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Below is a listing for Void Of Course (VOC) Moon times and dates for the month of November (If you’re unfamiliar with how useful the VOC Moon concept is, click here for more information).
February is relatively free of those ridiculous day-long Voids that suck you down and hold you there like a polar vortex made of inertia instead of cold air. CLICK HERE to join the Oh My Stars Facebook Fan Page, and get exclusive content, a discount on a reading,additional material on each blog entry as it comes out, AND a free e-book! Matthew Currie is an astrologer, counselor and writer with over 20 years of experience and numerous appearances on television, radio and podcasts.
Saturn square Neptune has been that nagging transit lurking the shadows of your life since last November, and it's going to be a factor until nearly the end of this year, with the next peak hitting in June. I wrote about Prince yesterday, and like many of you I was saddened and surprised by his death.
First Quarter:This is the phase of the moon when it is perpendicular on the distance from the earth to the Moon.

During the times listed, it is best to avoid starting or finishing any major projects or making important decisions. However, it’s worth noting that the Moon will be Void of Course for the duration of the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 2nd.
The blog entry itself was pretty light on astrological detail because of that, but if you want to have a look at it, here it is. Make sure you print this off and keep a copy on you at all times while at work, because nothing impresses your boss like using Astrology to maximize your results, and it’s always handy to have the Void Moon as an excuse for slacking off. Conflicts in interests are likely during the first quarter of the Moon which need to be sorted out then and there. Last Quarter: This is the time when the Moon is perpendicular on the distance from the earth to the Moon. Of course, if you get caught goofing off when the Moon ISN’T Void… you’re on your own, and if anyone asks, I don’t even know you.

But it would be a risky situation as you would not be loaded with much information related to the job at hand.
It has been said that people turn cranky, the mentally sick gets more disturbed, accidents and casualties happen more when the moon is full.
Hence it is high time you keep yourself well informed about the phases o f the moon in the days to come.

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