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This is because Venus teams up with two of the slow-moving outer planets on the 1st and 3rd of the month. Saturn is currently in the fire sign Sagittarius ruling joint finances and shared resources. When a planet is retrograde, its influence is said to be weakened and this is good news because Saturn is the taskmaster of the heavens.
Plus, action planet Mars enters Sagittarius on the 6th where it remains for the next few months.
The sign of Pisces is stacked full for a lot of this month and one planet in Pisces is your ruling planet Venus from the 12th onwards.
This evokes a theme of caring and kindness, a willingness to stop what you’re doing to take care and look after other people.
You might find that events this month shift your perspective in some way, altering where you thought you were heading on your current path.
This is an indication to slow down the pace of life, to care for your own needs, to put yourself first. There is another indication this month that you can’t drop out on your own pleasure and this is a powerful planetary aspect between lucky Jupiter and transformative Pluto. This big event takes place on the 16th so line up something special for the middle of the month.
The other major factor linking to your relationships is the planet Mars moving on from your relationship sector on the 6th. At its best, this indicates that March will be an easier month for love and relationships although don’t forget that with two eclipses, everyone will need a little more TLC than usual and the willingness to be flexible and adaptable. The second eclipse takes place on the 23rd and it highlights your work and lifestyle sector, your health and well-being.
After the events last month, I’ve confirmed that yours is the most accurate monthly forecast! I have been following astrology since 1982 and I can tell that you are absolutely one of the best! DonateIf you enjoy reading my astrology articles and would like to make a donation to help keep this website going, here's where you can. Media AstrologyIf you're looking for an astrologer to write horoscopes or astrology features for your publication or website, look no further. This is a big month in the heavens and a lot of the planetary activity is taking place in your opposite sign of Pisces.
Your ruling planet Mercury moves quickly through the zodiac this month and spends just over two weeks in Pisces from the 5th to the 22nd. There is every possibility that this will be a momentous month for you when it comes to love and romance. In addition, the eclipse on the 9th also takes place in Pisces and eclipses are game-changers, they coincide with dramatic events, a twist of fate.
Yet it is also important to mention that there is a potential imbalance in the astrology this month. Sometimes when there’s strong emphasis on your opposite sign you feel exhausted if you’re giving too much or there are a lot of people with demands on your time and energy.
If your current relationship situation doesn’t make you happy, then this month’s stars offer you a chance to break free, to move on.
Remember that you’re one of the earth signs so keep your feet on the ground and engage your common sense when it comes to love and both personal and professional relationships.
One of your best days this month is the 16th when Jupiter in Virgo aligns with the planet of transformation, Pluto, in Capricorn.
Together these two planets conjure up something magical, they represent big power and hidden riches. Not everyone will have your best interests at heart this month and you might have a challenging situation to contend with at home or within your family. Mars is a go-getting planet which is good news if you’re spring cleaning, wanting to move home or you have a lot of home and family decisions to action. Choose your battles carefully in the month ahead and steer well clear of anyone who’s itching for a fight. There’s a shift in energy after the 20th when first the Sun enters Aries followed by your ruling planet Mercury on the 22nd.
Usually when planets are in Aries, this is a good time to speculate and take risks with regard to money. Make sure your money is safe and secure and don’t get involved in any financial deal close to the eclipse date.
The last two days of the month look lively for money matters when your ruler Mercury teams up with Saturn and Uranus. Celestial Influences® also includes an ephemeris with tinted backgrounds that highlight when planets are retrograde. The square box for each date shows the Moon’s sign, when it goes void-of-course, and when it changes signs.

