and evil may play out in their career, whether it be artistic or political. They will ride you till you are both saddle sore, and they can keep going, and going and going… Raw hide indeed.
This premature departure from the infants life leaves the subject craving for the mothering they missed out on as a child, which is why often one spouse or lover is never enough. Maria Montez (37’); Exotic Latina famed for her seductive fancy costumes bedecked with jewels.
Passionate and highly-sexed, these people’s libido does much to propel them into high positions.
He will probably find himself the victim of a con man or con woman more than once in his life.

These natives may simply be content with focusing on their relationships than to be bothered with anything outside the kitchen or bedroom. Placido Domingo (17’); Spanish tenor and occasional baritone, famous for his booming and impassioned vocal delivery. Betty Ford (25’) US First lady, feminist and founder of the famous rehab clinics after her own battle with alcoholism. People born around early 1945 listed here had Uranus either placed near an angle or aspecting a personal planet. His dead body was strung up and stoned in a public square alongside his mistress and other fascists. People are drawn to him because, among other reasons, he radiates warmth and he is unthreatening.
John F Kennedy (47’): Idolised US President had many extra marital affairs “If I don’t have a woman for three days I get terrible headaches”. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (46’); US first lady and wife of assassinated president John F Kennedy. Vivian De Sola Pinto (23’); British Literary critic and poet who defended D H Lawrence in the “Lady Chatterley” obscenity trail. Etienne Carjat (25’); French Journalist and photographer known for his caricatures of prominent Parisians.
Leontyne Price; One of the first black sopranos, noted for her seductive, rich and buttery voice. Known for passionate romantic ballads, which have made him one of the world’s best selling artists. Mark should avoid plain and understated clothes, and make an effort to be a little more daring and exciting in his appearance. Edmond Jouhaud (26’): Narrowly avoided a death sentence from the French military after a failed coup d’etat to overthrow President DeGaule. Prince William (33’); Lost his mother Princess Diana in a car crash aged 15 but followed in her footsteps with regards to having a strong hands-on interest in humanitarian and environmental causes. Indira Gandhi; First female prime minister of India and the world’s second longest serving female PM. Oprah Winfrey (29’); Highest rating talk-show host ever and richest African-American woman in US history.
Tom Robinson; Singer-songwriter, gay activist who fell in love and had a child with a woman biker. The opposite sex is attracted to his gentle and attentive nature, yet senses the passion beneath his surface. Alanis Morissette; Singer-songwriter, with passionate, powerful, and sometimes scathing vocal delivery.
Stephen Sondheim; Award winning American composer best known for his achievements in musical theatre.
Coco Chanel; French fashion designer credited with liberating women from the constraining corseted silhouette.
He has experienced quite a bit of negative criticism as a child, which made Hoppus shy growing up. Though he may be well past that shyness, a bit of the vulnerability has remained with Mark Hoppus and is often sensed by others.
People sense Mark's desire for harmony, but he must avoid being the blank tablet for others' projections.

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