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The faction-based society that Tris Prior once believed in is shattered—fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and betrayal. You know those books that you stay up reading way past your bedtime, because you just can’t wait to see how they end? When the book started, I was excited to see what was outside Chicago and how it would affect the relationship between Tris and Tobias. Everything on this website is property of Meghan Riley and protected under copyright law, unless otherwise noted.
Allegiant was published simultaneously by the HarperCollins imprints Katherine Tegen Books in the U.S.
Tris is shocked by the video released by Tobias to the public at the end of the raid on Erudite headquarters. Tension between the factionless and former faction members escalates, culminating in a deadly fight over the bowls used at the faction Choosing Ceremony. Meanwhile, Tris' brother Caleb is put on trial for assisting former Erudite leader Jeanine Matthews.
In an attempt to create a better society, they began to fix people's genes with disastrous results. Shortly afterwards, Nita and her allies attack the compound, severely injuring Uriah in one of two explosions. David is desperate to stop the violence and maintain his life's work at the expense of destroying the personalities of everyone in the city. Christina is able to retrieve doses of the inoculation serum and tells the group to inject themselves with it. At the Bureau, Caleb is ready to sacrifice himself, but he and Tris, who accompanied him, are ambushed by Bureau guards. Two and a half years later, Chicago is finally at peace, with former faction members, factionless, compound members, and other outsiders moving in and out of the city. There were several titles rumored for this book, speculation based on the "-gent" theme of the previous titles.
At the 2013 San Diego ComicCon panel, Veronica Roth revealed that Allegiant will be written in dual perspectives -- Tris and Four will be the narrators for the third and final installment. So when offered a chance to explore the world past the limits she’s known, Tris is ready. I was really intrigued to learn more about the life of Tris’s mother before she was planted amongst the factions and how Tris would handle being with her traitor brother, but what started out as a good base to take the reader through an exciting new world and relationship exploration soon turned into the flattened whip topping of a sundae left to sit too long.
I prayed for a conclusion that would give a profound statement on human nature and love, but instead I was left feeling unsatisfied. The video revealed the truth about the faction system and announced that the Divergent are needed outside the borders of the city. Tris questions Evelyn's motives and is kidnapped by the Allegiant - a rebel group determined to escape the city and reinstate their old way of life - who invite her to a meeting the following night. Caleb's betrayal, still fresh in her mind, prevents Tris from completely forgiving her brother. Driving through the unknown, they meet a woman named Zoe and a man called Amar, who was Tobias' initiate instructor, and was supposedly killed for being Divergent.

To fix its mistake, the government set up 'experiments', establishing isolated cities across the remains of the United States in the hopes of raising enough genetically pure (Divergent) individuals to fix the 'genetic damage' left in the wake of the Purity War. Meanwhile, Tobias is secretly asked to join a rebellion, led by Nita, who is also genetically damaged.
Tris saves David from being shot by Nita and stops the attack, and then Nita is placed in prison for her crimes.
He decides to use the memory serum to wipe the memories of the people within the city, allowing the experiment to begin with a clean slate.
The group decides to break into the Weapons Lab and use the memory serum to wipe the memories of the Bureau. Tris pulls her gun on Caleb and decides to carry out the mission herself, knowing that Caleb volunteered out of regret for his former actions rather than out of love for her. David came within the Lab and explains that her collusion with the genetically damaged did not go unnoticed.
Tobias accepts all that he has been through and reflects on his belief that while life damages everyone, and it may take time, people can always be mended. Among the more popular fan-guessed titles were also used on the reveal video: Convergent, Emergent, Resurgent, and even Detergent, which the fans and Veronica Roth has been using to refer to the third book as a joke. Perhaps beyond the fence, she and Tobias will find a simple new life together, free from complicated lies, tangled loyalties, and painful memories. This book could have been so much fun, but it felt like she was in such a hurry to spit it out for the consumption of her growing fan base that she didn’t scratch down but a few layers from the surface. I’d rather read about Dumbledore dying over and over again, and he was the one character in a long history of reading that I was the most upset about dying. Factionless leader Evelyn Johnson appoints herself leader of the city, forcing people to operate under her command and live as factionless citizens.
Tobias informs Tris that Caleb was decided to be a traitor and sentenced to be executed in two weeks. Zoe and Amar take the group to the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, where they meet George, Tori's brother who was also a Divergent thought to be dead. She tells him that the Bureau is lying when they say genetic damage is the cause of society's problems. After the attack, Tris confronts Tobias and temporarily ends their relationship, leaving Tobias to try not to think about the things that he has done.
Tris learns that the Bureau created the serums that led to the destruction of Abnegation and the enslaving of Dauntless.
Christina gives an extra vial of memory serum to Four, for use against either Marcus (his father) or Evelyn (his mother) in the hopes of bringing an end to the conflict in the city. Determined to keep the order, David shoots Tris, who lunges for the memory serum and releases it. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. And once again, Tris must battle to comprehend the complexities of human nature—and of herself—while facing impossible choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice, and love. It lacked the range of emotion that was in the first two books.She continued the anger of being lied to and the desire for rebellion, but where was the love?

I definitely enjoyed reading Tobias more, because his plotline was full of internal conflict as he tried to rediscover who he was after being told everything he knew about himself was wrong. The Allegiant, led by Cara and Johanna, plan to send a group outside the city to find the truth about their existence and way of life.
Here they learn the truth about their society: many, many years ago, the government believed that society's problems were caused by people's bad genes.
While Tris is shown to be truly Divergent, Tobias' genetic structure indicates that his genes are still 'damaged'.
Tris is then offered a position on the Bureau's council and is told of the events taking place within the city, including the Allegiant's preparations for war with Evelyn and the factionless. Caleb volunteers for the role, tearfully asking Tris if it will make her forgive him for everything he has done. Not knowing if she will survive, Tris tells Caleb that if she does not return, he should tell Four she did not want to leave him.
After being shot by David, she slowly slips into darkness until she sees her mother reach out for her and she then gladly accepts her mother's embrace, succumbing to her wounds and passing away. Uriah is taken off life support - a decision made by Zeke and his mother - with Tobias still believing that Uriah's death was partially his fault. Like most book lovers, I feel that the movies never stand up to the quality of the book, but it occurred to me that I’d rather watch the Divergent movie than read Allegiant again. Tris reconciles with Tobias, they both admit their deep love for each other and finally sleep together.
Taking Peter and the vial of memory serum, Four meets with his mother and gives her the option of drinking it, which will allow her to end the fighting, be born anew, and become his mother again.
Tobias, Peter, and Christina return to the compound and are told about Tris' death by Cara. Areavailable in nook book ok for a dystopian yaallegiant releases Is the sits down with her debut novelallegiant divergent read.
So, if you liked the first two books in the Divergent Series and want to give it a try, I wouldn’t blame you. Matthew then brings Tris to the leader of the Bureau, David, to find out the truth about her mother. Tris is unsure about Nita's plans, but Tobias tells her that she’s being jealous of Nita and he agrees to help. Four, Christina, Peter, and Amar plan to go into the city to inoculate their loved ones against the serum.
After cutting his hair, Tobias is ready to use the memory serum on himself, hoping to rid the loss of Tris and Uriah from his memory. Christina walks in on him and convinces him to not use it, saying that Tris would want him to remember her. On the way out of Erudite headquarters, Peter laments his bad behavior and violent tendencies which he knows will never change, and says he wants to take the memory serum to become a new person.

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