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Reflexology and Shiatsu massage are very good forms of "touch healing" therapy that a person can practice on their own for immediate and long term relief from chronic and acute pain. A reflexology hand and foot chart shows the exact points which control the different parts of the body, muscles, glands and organs.
Get your personal reflexology tips and advice with this free online reflexology hand and foot chart. 10 years back we developed first ever mobile phone software for Indian astrology called "Mobile Kundli". The software has all the necessary features like Lagna chart, Navamsa, Shodashvarga, Ashtakvarga, KP system, Vimoshottari dasha, choice of various Ayanamsa, and Panchang etc. This involves applying pressure with the thumb and fingers and activating the reflex points that are responsible for proper working of the whole body.

For example you can immediately know the Ruling Planet of any time, cast Horary chart while on move etc. People call me "Hi-Tech Astrologer" or "Digital Age Astrologer" because of my extensive usage of technology in astrology. Reflexology or zone therapy is one of most successful forms of alternative medicine ever practised and this is true even in 2016, 2017. I strongly believe that technology can help in improving accuracy of an astrologer tremendously.My interest in astrology started around two decades back when I picked up few astrology books from a small bookshop in my village.
It can provide you instant relief from pain simply by pressing the certain pressure points. Both these forms of alternate healing can help in better blood circulation, thus providing you with long term healing.

There was no software that can give a great user experience to the astrology software users and on the same time also cost effective. Find the right techniques to practice reflexology on self along with Shiatsu massage for maximum benefit. I have also written extensively for various magazines and news papers like Kadambini, Dainik Jagran, Prabhat Khabar etc.I have also studied astronomy and mathematical astrology and that is the reason I contributed to many astrology software and websites.

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