Astrological chart and interpretation

Your birth chart or horoscope is the map of your past life karma (merits and demerits) and what you can expect through the course of this lifetime.
By looking at a client’s birth chart, Brehotsloka is able to determine and suggest what Homeopathic or Ayurvedic remedies may be taken to correct most medical conditions.
To make a Question Chart, we calculate a chart for the exact moment you ask a particular question.
Another effective area of Vedic Astrological Consultation is Question Charts, also known as Prasna charts.

Brehotsloka will analyze all the positive effects and expected results and see what can be done to augment the good results in your natal chart and neutralize any negative effects that could cause loss and disturbances in your life. Brehotsloka can analyze the birth chart of any prospective candidate in any sport and determine who is the best choice for a team using statistical analyses from past MVP and world class players. We can also foresee what diseases may develop and propose dietary, medicinal and astrological remedies to help avoid any complications in the future. Its effectiveness is based on the idea that every moment within universal time has within it the seeds of its resultant outcome.

But only harmonious, tuneful or like-minded people can sustain their attraction for a lifetime. You want to know what’s likely to happen if you go forward with a relationship, start a business, buy a particular property, attend a course or enroll in school, bring in a new business partner, etc.

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