Astrological birth charts for free

Obtaining some free astrological birth charts is one of the very best things you can do to get a better understanding of your personality and astrology as a whole.
Now, you can do your free astrological birth cart without a time of birth, but then you won't be able to discern your rising sign or where the planets fall in each of your houses.
Free astrological birth charts, at least to a horoscope junkie, are like little nuggets of gold!
The houses in astrology are set up like a clock that goes across the sky, with each house representing a different aspect of your life.
So, to continue, Pisces in the fifth means you take a dreamy approach to romance, while Aries in the seventh can signal disputes in marriage or close partnerships (even business partnerships). Delving deeper still, the Sabian Symbols were created by clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler in 1925.
The only thing more important than the signs in the houses are the planetary aspects those signs make. Sun conjunct Venus: This aspect usually indicates beauty, and a natural gaiety towards life. Uranus square Midheaven: The square here indicates internal struggles towards keeping a "steady", nine to five job. Planets that are above the horizon are aspects that other folks can see (for example, if you have Mars sitting squarely at the top of your chart then people will automatically think of you as courageous, energetic, etc.).

Nonetheless, you will still be able to figure out your moon sign, Mars, Venus, and some of the planetary aspects.
People that practice ancient astrology believe that these degrees are extremely important and relate to what's known as the Sabain Symbols. These symbols, similar to the role of tarot, symbolically represent certain degrees of a sign.
These aspects hold a wealth of information about what makes you you, of why you have a propensity for certain hobbies, and even why some of us feel unloved or end up in prison. An entire wing of astrology is devoted just to this snapshot, but suffice it to say that this image tells you, at a glance, how others see you. Scan the image and find the diameter across the circle (this would fall wherever it splits the chart into two equal halves; top and bottom). Planets that sit below the horizon are hidden and are not readily available to those who know you.
Whether you're looking at the planetary aspects, or the planets in the houses, you'll love diving into this snapshot of your birth.
For example, if you find Aries in your chart between zero and one degrees, Wheeler believed that degree represents a woman, newly created from the sea, will rise; after which, she's embraced by a seal.
This allows you to see the planets that are above the horizon and the planets that are below the horizon.

To clarify, if you have Uranus at the bottom of the chart, people who know you won't see you as changeable or eccentric, even though you might really be that way. Capricorn in the third can indicate a need for order and control in your immediate surroundings, while Gemini in the eighth could show a flippancy regarding death. All of the degrees paint images like the one noted above, but the key here is that it's left up to the interpreter to discern the meaning. Also, note that the "outer" planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are generational planets (as well as personal ones). Some astrologers also see the planets at the base of the chart as the engine that "drives" the chart. It's not unusual to see an entire generation sharing the same planetary aspect as they show, and note, the collective experience.

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