Astrological calendar planets

The 83rd edition of the most trusted astrological calendar out there won't disappoint--featuring beautiful artwork by Kim Kincaid, this calendar includes everything you need to guide your new year. With monthly horoscopes by Lesley Francis, major daily aspects, monthly ephemerides, 2017 eclipses, retrograde notations, and best days for planting and fishing among other features, who could ask for more? I used to have to go driving all over to get this calendar but I can Always buy it here from as early as August.

Offers a short cut sometimes to just look at the calender for what I need to know at the moment.
Challenging days for your sign are presented for each month, and the moon's quarter and sign are presented for each day.
Incredible amounts of information fit in this must-have calendar that any astrologer would be remiss without.

Llewelyn Publications began as the Portland School of Astrology in 1901 and has grown into a leading publisher of books, calendars, and more.

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