Astrologers predict 2012 election

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For many centuries, cultures around the world have used it for timing the planting of crops, knowing when to marry or set forth on journeys, even to predict an enemy’s moves. We take birth under a matrix of energies that then unfold in specific and predictable ways.
Astrology is not just about people’s “Sun-signs”—the zodiac sign under which one is born—even events such as the Academy Awards have a “birth chart,” a moment where it all begins. Like everything else in life, winning an Oscar is all about timing, of being in attunement with cosmic forces…and I’m not just talking about box office receipts or schmoozing with members of the Academy. The first awards ceremony was a banquet held at 8 pm, May 16, 1929, at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California. In an astrology chart, the Ascendant, or Rising Sign, is the zodiac sign that is moving above the eastern horizon at the specified time.
The Sun is in Pisces, associated with imagination, fantasy and sentimentality; next to the Sun sits the dwarf planet Chiron, the so-called Maverick or Wounded Healer. But that Chiron aspect tells us to expect the unexpected: presenters or awardees make unanticipated remarks or, who knows, another streaker or stand-in for a winner may cause disruption. It just so happens that Jupiter, that jovial energy we’ve spoken of before, is moving through his Moon-Venus combo during the week of the ceremony—meaning that because of the boost of energy from the planets, he’ll be at the top of his game.
Billy Crystal is not only back, he’s going to hit it out of the park.  He’ll be feeling rejuvenated.
Next, we’ll look at some charts for the nominees for Best Supporting Actress, and then move through the major categories toward Best Picture.
There are moments, energetically speaking, when the door opens and all you have to do is walk through it. Since the earth was created about 4.5 billion years ago it has been exposed to natural processes and forcing mechanisms within the solar system. Just above the surface of the Earth, the atmosphere moves fluidly around the planet.  It is a virtual “ocean” above our heads, and gravitation oscillations cause stress and tidal fluctuations on the three movable oceans - air, water, and land. One can imagine a giant horseshoe magnet clipping snugly around a big sphere - the earth, such that the N of the magnet is over the North Pole and the S of the other end of the horseshoe is over the South Pole.
Imagine too, that in a year of a more active sun, such as been the case since the last third of 2010, the solenoid-effect increases. On 22 February 2011 a flurry of solar activity was unleashed from the sun and headed towards earth. It is the beauty of the internet that we now know that on the same day that the 6.3mag earthquake shook Christchurch, an almighty volcano went up in Shiveluch, Central Kamchatka, Russia, throwing giant rocks 6kms into the air. Combining scientific observation with the intuitive art of interpretation, astrology has practical as well as spiritual applications. The Magi, the Wise Men who followed the Christmas star, were actually astrologers who recognized certain auspicious signs gleaming from the heavens. As part of the great dance in the sky, celestial bodies create continuous energy patterns between themselves and the planet Earth. An astrologer looks at the energies of that moment—at the event’s “personality”—and gleans hints of what is to unfold.
Astrology charts show pure science, the mathematical plotting of the planets in relation to people or events at a given time.

