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Richard Fidler: Richard Fidler has over 20 years of experience as a professional astrologer and teacher. Nancy specialises in natal (birth chart) readings and annual predictions using traditional astrological principles. Gary Cousins: Gary has 20 years of astrological experience, achieving an Honours Diploma from the Thorburn School of Astrology, in February 1996.
Laura Bradfield has been studying and practising Astrology since 2005, alongside teaching Aromatherapy & Reflexology to the blind. Ingrid Hoffman:  I travel between Camps Bay and Dublin and have the privilege of teaching astrology and facilitating workshops. In my own evolution as a professional astrologer I have been inspired and supported by the insightful body of work provided by great teachers and authors like the inimitable Liz Greene, Melanie Reinhart and Deborah Holding.
In 2007, I introduced a therapeutic dimension to my work and trained as an Imago Relationship Practitioner in Dublin.

SRILANKAN BEST AND TOP ASTROLOGERS, astrologists, ASTROLOGY, horoscope, jyothisha in srilanka. He was initiated as a Swazi Sangoma in 1982 and has since continued his studies of African healing and spiritual traditions under the guidance of Xhosa healers.
She studied with Rod Suskin and currently tutors some of his students as well as teaching her own foundation course.
Gary specialises in divinatory astrology, which is the astrology of answering specific questions which does not require a birth chart from the person asking the question. I have the great joy of learning from many wonderful clients internationally as well as here in Cape Town. In ongoing trainings here and in the US, my approach has more recently been expanded and enhanced by sex therapist, Esther Perel and Couples Therapist and Relationship Coach, Hedy Schleifer.
Rod is the author of four published books and is regularly published in major South African journals, magazines and newspapers.

This form of astrology, also know as Horary astrology, can be used for business, career, legal matters and of course relationship questions. Consulting in Lakeside or via Skype she specialises in one on one Astrological consultations for anyone looking for more. Nancy’s qualifications include BA and Honours in Psychology, SACAP Counselling Certificate and a three year Diploma in Astrology.

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