Astrology chart for hillary clinton

Bill Clinton spent the 1970s as a law professor and then Attorney General of Arkansas, and most of the 1980s as Governor of Arkansas.
Discover the main astrological trends in your life over the next year (transits and progressions). Learn about the daily astrological weather triggering your daily life events and states of mind. Understand the astrological potential of moving to different geographical places for personal or business success. American politician from 1963, a graduate of Yale Law school, Governor of Arkansas in 1978 at age 32 and sworn into office as U.S. Born three months after his dad died, he was raised by an alcoholic step-dad whose name he took.
His administration has been fraught with suspicions of corruption and associates who went to jail.
When the former president and first lady moved out of the White House, they removed about $28,000 of gifts which they felt were personal, but when the government disagreed, the gifts were returned in early February.
His new book, "My Life," was released on June 22, 2004 with much fanfare, putting Clinton back in the limelight. The former President underwent coronary artery bypass surgery on the morning of September 6, 2004 in New York, beginning at about 8 AM and ending around noon according to a CNN report. The former president underwent surgery to remove fluid build-up and scar tissue that formed in his chest after his heart surgery a few months ago. Clinton’s stepfather, Richard Kelley, died on January 31, 2007 at about 5:45 PM local time in Hot Springs, AR. Clinton underwent surgery to place two stents in a coronary artery on February 11, 2010 in New York City.
I’m talking mainly about the Moon-Neptune opposition on the Aries-Libra sign and 11th-5th house axis. The last 2 areas, Cancer and Capricorn, are the most powerful ones because any planet in transit or progression there will make square with both natal Moon and Neptune. My opinion is that Hillary Clinton will have a tough presidential campaign and I’m not very sure that it will be a success.

But maybe she has an astrologer to guide her and pinpoint all these influences … and help her.
I am interested in what in her chart gives her the convidence to think she can win this race.
I think her Scorpio Sun gives her a sharp mind, and she could keep a secret and her mouth shut. In my opinion the Mars-Pluto conjunction plus Saturn in Leo and all squaring Mercury-Venus in Scorpion is the force that push her to politics. I do use transits for election day, but I also use a composite, a synastric and progressed chart for the U.S.
Have a look at Ron Paul’s transits for election day 2008, his announcement in March that he is running for President and the New Hampshire Primary. In Vedic astrology, a fallen Sun (9deg41′ Libra) dasa makes it difficult for Hillary to win.
We Americans like cockiness (Reagan) if it is confident and good natured, but we abhor ARROGANCE, especially calculated arrogance.
Having read your interpretation I must say that you did a good job on her Moon-Neptune aspect and that it might bring all the illusions in her world.
Interestingly, the same day (March 10th) Tr Saturn leaves her 4 Virgo MC (the 8 AM chart), he’s immediately trine her Progressed Sun as Tr Mars moves to trine her Natal Sun. I’ve always believed this Primary Season would come down to Pennsylvania and, with her continuing on until April, I still believe it will. Interestingly, her Progressed Ascendant begins a conjunction with the US Pluto in early-May, continuing on for the next year.
In the latter case, the pardons were made without consulting Justice Department officials, who may inquire about the $450,000 that Marc Rich's former wife and personal friend of the Clintons has contributed to the Clinton Library between July 1998 and May 2000.
On the following day, reports broke that Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate campaign treasurer, New York attorney William Cunningham III, helped obtain from former President Clinton last-minute pardons for two men convicted on tax felony charges in the '80s. The court did not explain its reasons, but Supreme Court disbarment often follows disbarment in lower courts. I’ve started with Hillary Clinton and from beginning I focused on secondary progressions on her chart.

I think that this opposition is very important for Hillary political and personal development. Moon was on the natal Neptune and Neptune was in Capricorn making a square with its natal position.
The court acted after it was notified by the Arkansas Supreme Court that Clinton's Arkansas law license was suspended for five years. First of all, being on the 5th-11th house axis it will emphasize the need for personal afirmation and it will influence her luck and also public image. In my analysis I noticed that everytime the Moon was progressed on that areas Hillary had difficulties in life and career. Is the same position under which by his husband defeat in 1980 elections she lost his position as First Lady of Arkansas. The only thing I can link with is the family area where probably she found out about Bill Clinton love affairs -still the progre.
His first term was characterized by a strong economic recovery, and in 1996 he was re-elected. His second term was dominated by scandal: accusations of corruption and investigations into rumors of his marital infidelity.
House of Representatives voted (along party lines) in favor of two articles of impeachment. Bush to Indonesia and Thailand to assist with relief efforts after the terrible tsunami in 2005.
Clinton was accused of committing perjury and obstruction of justice in his attempt to cover up an extra-marital affair with a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. In the subsequent senate trial, Clinton was acquitted of the charges and remained in office. Days before leaving office, Clinton struck a deal with the office of the special prosecutor in the case: in order to avoid an indictment, Clinton admitted to making misleading testimony, and he was suspended from practicing law in Arkansas for five years.

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