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What is the Moon Sign in a Birth Chart?:The Moon is in a new constellation every couple of days, and its location on the Zodiacal wheel at the moment of your birth is your Moon sign.
The Meaning of the Moon in Astrology:While the Sun is the core self through which you find expression in the world, the Moon is the inner life that only close companions get to experience.
There are 12 Zodiac Signs and you need to memorize the Astrology symbol, glyph and date for each Sign, as well as the correct order they are listed in below. Non-Facebook Users You need to create an account at Facebook before you can register your "Like." Facebook is a fun and effective way to socialize and network online. It’s the private you that reveals itself behind closed doors, when you’ve put on something more comfortable.
For simplicity we refer to the Sun and Moon as planets but really they are called luminaries.

This is because the Western Tropical Zodiac aligns with the ecliptic and begins at the moment of the vernal (spring) equinox. Practice putting the planets and Zodiac Signs correctly on the chart exactly like the picture above. It’s also the unguarded you that has to act on instinct, the one that comes out in a crisis.In astrology, the Moon is the instinctual self, and because of that, some might not feel comfortable with its full expression. In times of great stress, these qualities could be exposed and make the person feel strangely out of control.
For some this means reaching out socially, but for others this could mean retreating to a solitary corner of the mind.
Some Moons have a detached air, while others cast a welcoming luminescent glow.A key relationship in astrology is that between the Sun and the Moon.

If someone has an ongoing tug-of-war between the will to act and the emotions, it often shows up there.
When you understand the essence of the Moon, you’re no longer “in the dark.” This is valuable information for understanding the interior life of family members, friends and of course, potential romantic partners.

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