Astrological readings for 2013

Your Three Year Astrological Reading from Michael gives you with an in-depth view to support you to move forward in your life, without struggle.
In the Special Instructions box at the bottom of the order form, please add your birth date, time of birth, and place of birth. To be able to read effectively for others, one must first be able to read effectively for oneself.
If we don’t get too caught up in the minutiae of interpreting symbols, but rather look at the chart as being an expression of energy, then the communication is in terms of energy. If one utilises this philosophical basis, which underlies all the assumptions and deductions of astrology, one will learn to properly read, interpret and communicate with another. This kind of astrological analysis is more detailed and more profound than the commercial horoscope, the only problem being that no astrology software, no details of the aspects and astrological conjunctions, can replace that human intuition that this science is actually based upon. The only problem is that many of these information will not blend together in a computerized manner, some will not apply, because a computer software cannot take into consideration all the knowledge that comes from the experience of birth chart studies and even more so, no software can be intuitive enough to know which of the aspects manifest stronger or weaker in relation to the rest of the birth chart. For this reason, people that study their own computer generated birth charts, will be able to "choose" consciously or unconsciously information from there, that for them are relevant, but exactly those tests and limitations that are on an unconscious level will be successfully ignored. Also, the majority of the applications of this kind, tend to categorically affirm the manifestation of certain defects, and so, making people that are open to this kind of information a powerful negative suggestion by definition. The Full Moon is the astrological moment when the opposition between the Sun and the Moon is at its maximum.

This consultation is extremely beneficial for long-term planning  of income and loss, safety, health, happiness, travel, success in business, and relationships.
But more is involved in the process of reading for another, especially someone that one has never met before. Therefore, what follows in the next few paragraphs will have some bearing for any student of astrology and hopefully have some interest for the general reader too. You know yourself, at least relatively well, and your chart can be used as a guide or roadmap for the understanding of your life energies. How much energy is required to move on from this point, or for a particular outcome to happen? They will be able to become aware -out of all that can be offered through an astrological reading done by a professional astrologer- only of things that they are already aware of, not having someone to link them together so it can become obvious what are the lessons he or she isn't able to learn. All aspects are looked at in a way as only bringing defects or qualities, not as being a mysterious necessity in the spiritual evolution of the human being that was born with this birth chart, denying the holistic vision of finding divinity by the lessons he or she could learn.
The disadvantage is if you try to force some outcome, thus becoming too caught up in subjectivity. The reading itself should come from a much broader perspective and understanding than just regarding what is portrayed or enclosed in the nativity.
When are the peak times when certain energies are available and others are less forthcoming?

Your predictions contain personal mantra(s), as well as other individualized recommendations (colors, gems, scents, and actions) that will lessen your specific life’s karmic challenges. Your birth-chart is merely an agreed symbolic way of arranging the heavens for your moment of birth. From this interactive perspective, we can learn to see that which in the chart corresponds to the others concerns.
We have an overall base from which astrology can give us clues, but always in the context of the all encompassing; the universals of sameness and parallels of change. This chart is only a cosmic map which encapsulates the seed idea for your life journey and personality development. If the context of what the chart is is not put into perspective then you will never be able to read for yourself or another.

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