Jim Maynard’s Pocket Astrologer® is the most popular, most used astrological calendar in the world. The Pocket Astrologer® is basically a pocket-sized version of our wall calendar, the Celestial Influences®. Pocket Astrologer® includes January and February 2017, an abbreviated ephemeris next to each zodiac illustration, a full ephemeris on pages following the calendar pages, an asteroid ephemeris, a table of sunrises and sunsets, and a chart blank.
Celestial Guide® includes an ephemeris, an asteroid ephemeris, explanatory text, table of ascendants, sunrise and sunset tables, chart blanks, and an address book with space for birth dates and signs.
As in Celestial Influences and the Pocket Astrologer, each day gives lunar ingresses, lunar phases, void-of-course moon, planetary stations and ingresses, aspects, holidays, and celebrity birthdays. Pluto in Capricorn represents ultimate power, officialdom, the establishment, the plutocracy up against Uranus in Aries representing the underdog, the revolutionary, the rebel, the individual who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. In personal terms, Pluto’s the wipe-out planet and Uranus represents the New Order bringing change, ready or not. In 2016, these planets remain in the same signs and even though their challenging square aspect is over by exact degree, they are in fact still closely square as the year begins. Pluto’s in action first when it’s in a stunning trine aspect to Jupiter in Virgo on March 16th and June 26th (the first time these two planets met by trine aspect was October 11th 2015). Together Jupiter and Pluto represent big (Jupiter) power (Pluto) and they conjure up hidden riches and wealth if you’re prepared to dig deep.
Whenever Jupiter’s involved, it’s best to expand your desires beyond personal concerns but don’t forget that in mythology Pluto took what he wanted so material gain and an increase in status are consequential outcomes for some people. Uranus is in action later in the year and there’s a remarkable trine aspect between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries on Christmas Day, December 25th.
Fire signs are motivated and inspired so this is brilliant for adventure, independent moves and innovative collaboration. This is confirmed as the planets of space and freedom, Jupiter and Uranus, oppose one across the heavens the day after the Saturn-Uranus trine. Play your cards right and you could be signing a new contract or sealing a deal in the first few days of the month. This is good news for you insomuch as it’s time to get ambitious about money matters, to push ahead, to create drive and excitement about finances.
Pisces rules friends and groups in your chart, it’s about your involvement in the wider world and your hopes and wishes for the future.
This might be someone close to you or you may be called to help out a charity or a humanitarian crisis. After the 20th, the date of the spring equinox (fall equinox in the southern hemisphere), the Sun enters Aries and the most private sector of your chart. Give too much during the first part of March and you need to re-shift the balance in the latter part of the month.
This is the second of three major planetary aspects between Jupiter and Pluto taking place in earth signs.
Whatever you enjoy doing, wherever you want to step out of your comfort zone, this is where Jupiter and Pluto will support you, encourage you, carry you forward.
If you’re trying for a baby or you’re a parent, Jupiter and Pluto together are the planetary equivalent of a magic wand.
Mars will return to Scorpio and this sector of your chart later in the year but throughout most of March Mars will be in the sign of Sagittarius. Another indication that looking after yourself well is the sensible route in the month ahead. So one way or another, the focus is firmly on relationships, both personal and professional. Love planet Venus is in Pisces from the 12th and romantic Neptune remains in this sector of your chart.
The odds are stacked heavily in your opposite sign and even if love and relationships are going well, there will be times when you feel it’s too full on.
Don’t forget that you have Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, in your sign of Virgo and Jupiter rules freedom, personal growth, and fun.
It’s important that you find a healthy balance within any relationship or partnership in your life. If you meet someone new this month and need to make a decision about them, choose the 16th.
The taskmaster of the heavens Saturn is currently in Sagittarius and your home and family sector and on the 6th of this month, Saturn is joined by action planet Mars.
Mars adds a tempestuous energy to family relations however as Mars also rules passion and anger.
Channel your energy productively into tasks and projects rather than delve too deep into the murky world of complex family arrangements. Aries rules joint finances and shared resources so it’s time to turn your attention to money matters. However, first you need to avoid the lunar eclipse on the 23rd which cuts across the money axis of your chart.

Instead wait a few days or even a week after the eclipse by which time you can act decisively. This links your money sector with your home and family sector and it’s by combining these two areas in some way that you can benefit financially.
It gives easy-to-understand explanations for the Moon, including void of course information, and the influences of the Moon as it travels through the different zodiac signs and phases.
It also has a colorful chart of the motions of the planets, a table of sunrises and sunsets, details about eclipses during the year, a description of the meaning and influences of the Asteroids, and an asteroid ephemeris. Below this information, the major aspects, planetary ingresses, and planetary stations are listed.
Pocket Astrologer includes a basic introduction to astrology and information on how to use the calendar, easy to understand explanations are listed for the moon, including void of course information, and the influences of the moon as it travels through the different zodiac signs and phases. It has plenty of room next to the daily astrological data for your daily notes, reminders, and appointments. It has exactly the same information and design as the Celestial Guide—just in a smaller size.
This clash of two mighty planets symbolised revolution and became associated with the ‘Protester’, Time magazine’s person of the year in 2012. My cosmic tip for 2015 was to stay one step ahead of the game, seek out new trends, embrace technology, think what next and be ready to start over.
Yet more importantly, both Pluto and Uranus are in powerful planetary aspects this year which are positively helpful. Christmas might not be so ordinary in 2016 as Saturn and Uranus together promise an extra-ordinary experience. On Boxing Day, December 26th, Jupiter in Libra is opposite Uranus in Aries and anything goes – literally. It’s within one of these areas of your life where change is likely or a turnaround event needs your attention. What’s important to remember when Pisces is involved that this will require sacrifice on your part. When key planets are in Aries, it’s important to view this as a period of preparation, getting ready for the next big push, the next phase in your life.
Your own sign of Taurus is the element earth and Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn complete the heavenly triangle.
With regard to relationships, this means less drama, less anger, perhaps less passion but more emphasis on practical matters. If you’re in a relationship or happily married, this month promises some gorgeous moments.
You could lose sight of yourself and your own identity if you feel sucked into a vortex of romance and strong emotions.
If you sense that the scales are tipping too far in one direction, it’s important to realign them at the first opportunity. Have your trust antennae at full alert so you can suss out who is deserving of you and who’s not.
Pluto rules the sector of your chart which governs romance, also children, creativity, entertainment and fun. The signs of the zodiac are described in detail, and a complete summary is given for each of the major planets and the influences of their interactions with each other. Holidays and special events, such as meteor showers or Solstices and Equinoxes, names and birth dates of notable people are also listed for each day. A summary is given for each of the major planets and their influences as they interact with each other and the signs of the zodiac are described in detail. Just as in Celestial Influences and the Pocket Astrologer, each day gives lunar ingresses, lunar phases, void-of-course moon, planetary stations and ingresses, aspects, holidays, and celebrity birthdays. Their benefits aren’t lost in the fantasy world but translate into reality through possessions, projects, money and tangible reward.
Uranus adds spark to Saturn’s ability to build and if put to good use, these two planets can cook up a treat.
In mythology, Jupiter and Uranus were both Sky Gods and this is a breakthrough combination perfect for big moves and bold risks. Next month, Mars will turn retrograde so this is one of the best months of the year for you to finalise an important deal or set up new financial transactions.
Jupiter in Virgo lights up all the good things in life, such as romance, children, creativity, fun and entertainment. Basically this is about doing whatever gives you pleasure and being with people whose company you enjoy.

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