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He begins with a quasi-scientific examination of geology, astronomy, and human physiology in order to provide some rational basis for further discussion on the practical use of precious and semi-precious stones.
Outlines on the medicinal value of precious stones entail the actual alchemical lab bench techniques for preparing therapeutic gem oxides and pastes. Harish Johari, who once served as guide to Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) during his initial excursion into mystical India, combines the talents of a true renaissance man. Serious mystics often disdain a fascination with gems as yet another variety of spiritual materialism, a decadent diversion from or substitute for the more laborious process of contemplative discipline and self transformation. I am pretty interested in astrology, it plays very important role in my life, i even get my room decocated with some cheap canvas wall art of nine planetary gems.  I belive gemstones have amazing healing power. Pukhraj is the Hindi name for yellow sapphire, though it is also used (or misused) in India to refer to the more common yellow topaz or citrine.
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Amid the insipid self-styled authorities on this subject and their mounting plethora of pulp publications, Harish Johari’s most recent work rests in serious scholarship and a lifelong devotion to his own native ancient traditions of alchemical tantra, Hindu astrology, and ayurveda.
Then follows a most intriguing survey of mythological references to the origin and deeper nature of gems.

Separate chapters devoted to each of these materials explicate their scientific, mythic, and occult properties. Copious tables, charts, diagrams, and scriptural annotations, which have become the author’s trademarks, remain rigidly faithful to traditional sources. Yet Johari’s accounts lend much credibility to the case for jewelry as a useful adjunct to the more conventional methods of spiritual practice.
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I think that may be because Joan River has had a particularly ageless kind of plastic surgery that means that her face never changes. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The exact meaning of pukhraj is important because yellow sapphire has a special place in Vedic astrology.
If Jupiter is well-placed in your horoscope, it is thought that you will enjoy all the good things in life. It is suggested that the sapphire be set in gold, and be worn starting on a Thursday, within an hour of sunrise. Back in the Victorian era, a Violet flower would symbolize complete faithfulness and a cream Violet would stand as a symbol to take a chance. Excerpts from numerous Sanskrit scriptures, many provided in translation along with their classic Devanagari script, support the arcane belief in the utility of stones, pearls, and coral to alter the course of human destiny. Descriptions of stone quality, flaws, identification, and sources as well as detailed rituals that include mantras and yantras for preparation and wearing of particular gems qualify this work as a most exhaustive study.
According to the Vedic tradition, there are nine gemstones that are thought to have special significance; ruby, pearl, coral, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, chrysoberyl cat's eye, and hessonite garnet.
For example, it is believed that a girl who wears yellow sapphire will marry early on in life (which is considered an advantage in many Asian societies).
If set in a ring, the ring should be worn on the index finger of the right hand (for right-handed people).

A majority of its species are found in the northern hemisphere and in the Australian continent. And I also find it amazing that there was ever a time when newspapers announced engagements of recent college graduates with so much fanfare.
These nine gemstones are thought to correspond to astrological entities and activity, with yellow sapphire being the gem associated with Guru or Jupiter, the largest graha or planet in the solar system. So it is often recommended that people wear yellow sapphire to increase the beneficial effects of Jupiter or negate the tribulations caused by a poorly-placed Jupiter. People aspiring to administrative and political positions should wear it to give them the benefit of luck on their side.
The scientific name of the different species is formed by combining its genus term and species term together. In particular, it is recommended that people born under the signs of Sagittarius or Pisces always wear yellow sapphire. Those who find obstruction in the progress of their education, or those who suffer from loss of property should wear yellow sapphire to help remove their difficulties.
It is also said to aid in elimination of impurities from the body and stimulation of the lymphatic system.
For example, it is believed that a stone with cracks invites threats, and one with poor luster and transparency creates enemies and causes disharmony in the family. Astrologists recommend yellow sapphire to treat liver and gallbladder problems as well as disorders of the spleen and stomach.

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