Astrology for aries november 2014

The Ram, is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Aries. While there are differences of temperament between the tall and short Aries natives, all are subject to the same mental influences and many characteristics are common to both types. The New Moon on April 10, 2013 will be in the sign of Aries at 20 degrees at approximately 3:35 am Eastern. With the Moon in Aries, this is a time where one must learn to be true to oneself, not necessarily self-centered but to stand in one’s own power and truth courageously.  On April 17th, the Sun will be conjunct Mars which will give us an extra boost from this New Moon energy to be more action oriented, giving us the energy and drive to break through challenges and obstacles.
With Venus and Mars still dancing close together in the heavens, I truly feel that there is a message being conveyed through the cosmos, orchestrated by the Divine.  Mars will be at master number, 22 degrees. So what does this New Moon in Aries mean for us?  Just as we can understand the farming cycle of planting, growing, harvesting and lying fallow (or land left inactive), so can the twelve signs of the zodiac be symbolic of human life and development.
On a grander scale, this New Moon in Aries heralds the beginning of a great transformation that will affect our planet Earth, hence affecting all of humanity. In western astrology, this sign is no longer aligned with the constellation as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun is in Aries roughly from March 21 to April 19, by definition beginning at vernal equinox. You are both fun-loving and quite oblivious to the faults that might drive most people crazy.
You can spend it as fast as the hard working Goat can make it that drives the frugal Capricorn insane. You are both inquisitive, however at times you may find it difficult to contemplate what the Water-bearer will do next.
The first type is tall (or at least above average in height) with a strong, well-proportioned body, and elongated face.
With the Moon being at 20 degrees, in Tarot the number 20 corresponds to the Judgement card. With Aries being the pioneer paving the way for the rest of the year, on a personal level this will be the opportune time to plant your seeds of intention into the Universe. The past Full Moon in Libra brought to our attention the energetic tipping point that our dear planet has reached highlighting the Great Purging of our Earth that is taking place.
Above all, you’ll be supremely ambitious, eager to climb to the top in all activities and anxious to do the best you can. Both you and Gemini are so spontaneous and full of life that there is no time for either of you to become bored. Although the frame of such an Aries subject is powerful, being muscular, sinewy and large-boned in appearance, some Aries natives of this type are inclined to be more slender in build.
The eyes (often grey to greenish-brown in color) will be clear, steady and penetrating, indicating a sharpness of sight.
This card represents awakening, realizations,  a call to action, pictured by three naked figures, one of which is rising from a grave.  These figures are raised to action by trumpeting angels that floats above them.
In Kabbalah, these 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are believed to give expression to the Universe and Tarot cards also reflect qualities of the Universe. Put out into the Universe what you will to happen for you in your life, whether it be through prayer, ritual or private ceremony to bring about a change in job, relationships, or self development. With Pluto going retrograde in Capricorn two days after this New Moon, the purging will manifest into radical changes and transformations to occur in the coming months and even years. Aries prediction for New Year 2015: There’s so much potential in your life this year, creatively, financially and socially, that you will need to pace yourself if you don’t want to wear yourself out.
You may be taken aback both by the interest friends are expressing in your affairs, and by the central position which a partnership has now come to assume in your life.

