Astrology cancer november 2015

The sign of Cancer is from June 22 to July 23 is ruled by the moon, it’s element is water and it’s symbol, the crab.
All cats have mystical side to them but a Cancer almost knows what you’re thinking before you do and will be purring up a storm if it’s about food or treats. The best way to make them less moody and more happy is to give them consistency and routine. Cancerian creatures of the night, they love skulking and meowing under a moonlit night or a safer choice, sitting by a window.
Usually sweet and good natured, they tend to be conflict-avoidant, good with kids, the ill and the elderly. I am a Cancerian kitty, and my human is also sun sign Cancer – she says she has to work overtime to fake me out when she is going to pill me or take me to the vet! Canceians have close-set eyes, innocent facial features, below average height, a fleshy body and short legs, usually have brown hair, a round face, a prominent forehead, small eyes, a short and upturned nose, and a full mouth.
That said, Cancer’s ideal mate is likely to be Capricorn, but only after a few failed relationships. Cancer want to avoid matches with Gemini (too flighty), Aries (too bold and self-centered), and Sagittarius (despite an initial attraction, the wandering, popular Sagittarian may be too much to handle, and jealousy and rage are right around the corner). Although the Cancer child is not necessarily the smartest or brightest children, he possesses the innate talents that a sensible upbringing will help make manifest.
These children are not studious and intellectual, although they may become so in adulthood. Otherwise, the younger person of this sign is tempted to become introverted and live off his own emotions, moody, changeable and lethargic. Being exceedingly sensitive, the Cancer child is easily discouraged and takes criticism much to heart.
From a color psychology viewpoint, it signals a time of reflection and a change of direction as it illuminates the way forward. The spiritual meaning of number Three deals with magic, intuition, fecundity, and advantage.
In tarot readings, the Cancer Chariot enjoys starting new projects and is always ready to embark on a new journey. The negative aspects of the Cancer Chariot can include mood fluctuations, aggressiveness and the need to feel in control one’s surroundings. For the Cancer Chariot to remain in balance, he needs to use his intuition to help him master his surroundings. Faintest of all of the twelve constellations in the zodiac, Cancer is composed of six simple stars, suspended between Gemini to the west and Leo to the east. Our most significant and observable celestial activity is the Moon as it continuously changes in the night’s sky. The Cancer Horoscope for 2017 predicts that there could be a general development in all parts of your life.
Your horoscope 2017 prediction foretells that fresh possibilities are most likely to open on the profession front. For the Cancer zodiac sign, those of you who are unattached might discover true love this year. Cancerians should steer clear of over eating, as excesses of any type are best recommended to be avoided. The Cancer horoscope 2017 prediction foresees that your domestic life might stay fairly calm this year. As a Cardinal, or action starting sign, the Cancer moon is a time when people tend to be focused and busy;  instinctively we scurry about, looking for our next warm meal, and planning for the future. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
The sun sign is only one piece of the astrological pie and a detailed chart requires the exact time of birth. Cancerian kitties like other the water signs of Pisces and Scorpio are sensitive and intuitive especially near the full moon.
They love good food but watch the catnip before the full moon, or you’ll have loony moon cat on your hands.

