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I am a full time astrologer, and my mission is to give clients and visitors as much insight into themselves and the world as possible.
Rabbit - chinese star sign - paranormality, Facts rabbit sign, traits sign rabbit means.. Muna-kha rose with the Sun from the great deep of the underworld, bringing with it a promise that light, life and warmth would surely return.
In ancient Orphic and Platonic doctrine, the Sea-Goat was the Gate of the Gods, wherein the souls of men, when released from corporeality, ascended to heaven through its stars.
Joan of Arc was born with the Sun in the Sea-Goat; when she reached her 13th birthday and began to receive saintly visions, Poseidon had come to conjunct her natal Sun at xi Capricorni.

Emanuel Swedenborg, the brilliant Swedish scientist and visionary, was born with Zeus, Mercury, Vulcanus, and Sun in the Sea-Goat. Joseph Smith, born with Admetus, Moon, Kronos and Venus in the Sea-Goat, was visited by an angel at the age of 17, which led him to found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). When three young peasant children beheld the Virgin at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, June, the Moon and Uranus were also in Capricornus.
It was when Uranus reached the stars of Capricornus that the world suddenly was awash in angels: angel lore, angel dolls, angel books, angel films, all inundating the collective consciousness. Note: Admetus, Poseidon, Zeus, Vulcanus, and Kronos are Uranian, or Transneptunian, planets.

Hira to meditate and pray; his life was changed forever when the archangel Gabriel appeared, grasped him by the throat, and commanded him to repeat the sacred words of God.
Bernadette was 14 when the Virgin Mary appeared to her; she had been born with Saturn, Mercury, Venus, MC, Admetus, Neptune, and Jupiter transiting Capricornus, and on the day of her first vision, Moon, Mercury, Chiron, Venus, Sun and Admetus were at the Gate. These are hypothetical planets whose existence was postulated by Alfred Witte, a German astrologer, in the 1920, and which have proven to have some validity.

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