It is also considered a fire sign, and is one of four cardinal signs.Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. This notion—that everything in the world is somehow encompassed in the number 22—is also reflected in the beliefs of the Bambara and the Dogon people, who believe that not only is 22 a symbol for the span of time from the creation to the ultimate perfection and completion, but that all mystical information is embraced by the symbolism contained in the first 22 numbers. The Moon is here to help you dig into your unconscious to find out exactly what changes you need to make in your life. Since Capricorn rules the most basic foundations of any existing structure, Pluto’s influence here will bring about events of huge significance as time goes on.
You may even be tempted to break with the past, split up with someone who’s important to you, or undertake a complete change of direction. The Moon will be joining in on the party that Uranus, the Sun, Mars and Venus are already having in Aries. I’m talking about a major revamp and overhaul in the economy, the government and its policy, politics, societal laws, organized religions and the patriarchal system in general.
If you fancy a spot of drama, then that’s all fine, but if you’re more keen on an easy life, you should be a bit more mellow and go for gentle transformation, allowing one phase of life to flow seamlessly into another. Someone who is very close to you may be agitated by the direction you are taking early in the year, and you should look at this as a welcome expression of concern for your welfare. Those who fall under the influence of Aries tend to have pointed but regular features with a short forehead.
The Sun and Moon will be conjunct Venus and Mars.  Being in the fiery sign sign of Aries, which is considered the first sign of the zodiac, this stelllium will bring forth a high energy of new beginnings.
Out of the four numbers, the number 23 is the most desirable number bestowing not only a promise of success in personal and career endeavors, but guaranteeing help from superiors and protection from those in high places.
Taurus prediction for New Year 2015: There are many welcome changes in store for you this year which will require an adjustment in your attitude and, on a number of occasions, you’ll be both re-evaluating your progress and changing course.
The second type of Aries native is shorter, usually with dark hair (tending toward redness) with a flawless and healthy complexion.
A good example of   this is that of a well known, famous athlete, Michael Jordan, who sported the number 23 on his jersey. Mars is here to give you the strength and courage to do so.  Mars and Venus are both here to show us that the higher powers of the Universe, the angels, the Creator, Divine Mother, Divine Father are here to help us. Those that are especially in need of transforming, yet resist this, may even crumble or cease to exist altogether under the pressure. You are tenaciously loyal to friends and loved ones unless they are foolish enough to cross you, in which case they have made an implacable enemy who never forgets the injury done to them. Such individuals possess an excellent business ability and are prolific money-makers, particularly successful in all commercial areas.
Precision, accuracy, analysis and determination are strongly associated with the number 22. The sign of Capricorn also rules Saturn, the planet of karma and the results of past actions.
Venus, lady of love, aligns with your chart in July, bringing excellent romantic stars — and fine prospects for travel. Somewhat headstrong, these Aries subjects are impatient of restraint or criticism and utterly heedless of advice. As the number 22’s immediate successor, 23 logically hold the frequency of heralding the beginning of a completely new world; a world not ruled by the same harmonious laws as preceding the number 22. Nothing will go unaccounted for and so now, and in the next few years, it is surely to be a time of atonement for past actions. Questions such as how far you should get involved with a new friend and what improvements need to be made in an existing, settled relationship will be uppermost on your mind.

Females possess flawless skin, the defined jaw line and accentuated cheekbones suggestive of the classical facial lines of a model.
In addition, 23 makes up the number 2, which in the Tarot,  is the number of the High Priestess, underlining the female, “yin” nature of the number that is sacred to all female deities.
August and September may be your most intense months, so count your blessings, keep your cool, enjoy whatever life throws at you. Summer brings the chance to complete tasks left unfinished some time ago, such as telling someone how you feel about them.
Many males possess an Adam's apple which protrudes more than what would be considered normal.
Your intention should combine Aries (Mars) energy to the affairs of the house in your natal chart where the stellium falls. Not only are we working together with millions of other Lightworkers, we also have Ascended Masters, Beings of Light and Angelic Ones here to guide, nurture and direct us. You need to mix with a different type of person after November and, as the year draws to a close, you will develop the higher side of your being. The hair of both males and females is usually healthy with plenty of shine and thick in texture, tending toward waviness. There are countless examples of groups of three, one example being the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Those things which you feel are going to be important to you in the long term are being kept under wraps at present.
Also in the Tarot, 3 is the number of the Empress, the embodiment of the female principle that symbolically links the Heavens with Earth and who carries within her the triple aspect of the Goddess as virgin, mother, and crone.
In fact, Venus’ position at 23 degrees, the Royal Star of the Lion or Regulus,is helping us to see the angelic assistance we have. You may be taking up a new activity in April, which you will be slow to reveal to those around you.
A harmonious set of planetary patterns indicates that your morale is high and you are thinking big over the summer. Meanwhile, it may be that you are able to shed some light on a situation which has been baffling others. There’s a shift taking place from being preoccupied by work and routine responsibilities into being concerned with much bigger issues — like happiness in your closest relationships. Life begins to look decidedly interesting after July when your levels of determination, self-discipline and raw energy rise simultaneously.
If you do, then you may be either overcome by a sense of confusion regarding professional activities or begin to feel that plans are grinding to a halt.
All in all, and despite repeated financial ups and downs, you may find, on looking back, that this has been the easiest year you have had for a very long time.
If you’re reckless in May, you might spend the rest of the year regretting your rash actions. Your desire to be recognised by the community and in your professional life comes to the fore in October, bringing a degree of stress and strain into your life.
You will make much better progress when you co-operate with partners, whether at work or in your personal life.

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