Aquarius horoscope 5th july 2013

With Aquarius On Fifth House Cusp you experience great joy and find much entertainment in group or collaborative activities or by interacting with others socially.
If there is anyone who would host a lively gathering of friends, it would be someone with this Aquarius placement. Aquarius on the cusp of the Fifth HouseA is the location of Aquarius which can stimulate the creative qualities. Of course, by direct reaction to the eleventh house, this must also demonstrate itself in the manner in which the Aquarian relates to life, to the type of friends with whom he associates, and especially with himself. Aquarians On Fifth House Cusp would make good parents, but they tend also in educational endeavors of children to stress the more advanced theories of education, feeling that the child should only pursue those things in which he is interested. The Aquarius on the cusp of the Fifth HouseA is not a gambler per se, but they certainly gamble with life.

You may also find that your recreation time may be centered around the latest and greatest technological advancement.
You arena€™t apt to go out on a date with a€?a normal persona€? or gather a group of standard entertainment types a€“ you seek out unusual recreational activities or create them yourselves.
Aquarius can be the most creative sign of the Zodiac, for they are never satisfied with the status quo of anything, always seeing how things can be better, the changes that can be wrought, always advanced in their thinking. Again, this emphasizes that the Aquarian On Fifth House Cusp must be practical, that there are things that children have to learn for their own good.
The stranger the better, and the bigger the group to share that bizarre experience with, the better. The future is always with them, so the location of Aquarius in 5th HouseA stimulates that creative quality within the Aquarian.

Whether it is in poetry or literature or building a home or any kind of philosophical or psychological endeavors, this creativity is extremely pronounced in the Aquarian here.
One quality or characteristic of Aquarius could exhibit itself: they could be very much and very strangely involved in love affairs or sexual experiences, or they could be the ascetic, the hermit, the monk, the one who negates the human factor of certain physical desires. The progressive type of education would appeal to the Aquarian on the cusp of the Fifth House, not realizing that perhaps some of the old knowledge, the old techniques are still valid.

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