Astrology daily forecast virgo

A feeling of hope and determination are noticeable on October 2 with the Moon in Sagittarius aspected by Saturn. Miscommunications and disorganization is possible between now and October 4 and 25, as Mercury turns retrograde on October 4.
Be on the lookout for great lessons relative to anger, hostility and courage between October 5-8, as Jupiter in cancer aspects Mars in Scorpio. This eclipse happens in the Nakshatra of Revati, ruled by the God Pushan, the shepherd and protector of animals.
We may feel on guard psychologically between October 10-12 with the Moon opposite both Saturn and Mars. A deep feeling of love and connection is possible October 16-17 with the Moon joined exalted Jupiter in cancer, the Moon’s sign. Relationship insight and general happiness should be flowing with much more ease after October 19 when Venus enters Libra, where she will be until November 11.
Secure SiteI take extra precautions to make sure you know this site is safe and free of malware. When I saw the aspects for the day, I was excited!  It’s going to be a great day.  So, make sure you make the most of it. Learn how to use the power of astrology to transform your life from one with frustrations to one that works!

Yesterday, the Sun in Aquarius formed a lovely harmonious angle (sextile) to Saturn in Sagittarius which opened our minds to new ideas and new methods of managing our lives (especially our career life) more effectively.  Today, the Moon moves into energetic Aries which can give us a little push. Mercury retrograde cycles illuminates those areas of life where we are overwhelmed by details and not making the correct adjustments. You may meet important teachers at this time, or finally have a breakthrough in understanding and personal discipline. This lunar eclipse joins the South node, showing a need to let go of emotional wounds and connect to divine forgiveness. This Venus transit compels us to evaluate the price we are willing to pay for our happiness, and how much we are able to yield to others needs equal to our own. It is important to channel this intensity toward something beautiful and creative, not just self-motivated.
Yet, Saturn’s determined nature pressures us to commit to that which inspires us, not to just feel hopeful about it. This potential is increased because Jupiter is exalted, and Mars is in his own sign, at this time. This lunar eclipse in Pisces holds great promise for emotional transformation through surrender, and connecting to the part of us not of this earth or lifetime. These are skills that not only bring better romantic relationships, but make for better friendships and a happier life.

For the last couple of years, relationship happiness and the pressure we exert ourselves and others to get it, have been major themes, with our subconscious fears and strategies illuminated by the eclipses. Our ability to hear others words with openness (rather than need or bias) and respond to all situations in kind, will be revealed. Assisting us in this goal is Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, exalted and aspecting from Cancer. October 11 the 12th the Moon is opposite Mars, where our own individual needs and desires take priority.
Pure teachings, such as those from your gurus, lead to amazing insights and transformation. This is a great time for writing and editing, or you may be spending the same energy cleaning up messes.

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