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Enter your name and email in the box below and we'll send you our exclusive Daily Horoscopes straight to your email! The term “Pisces” is the Latin translation of the original Greek term “Ichtyes”, which literally means, “the fishes”. The term Aquarius is the Latin translation of the original Greek term “Hydrochoos” which literally means “Water Pourer”.
Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is also a little bit on the eccentric side, and often possesses an intellect that is ranked at the genius level. As the Cardinal Earth Sign, Capricorn is often considered the most successful sign of the zodiac. Capricorns are so grounded in the Earth that they are also the most traditional and conservative of the zodiac signs, so a big complaint of Capricorns is they can be a little on the low drama boring side. The constellation for the zodiac star of Sagittarius is translated as “The Archer” from its Latin origination, and from the term “Toxotes” in Greek mythology.
Boredom with a Sagittarius is the enemy, and this mutable sign will move on quickly with the first whiff of it. As a Fixed Water Sign, Scorpio is one of the most psychic and empathic signs of the zodiac, which makes them great detectives or very successful in fields that require analysis and investigation.
The zodiac term we know as “Libra” is derived from the Latin word “The Balance” and the Greek term “Zygos”. The term “Virgo” comes from the Latin word Virgin which is derived from the Greek term Parthenos.
Leo is the Latin term for “lion” which is translated from the Greek “Leon” to create the Fixed Fire Sign of Leo!
This is a sign that is ruled by the Sun, which translates easily into their sunny personality.
In the zodiac world, the word “Cancer” is the Latin word for the Greek term Karkinos, or Crab in English.
This sign also rules fertility, the family, and feels every mood that swings their way deeper than any other sign. The word “Gemini” is a Latin word translated from the Greek word “Didymoi” which means “The Twins”. Gemini is the Mutable Air Sign, and this gives them an abundance of energy, intellect, and communication skills. Grounded in Mother Earth, Taurus is practical, responsible, logical, hardworking, and very loyal. As a Cardinal Fire Sign, Aries is a born leader with fire beneath their wings in every endeavor they pursue. Cardinal signs are born leaders and initiators, so the thrill of the chase of any good project or friend is always very exciting for Aries. We are in a very magical time zone this week, and through next week, as Universe gifts us with many blessings from astrology. An eclipse occurs when a luminary such as Sun or Moon is eclipsed from the picture, or, blocked, by the other luminary. A solar eclipse accompanies a New Moon event, a lunar eclipse accompanies a Full Moon event. The March 2016 eclipse cycle is a big one that will affect all zodiac signs in a different way.
In order to ensure beautiful new flowers grow this year, use the New Moon in Pisces total solar eclipse to totally eclipse something out of that flowerbed that will prevent your Spring Garden from reaching its fullest potential.
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn horoscopes suggest letting go and forging forward with a smile is advised for the Earth Signs during March 2016 eclipse cycles.
The Earth Signs are going to have a little trouble with this one because letting go will be very important under this New Moon. Taurus: Friendships will rule for you under the New Moon in Pisces and total solar eclipse on March 8, and Venus will drop by this house as well to spread the love. Capricorn: Capricorn horoscopes reflect a little exhaustion setting in early in March 2016. Virgo: Some Mars energy is leaving Virgo horoscopes on the cranky side, directing it somewhere under the March 2016 eclipse cycle is a good idea. Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio horoscopes for the March 2016 eclipse cycle suggest, intuition gets Water Signs out of rocky situations this month. Pisces: This glorious New Moon in your sign gives you the green light to fantasize as much as you want.
Scorpio: As usual, you need to let go of the vision in their head and accept the vision that is in front of them.
Cancer: Cancer horoscopes for the March 2016 eclipse cycle suggest that Cancer will be best served under this transit remembering not to take anything personally. Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo horoscopes for the March 2016 eclipse cycle predict Cupid’s Arrow will strike for Fire Signs that have done right by primary partnerships. There is nothing that the Fire Signs love more than a little extra magic to do the tango with. Sagittarius: Sagittarius horoscopes for the March 2016 eclipse cycle show that the mutable fire sign needs to ease off on the bold as you never have a problem with that. Aries: Aries horoscopes for the March 2016 eclipse cycle show that Aries will make big steps under the total solar eclipse New Moon in Pisces, and there will be a first move by Aries that goes very well.
Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini horoscopes show big changes during March 2016 eclipse cycle for Air Signs that have paid their karmic debts. Air Signs are going to love the easy going energy that is afloat with the March 2016 eclipse cycle, what with Spring launching and all. Gemini: Gemini horoscopes show the Mutable Air Sign will be very conflicted during March 2016 eclipse season, but you have the power to create the change that settles all of that energy down. Aquarius: Aquarius horoscopes for the March 2016 eclipse cycle show that Aquarius should expect the unexpected, which is just how you like it. Hi, I recently bought two small packages of flower seeds, English carnation and don't remember the other one, I will try this for sure. In English the symbol for Aquarius is Water Bearer, and this represents the expansive open mind of the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius.
This is a sign that will take some time to warm up to, but once you do, their fixed nature will have them smitten with you for life.
But on the upside you can always count on your dependable Capricorn friend to get you out of just about any pickle you should find yourself in. This Mutable Fire Sign then is one that embodies the energy, agility, bravery, and enthusiasm of a skilled archer with fire beneath his arrow.
The constellation of Scorpio is in the shape of a scorpio, a mysterious sea creature with a fierce stinger. Originally however, Libra was a constellation known as “The Claws” that were attached to the Scorpio constellation. These are the people that are smoothing over fights and drama, and establishing, encouraging, and supporting relationships and partnerships around their Self all of the time.
Here is a personality that is injected with fire, and enthusiasm and excitement are always near those born under the Leo star.
And Leo likes to be the Sun wherever they go, craving attention, flattery, and good times with great people. Rules by the Moon this Cardinal Water Sign however is anything but crabby, unless you are the first to strike in battle, then watch out! Those born under this star sign sometimes seem to have a double personality as a result, and they are always moving from one frame of mind to another very quickly. It is not often that you will meet a quiet Gemini, as this sign cannot bear boredom, and are very flexible when it comes to rolling with the punches life throws their way. Taurus is a fixed Earth Sign and this makes them the most grounded and loyal friend you will ever have.
Being the boss is a favourite activity for Aries, and those born under this sign love a good challenge that allows them to do just that. Success drives Aries, and Aries certainly has the energy to put forth the action required to see success in every project to the end. These are blessings that we can use to create almost whatever kind of change we want in our lives.

With these two events occurring simultaneously the energy is intensified, and so are its combined effects.
For today we will look at what a solar eclipse is, and how you can use it to create change.
It means that as the planets line up in this manner, it is a wonderful time to stop and reflect and make some big changes in your life. There is energy that all zodiac signs can take advantage of right now, and this energy begins taking shape for tomorrow. New Moons are about beginnings, and the New Moon in Pisces total solar eclipse in March 2016 is no different than last year’s. A great way to harvest miracles under a New Moon solar eclipse is to plant something, literally. As you think about the seeds you are planting right now, really concentrate on the wishes you hope to see fulfilled. Make a list of all of the new beginnings that you want as you are thinking about what seeds to plant. Once you have made that list and begun planting the seeds, put your list away in a special place. We love how steadfast and practical the Earth Signs are but this New Moon is about expecting the unexpected. If there are some wrinkles in Taurus horoscopes this month, share cocktails with a friend until the wrinkles disappear. This means that that as a Fixed Sign you need to let go of what you want it to be and accept it for what is. The outdoors will be the best place for Air Signs to capture the magic of this New Moon in Pisces and the Full Moon in Libra. You will feel pulled in multiple directions all of March 2016 and should find a way to schedule 15 minutes aside as often as possible. Which is a nice change for you as Libra needs a post Winter boost and should hit the mall, a pretty blingy thing or something that is new for the season could turn into an unexpected encounter. The unexpected is going to arrive in your house of money for the total solar eclipse New Moon in Pisces on March 8. Astrology Answers in the way of March 2016 horoscopes for the March 2016 eclipse cycle for all zodiac signs. Aquarius may be the least judgmental person you will ever meet, they are also strong seekers of the truth in all experiences.
Its original Greek term was Aegocerus, meaning “goat horned”, thus making The Goat the symbol that represents the zodiac sign of Capricorn.
Sagittarius is very smart, and the mutable nature of Sagittarius breathes fire into their thrill for adventure. You never know which way Scorpio is going, but you know you also never want to be on their bad side if they are heading in a different direction than you. With Scorpio, it’s either big or it isn’t at all, so expect a wild ride and one you will likely remember forever when you ride with a Scorpio.
Upon the discovery of the Autumnal Equinox, and the balancing of the seasons with the transition of Fall, the zodiac sign of Libra was also revolutionized. As the Cardinal Air Sign, Libra will be the most charming, intelligent, and sociable person you will ever meet, and ruled by Venus they also embody all of the finer things in life. Virgo is discriminating, grounded, organized, and an excellent leader in their own quiet way. Always on fire in whatever project or relationship they are in, you can always be sure that when a Leo is around, there is never a dull moment. Otherwise however this emotional Water Sign loves and loves deeply, and will be a friend for life if you honor them with the truth. Fixed Signs by nature are very committed to everything they do, and Earth Signs even more so.
