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Big events of the week are the Full Moon in Gemini on Wednesday and Saturn square Neptune on Thursday. The aspect with the longest-lasting and most profound influence is Saturn square Neptune, which will officially be in effect starting Thanksgiving Day and continuing through September 2016. Neptune stations Direct on Wednesday and what was an illusive dreams can start to become real.
The First Quarter Moon on Thursday is in Aquarius, challenging us to become less attached and more social in our outlook. All of these transiting aspects at once underscore the many events happening in our world right now. While most people associate JUPITER with luck and opportunity, Jupiter is really a symbol of EXPANSION. With Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in the Leo decanate of Ares, self-love is the key to expanding your self-image.
Jupiter-trine-Uranus is a golden opportunity to promote yourself, your creative projects, your social media, your groups and achievements. As you share your love, wisdom, and genius with your group – including all dimensional beings! As of March 3, 2015, artcharts daily Astrology Alignment has been on artcharts homepage every day for 18 years!

This entry was posted in astrology, astrology chart, astrology forecast, jupiter, uranus, venus and tagged jupiter-uranus-trine by Lauren Edmond for artcharts. This is the most positive, uplifting & spiritual interpretation I’ve seen on Uranus sq Pluto! Since its inception 2007, Assassin’s Creed has become one of the biggest franchises in the videogame industry. On Sunday, Dec 6, Mars squares Pluto which build momentum for the coming New Moon, which promises to be a major energy release.
We are already experiencing this influence and it will continue past September and into the fall of 2016. This is an OPPORTUNITY for positive self-image expansion, the kind of expansion that literally puts you in position to manifest the life you see in your future mind’s eye. Do you still get your self-identity from your family of origin, your friends from childhood? It’s self-love that can lift you above the cultural judgments of yourself that hold you back, prevent you from achieving and sharing all you are. And here comes a big one as Uranus squares Pluto for the 7th (and final!) time on March 16.
Written by Matthew Miller, the hardcover coffee table book is structured like an alternate world history.

If you can scale your awesomeness into bite-size bits, you can live by your higher principles – and share them with the world. Promises made now may not be REALized until the beginning of Summer (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere). As an adult, you have the power to create your own identity, your own self-image – without the negative ego build-up of your past history. Sure, who would want someone who looks like me, is too young, or too old, or too fat, too or not enough whatever. An opportunity to take your marketing and promotion to the next level – no matter what you do.
This is about self-discovery, growing your self-awareness, becoming aware of your divine self.

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