My Angel Bobo (my soul kitty), was a Cancer and he loved sitting by the window, he was intuitive, sensitive, everything you described. May I suggest making lost posters in neon colors and place everywhere within a few block radius including mail boxes.
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In essence, the upper body is invariably larger in proportion to the lower, which may make for a rather clumsy or top-heavy bodily appearance at times.
Their domestic instinct is so strong it pulls them in as soon as is legally possible—in their case, often right out of high school. In later years, they often show an extraordinary flair for business coupled with an intensely ambitious spirit. Although the Cancer Chariot can be direct and tenacious, he can also be charming, sensitive and warm. His tendency to get into action makes him a powerful asset, particularly when he believes in a cause. On a clear, moonless night, far away from city lights, the crab (also called scarab or tortoise) is not too difficult to locate due to the two yellow stars, the Aselli (asses or donkeys) enclosing it.
There will be numerous possibilities for you personally to show your intellect to everyone.
You might face some surprising circumstances, so it is much better to deal with them wisely. There are excellent probabilities of one's love relationships concluding into marriage this year. Your sources of earnings may improve this year, but for financial savings the year isn't favorable. As a sign ruling the stomach, our thoughts often turn to food and the fulfillment of our most basic need to eat.  Having just survived a devastating earthquake,  many of our brothers and sisters in Japan are cold and hungry on this day.
We wish food for those who are hungry, warmth for those who are cold, and shelter for those who are homeless. That’s often not possible but learning which sun sign a cat is or likely to be, can help deepen our understanding of them.
I don’t have any cat in home right now, but I will take in consideration these information. Please continue to purr and pray for his safety and well being and to bring him home to us.
Unfortunately, most people are not prepared for the realities of such a young partnership, especially not Cancer.
It is best to encourage them to do as much as possible for themselves and let them feel that they are actually achieving results.
He is the master of his emotions and, at the same, can remain aware of their various complexities. His tendency towards aggressiveness must be tempered with the willingness to let go of his need to feel in control. At other times we cannot find it at all, or it’s in its waxing or waning crescent form. You'll really feel like wasting a part of your financial savings for beginning a brand new venture.
You have currently been struggling with some persistent ailments; attempt some healing therapies to obtain improved and lasting advantages. The rapport with your parents, particularly your father, might stay strained as your view of life might differ from theirs.
Our hunger and longing is to comfort those who have lost their families; our response must be to take action and assist in any way possible. Anyone who spends time with large groups of cats like at a cat show or shelter will immediately notice the different personalities, even if they are a similar age or breed.
Our model is a young tabby female named Peanut. She arrived last winter to the New Rochelle Humane Society and has been in a small cage since.
One minute, they’re cuddly lovebugs, the next minute, they’re off with a swish of their tails to sulk.

Also, I believe it’s important to understand the nature of any creation around, even if is cat. Their need for domestic bliss only worsens the inevitable problems, and once their mate discovers they’re soft on the inside, it could shatter his or her image of Cancer as the hard protector.
Cancer also may have an attraction to Scorpio, whose dominant nature should fit well with their caring side, and Pisces, who understands their depth of feeling like no other. Consecutive Threes in your life may symbolize the need to express yourself creatively, or consider your present directional path in relation to past events and future goals. When he appears in a tarot reading, he always represents one’s need for self-discipline and mastery.
Find out just how much you'll need to lead a good life after which the rest may be taken up for financial savings or some kind of charity.
Cats will take on one of 12 main astrological characteristics of a zodiac signs or a combo if born on the cusp between two signs.
When I opened her cage door last week she welcomed petting and I worried she’d been in that windowless room too long.
These soulful crab cats, if socialized early will be affectionate companions for many moons. The trouble is, they’re both at once, which makes it harder for them to achieve that perfect symbiosis.
The most difficult parental task is to push this sensitive little creature gently forward into the world.
Great artistic and creative careers may be begun with the right treatment of these finely balance little people.
Three may also represent promising new adventures, and assurance of cooperation from others whom you may require help. The changing phases (faces) of the Moon, as seen from Earth, depends on the angle between the Sun and the Moon. You need to let go of all previous emotional baggage and start living life on a happy note. The more we know about the different personalities the cats, the greater chance of finding a good fit when adopting a new cat.
She stood by the edge of the cage (in pose of the image above) played with a wand toy but would not step down to freedom. They like soft blankets, cozy baskets where they can hide like crabs under their shell when things get too hectic or noisy.
Ruled by water, they love drinking fountains, splashing in water faucets and the whoosh of a toilet if it’s not too loud; they’re sensitive to noise. Encircling the Earth and always reflecting the light of the Sun, the Moon is our universal timepiece. Although you may be the expressive one in the relationship, your partners too will share their feelings with you as well. You will then realize that you are now in a position to do more than you thought your body was ever capable of.
In the same room, a tiny, orange spitfire of a kitten climbed the cage bars meowing with ear-splitting volume. Judging from the age and hyperactivity, he was definitely a Gemini and would be perfect a home with kids and lots of activity. If you’re thinking of getting a new cat bed or replacing a ratty old scratching post, think twice.
Introduce the new item, spray it with Feliway to make it more appealing and only after they accept the new item, trash the old one. The other sad part is during my search I am discovering a multitude of unfixed ferals ,many with kittens.
I am so overwhelmed with all of the emotions involved with all of these things but I won’t give up .

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