Taurus is also ruled by Venus, which means they are anything but boring and love spreading beauty, sensuality, and love to those around them wherever they go.
Today we are revamping last year’s tips on the New Moon in Pisces total solar eclipse, because we are given this very special gift of having this transit occur exactly two years in a row.
And, if you are looking, the astrology answers are literally in the air to help you take any area of your life to the next level. Change that happens now in your life could impact the next six month period, or even the rest of your life! A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon gets in between the Sun and the Earth during the planets normal orbit. This is Spring fever season and as this new season dawns upon us, take advantage of it by literally getting your hands dirty and creating a new beginning in your garden.
Whether you are planting something outside or metaphorically, as you dig that hole, and place that seed, think about what you want this seed to grow into. Good news that affects you and your partner, or your home, will arrive with the March 8 total solar eclipse New Moon in Pisces.
Water Signs are naturally intuitive and these themes are emphasized for all zodiac signs in this transit. Pisces horoscopes and spidey sense, sense an urgent new beginning on the total solar eclipse New Moon in Pisces. Scorpio horoscopes show love getting hot, and possibly a passionate new beginning arriving as the total solar eclipse and New Moon in Pisces arrives in Scorpio’s passionate sector.
Your new beginnings should occur on the family or home life front come the total solar eclipse New Moon in Pisces on March 8. Play your karma cards well in the love sector this month, and the partial lunar eclipse Full Moon in Libra on March 23 will bless, or challenge, your relationship sector this month. Feel the wind on your face and in your hair and just go where the wind of inspiration takes you.
Expect news or communication to arrive around the total solar eclipse New Moon in Pisces on March 8. News comes your way that is good for your bank, and could even herald a year long new beginning for you. Like other Water Signs, Pisces is very intuitive, and being ruled by Neptune aids to their dreamy, psychic personality. People born under this zodiac star are often very successful because as Cardinal Signs they are great initiators, motivators, and leaders.
As such, Sagittarius does not like to stay put too often, and if required to, expects the experience to be spontaneous and fun.
In the Fall, the equality of day and night is discovered, and this is the embodiment of the true Libra personality. You won’t see a lot of drama from a Virgo, but you will see a very careful thinker who always goes through every task with a clear mind, and a laser sharp focus. This week, starting tomorrow, the two biggest astrology gifts we will receive are the New Moon in Pisces that will be accompanied by a total solar eclipse. This means, we have this solar eclipse happening now with this New Moon, and in two weeks it will be lunar eclipse time with the Full Moon. In a lunar eclipse the opposite happens and the Earth gets in between the Sun and the Moon. If it is a rose you are planting, visualize the beautiful rose that will be the fulfillment. Be social at work, mingle in the world if you are single, and make friendship time a priority this month to see change of miraculous proportions.
Save your energy now as more work is coming for you after the partial lunar eclipse New Moon in Libra on March 23. You will be exhausted by the partial lunar eclipse Full Moon in Libra on March 23, but the month’s productivity and results will be worth it.
So while everyone will be feeling it a little more, that means the Water Signs are going to have their spideys on high alert.
This beginning will make you truly shine in the world if you put your energies appropriately.
Work matters could fire up around the total solar eclipse and New Moon in Pisces, and you will need to call on patience to burn them out.

Aries a little more so, given the circumstances of Spring being officially official in just a few weeks.
Accept that this change will breed miracles and the total solar eclipse New Moon in Pisces has some exciting things for you.
The partial lunar eclipse Full Moon in Libra by March 23 arrives in your house of friendship and groups, and you may end an affiliation with a group, agency, or friendship at this point of the month. Whatever happens, you are the captain of your Destiny and you make the choice once and for all. There is a big change ahead for all Air Signs, and for some it will be a detour, for others it will be one more journey ahead to a magical final destination. News of an elevated state of circumstances arrives to Gemini in the days before or after the total solar eclipse New Moon in Pisces on March 8. If you have divination tools on hand, be sure you use them during the eclipse transits to help you navigate the energy that comes your way.