The Sun was in Taurus, meaning that the Earth and Sun were in alignment at that time with the constellation of Taurus, the Bull—as they are every year during the month of May.
This ceremony was not only always going to be over-the-top—even while honoring the favored employees—it was going to be as widely publicized as possible. Jupiter is the major planet closest to the top of the chart, so a jovial atmosphere reigns nonetheless. Like the Sun beaming its light to all, showmanship bursts forth again, and because the Sun sits in a harmonious angle to the Moon (audience), the ratings will probably go up this year; but with Saturn (lengthiness and delays) sitting in the 3rd house of communications, the ceremony will run long, per usual. Over those millions of years, the interaction of these processes has implemented a natural climate and a stable planetary rhythm. That causes an electromagnetic field around the magnet and also, by juxtaposition, the sphere. Even a simple solenoid is hard to restrain, so the force of such an earth-solenoid effect would be unstoppable. The astronomer notices only electromagnetism coming from the sun and assumes it reaches earth, but cares little for what becomes of it because his focus is skywards. It was a full moon in perigee three days before, which gravitationally stressed the planet's inner core, setting up potential for ground movement.
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The ancients called this “the music of the spheres.” As these patterns change, says astrology, so do the circumstances in which we find ourselves. There’s a sort of gambler’s energy, a compulsive risk-taking inherent in the movie business, and it is certainly self-congratulatory! That’s a good, long run, and in 1929 an astrologer looking at this chart could have foreseen it.
Cycles are known, otherwise humans would be unable to construct workable planetariums.  On the contrary, these repeating orbiting equations were mathematically worked out by astrologers in ancient times and many cultures.
Since the majority of earthquakes are of minor intensity, only a small fraction will ever make the news.
The first layer of earth is the crust, containing oceans and fresh water lakes, but it is a thin layer only 5-75 kms deep.  Beneath the crust is the mantle to a depth of about 2900kms. Instead of a simple relay switch with a movable rod the earthly equivalent could be a rod of earth several miles wide, moving at 22,000 mph, with the force of 43 Hiroshima bombs pushing through surrounding rock.
An electrical engineer knows the solenoid scenario but before and aftereffects are of lesser consideration. The solar activity, helped by an interplanetary alignment increased the electromagnetic field around earth, such that flashes were seen in the sky and weird clouds.
The earth was being charged as one body and the inner core responded, creating strain and stress-release around the globe, in response to a cosmic cycle fluctuation. N'importe qui peut jouer les bonnes cartes, mais il faut un pro pour savoir quand vous pouvez jouer a votre adversaire avec de mauvaises cartes.
The next time you’re on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, think about how the stars above helped those celebrated stars get there. Earthly rhythms are cyclic too, and include day and night, seasons and weather events during the particular season, short-term climate fluctuations and oscillations within seasons, and long-term climate change cycles such as glacial periods approximately every 100,000 years.
Now imagine a moveable section of iron-ore positioned somewhere between the poles, embedded in geological material of lesser magnetisation. It would easily push aside tectonic plates at the surface, for it will emerge at their junction, being the quickest way to the surface through media of lesser density.

A large section of ore 12kms beneath the surface began to move upwards and emerged in an unexpected part of the Christchurch CBD.  The solar physicists said the sun caused it.
Three days before, on the 18th, Tengger Caldera on Eastern Java (Indonesia) blew its stack, as did Mt Planchon-Peteroa on the Central Chile-Argentina border. Earthquakes eventually lessen in an affected location as the positioning of the earth-solenoid effect moves on.
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Although no one has been down there for a look, the inner core is thought to be a solid ball about 80% the size of the moon, and which is electrically charged. Introduce an electrical current to the structure, with perhaps imaginary wires to the poles.
None of the aforementioned would think cycles have much to contribute, and although the astronomers are aware of them, they have greater interest in what can be seen coming and going, rather than how often. The electrical engineer thought of things electrical, because moving rocks give off a current which can cause flashes on the horizon. Overall earthquakes have diminishrd in numbers in Christchurch by 70% since April 2011, but it is typically a 2-3 year timeline. The area of iron would move forward with respect to its surrounding substrata, something an electrical engineer would call a solenoid. Cycles mean nothing to the electrician, and the seismologist examines fault-lines for cycles at specific locations, rather than for the whole globe, of which a particular earthquake is just one small event out of many. Animals complained because they felt itchy, probably because the air was statically charged.
In Santa Maria, Guatemala, on 22 February, incandescent avalanches originated from the top of Caliente dome. Realising this perspective can enable an affected region to start planning its rebuild when this timeline lapses.
Earthquakes are vertical tides of pressure-release that begin way beyond the crust-tectonic-plates, with shake pulses as far down as 400kms. Now replace that sphere and imagine it to be planet earth, with areas of ore in the interior which respond to electrical stimulation.
Sometimes as this earth plug emerged it would bring earth to the surface forming hills, volcanoes, and eventually possibly a whole mountain chain. Seismologists said they had been expecting it anytime over the next 18,000 years.  Christchurch residents did not sit around pondering the matter, with many vacating the area. Every day of every year the land tide makes NZ’s ground surface rise about 8" per day towards the transiting moon and then recede again as the moon sets.

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