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CAST YOUR STARS The Astrologer Series contains over 190 characters in three distinct typefaces. The Astrologer BUNDLEAstrologer - contains over 130 symbols based on the Western astrology system - it features the 12 zodiac signs, the 12 astrology symbols, the 12 corresponding planets, along with the 30 phases of the moon and charting signs. Astrologer [$20] Buy Now Celtic Astrologer - containing over 130 symbols, unlike traditional western zodiacs, the Celtic zodiac contains 13 signs instead of 12. Chinese Zodiacs - over 130 symbols featuring the 12 chinese zodiac symbols and written names, along with the 8 trigrams. An Astrology Chart is divided into twelve sections which are referred to as the Astrological houses. Starting at the Ascendant, the Astrological houses are counted counter-clockwise one through twelve.
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If astrology is like learning a language, the planets are the verbs, and the signs are adverbs. Flip the pages on your charts, and you’ll see how the Sun and planets move across the sky, but they do not change signs. Now it is not only important that the big hand is pointing to 3 (Libra: preoccupation with fairness)— is it pointing up toward 3 (10th house- preoccupation with fairness in working life) or down toward 3 (4th house- preoccupation with fairness in the personal life)?
Also (and this is more of a feeling I pick up from your post) I get the feeling that your issue lies more in trusting yourself and self-doubt than it does anything else. Well, good luck to you and in answer to the final part of your question—there is always the possibility that your astrologer is very intuitive AND a good astrologer. Oh, and despite being double Aries, my Mars is in Leo (4th house) loosely conjunct (8) my Moon in Cancer (3rd house).

Thanks so much in advance and must admit your website is the best guide for anyone who is new to astrology. Molly's Astrology is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
And also it is possible to consider different psychological parameters of human personality. Northwest is combination of severe northern and pessimistic western sensual manifestations.
Each house is related to a Zodiac Sign and is concerned with a different area of your life.
It deals with your money, investments, possessions, self worth, as well as your inner resources. It deals with children, romance, fun, speculation, hobbies, vacations, and all forms of creative abilities. It deals with your health, work, and service to others, your daily routines, small pets, and your habits. It deals with all forms of associations such as: marriage partnerships, business partnerships, divorce, open enemies, the public in general, law courts and grandparents. It deals with all forms of higher learning, philosophy, religion, law, publishing, long distance travel, foreign countries and in-laws.
It deals with friendships, acquaintances, hopes, wishes, money obtained from career, step-children, adopted children, clubs and groups you belong to, humanitarian interests, as well as situations or circumstances that are out of your control. It deals with dreams, hidden resources or talents, psychic phenomena, clandestine affairs, hidden enemies, and addictions. Others move much more slowly— for example, Pluto can take up to 2 decades to get through one sign, and takes 250 years to circle all 12 signs.

You mentioned that you always really agreed with astrology and went to astrologers over the years—but when you try to seek out knowledge on your own, you lose faith in yourself and in the information itself. If your doubts increase even as your knowledge and experience increases—then so be it. I have just begun a relationship with a Pisces, with an Aires Moon, and a Scorpio rising at 9 degrees 19’.
It also deals with a parent (usually the Mother), genealogy, your early years, as well as the latter part of life.
It also deals with the government and all people who may have authority over you, as well as the other parent (usually the Father). I’m not sure how to locate my Rising Sign, but I thought it was the sign at 9 on a chart. I think that the sheer volume of information about astrology can be overwhelming and you have to take it one thing at a time, absorb it, move onto the next thing—let the information gradually seep in.
Every astrological sign, and information about each, is listed below in annual order from left to right. You may be a completely different kind of astrologer than she is, but you will be good on your own merits.
It seems confusing and bogus and overwhelming until you get to a certain level of knowledge and then I feel like it is a great interactive tool.

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