Their mutable nature invites them to always be trying out new things, and unfortunately sometimes that means new people as well at a moment’s notice. When you add those traits to the hardworking and responsible traits of the Earth Signs, you make for a very successful combination. Though they may not be overly wealthy, Virgo is also very good with money, and knows exactly how to manage whatever resources come their way, so they are rarely in need. This means that the Universe will literally be your oyster, and will be influenced by the magical and emotional qualities of the zodiac sign Pisces. And, since a total solar eclipse is about change and transformations into new beginnings, focus on what you really want, and those New Moon wishes will manifest into reality. This year’s solar eclipse is a total solar eclipse, and the lunar eclipse Full Moon in Libra later this month will be a partial lunar eclipse. As the planets move into their regular transit, more and more details regarding your wishes and your changes will be revealed. If it is a new job, new lover, new relationship seed you are planting, visualize its harmonious cycles of completion.
It is time for this bunch to really let go and go with the flow through the March 2016 eclipse cycle, and just feel that easy going magic and see where it takes you. This will occur in your house of work, in the way of a big event that lands you more responsibility, or maybe even a new job or title. By the partial lunar eclipse Full Moon in Libra on March 23, you have Venus in your corner and she is only too ready to help you take on the world right now. These ones could change your life if you are ready to let go of what you think they should “look like” instead of what they actually are.
All Fire Signs will have a little Spring in their step as they forge forward to epic possibilities under the March 2016 eclipse season. Something big is in the works for you Leo but you have to pick that ball up and grab it first though. Alternatively an important friend could be going through a big change and requires your support.
Choices are abundant for Air Signs, use your instinct and think hard before you make your final cut.
A professional change is possible but you will have to play fair as wiley moves will cost you. A big ending is in store for you on the partial lunar eclipse Full Moon in Libra on March 23 but you are so ready.
By the partial lunar eclipse Full Moon in Libra on March 23 it will all make sense to you now. Don’t forget our Experts are also always on hand with answers to your biggest questions that will crop up during eclipse season.
Artistic, creative, spontaneous, and romantic are all words that are used to describe the depth that can be found under the Pisces star. It may take you some time to get true love from this down to Earth sign, but once you do, you will have a friend for life. As we mentioned when revamping our Eclipses 101 Primer, the March 2016 eclipse season is part of a three year cycle.
All of the Water Signs, Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces, will feel these effects quite intensely. During an eclipse event, the focus from astrology is to focus on change, and what you want to change and eclipse out of your life, to either fulfill endings, or create new beginnings. It will depend on the environment and the attention that you put into your seeds, but circumstances favor magic right now! It’s important for Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces, to follow their instinct in all situations as big decisions are looming ahead. Venus enters your house of primary partnerships by the partial lunar eclipse Full Moon in Libra and, this could be the big break in love you’ve been waiting for. By the partial lunar eclipse Full Moon in Libra by March 23, news could arrive that requires your support for a family member. With Pisces in play, fire sign intuition is going to be at a peak as well, and Fire Signs really need to cue in to those little messages. What are your New Moon wishes as we prepare for the total solar eclipse and New Moon in Pisces?
But all zodiac signs are going to be able to capture this magical energy, and create change and new beginnings in their lives that will lead to significant success.
When it’s called a partial eclipse or penumbral eclipse, the luminary body in question is only partially blocked. In a solar eclipse the Moon gets in between the Earth and the Sun, eclipsing the Sun and casting a shadow on the Earth. Whether you are planting a garden or using the gorgeous Pisces energy to create something in a different way, make a list of all of the new beginnings you want in your life, and begin planting seeds for every one.
Write down the dreams that come your way or make a list of your wishes, there’s enough magic to go around for everyone. Your house of home is touched by this eclipse, and so this is also not a bad time to start house hunting if you’ve been thinking about it already.
By the partial lunar eclipse Full Moon in Libra on March 23, a relationship comes to an end, and everybody feels better for it. If you don’t sense these changes in the works by the mid-point of the month, make them yourself.
So on March 8, we have a total solar eclipse New Moon in Pisces, meaning, the Sun is totally blocked, or eclipsed, from the picture of humanity for a brief moment in time. Now put that envelope away until then, and begin to fantasize and dream about your wishes coming true. Or are you still in the stages of calling and hanging up every time you hear their voicemail? Play honestly and your karmic rewards, or debts, are just around the corner this Spring, Gemini.
Ask the boss for a raise or new responsibilities, and you will learn how wise it is to take control of that Destiny of yours.
The key with this tip is, you can plant as many seeds and make as many New Moon wishes as you want! As well, take care of you and take some down time because sucking everyone’s emotions like a sponge will take its toll on you if you don’t.
First, let’s have a look at our tips on last year, as the transit energy is equally applicable right now. Then, we will revamp last year’s energy with March 2016 eclipse energy with your March 2016 eclipse horoscopes, for every single zodiac sign.

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