Astrology for pisces march 2014

PISCES: (embarrassed and beginning to feel as though Friend is accusing him of something) Oh, those were only trial runs. The Misunderstood Genius, often a Pisces or a Pisces ascendant, most emphatically doesn’t lack talent. Venus your ruling planet is in your sign as from Tuesday the 6th she will be there for the whole of this month. Time to get busy with your own business; not a good time to get caught up with other’s issues. The Full Moon on Thursday the 8th may have you feeling a bit on the emotional side, or perhaps you may need to comfort another. There could be a few misunderstandings at the beginning of this month, just have patience all will sort itself out. Leo rules the Heart Charka, the Full Moon on Sunday the 6th could bring about issues of the Heart. Saturn is doing his last pass in your sign, just a bit more hard work, if you hang in there it will really pay off.
The Eclipse on Monday the 21st will bring about major changes with your relationships on all levels. Your ruling planet Mars is in the work and service sign of Virgo, this energy will help you to focus on your direction over this month. Mars in the work and service sign of Virgo is challenging you, your frustration levels are really being tested. The Full Moon on Saturday the 7th, is a great time for you to organize some social adventure. If you feel a bit on the stuck side over this month, remember you can ask for help it’s not a weakness, just showing your human side.
The Full Moon on Saturday the 7th may have you feeling a bit on the jaded side, don’t overextend yourself. Mercury the planet of communications if going retrograde, lots of confusion and mixed messages around over this month. Marilyn Hillier is a professional Astrologer and Spiritual Healer, she is the President of Gold Coast Astrology Society. As the month goes on your focus moves away from finances and onto the things that you, especially as a Piscean, have more of an affinity for. For those who are single, this is actually a time when you really opening up again to the possibility to meeting someone. Annual and monthly horoscopes are very general so get in touch if you are interested in an individual chart reading. Identifying Features: Dreamy, mystical, profoundly deep, and not quite tuned in to any of the channels the rest of us get. Reputation: Pisces gets accused of being drunk, stoned, or in a religious frenzy a lot of the time. Earth Signs: (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) This is usually a good, stable combination, but has a tendency for each side to bog down in its own agendas without seeing the larger picture that includes both parties. Water Signs: (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) The emotional basis both parties approach life with may be ideal for a relationship, but there will always be a tendency for things to bog down with defensiveness or over-reaction. Matthew Currie is an astrologer, counselor and writer with over 20 years of experience and numerous appearances on television, radio and podcasts. Saturn square Neptune has been that nagging transit lurking the shadows of your life since last November, and it's going to be a factor until nearly the end of this year, with the next peak hitting in June. I wrote about Prince yesterday, and like many of you I was saddened and surprised by his death.
With all those beautiful aspirations and longings for purity, devotion and goodness, mercy, compassion and self-sacrifice, there’s bound to be a pretty big wallop of a shadow downstairs.

Feeling as though they are the most powerless of mortals, they secretly envision themselves as rulers over all. This is a perplexing quality in some Pisceans which is never discussed in textbooks, for the simple reason that it is too disturbing. I’ve just got the first twenty pages done, but I can envision the whole thing in my mind. And it is important to remember that it’s truly self-undoing with Pisces, never the undoing of others. Mercury the planet of communication is going retrograde in your sign, no need to rush anything. This planet only stays in a sign for 1 year so he is on a 12 year cycle through the Zodiac.
Mars is now moving forward, this should give you the boost that you have been lacking over these last couple of months. This could come about around the Full Moon on Sunday the 6th, see what manifests over this week.
If you feel that life is pulling you in two different directions, see if there is a way for balance. Try and take some time out for a bit of R and R even if it is only an extended weekend away. The full Moon on 4th May in the area of your chart to do with joint resources, finances and all things that go on behind closed doors is a time when exactly that will come to light.
In readings, I use the Indian Dasha system in individual forecasts which is known for its accuracy. There are thousands of phone apps that run on binary logic, but none are powered by empathy. There are sufficient perils in the world already without always having to stop and feel bad about them, or to pause to honor the light within that dog who’s chewing your leg off. Your Pisces isn’t being over-sensitive or just plain random like it sometimes appears. The blog entry itself was pretty light on astrological detail because of that, but if you want to have a look at it, here it is. It is almost inevitably the Pisces who stays with the violent husband, nurses the schizophrenic wife, raises the retarded child, supports the ailing mother, gives up this, that or the other thing to help somebody else. Yet it is common enough, from the small example of the schoolchild who torments his fellows, or animals, to the large example of the psychotic.
Pisces, with such a rich, abundant, limitless imagination, often bitterly resents the ordinary limitations of time and space. Pisces often has such a wealth of talent and vision that he is one of the most blessed of men.
This gives you time to mold this new inspirational idea into something that will work for you. Jupiter has a lot to do with your beliefs, you maybe finding that they are changing through this period. Mars the planet of will; is challenging you to be real about what it is that you are wanting.
The universal energies are asking you to focus and to be adaptable to what is happening around you, how are you coping with this?
The Full Moon on Sunday the 6th, may bring up some tensions within, who is the reason for this? In all likelihood, this has to do with children, mortgages and family money that needs to be put in order, while for others this can be a joining of forces as you put what you have together to build something bigger and better.
It’s related to thoughts and ideas, flexible thought processes and getting the word out.

The new Moon on 18th May is in Taurus and in this area of your chart is an opportunity to start a new course, communicate something important to you and make your holiday plans, launch your creative projects or get through that mountain of paperwork.
One to change the bulb, and the others to form a procession of mourners to lament the bulb’s untimely demise. Whether this is achieved through religious longing, creative expression, or heroin is not so important as the experience itself. It is sometimes very hard to tell whether these are the noblest or the silliest of human beings; and whether they are truly saints, or wield a tremendous power through making the other guy feel hopelessly obliged. No matter how abusive he is, no matter how badly he treats her, she never raises her voice in anger, or rebels, or shows a little bitchiness herself.
And those brilliant ideas that flash through his mind like the flash of a fish in the water, are often truly brilliant. The New Moon on Friday the 23rd may open some new doorways for you to explore, great for your creative juices.
Be aware of the people that come into your life on that day and the messages that they bring. The best way to deal with this energy is become conscious and use clear communication skills, be aware of projecting your issues on to others.
The eclipse on Monday the 21st will be like a breath of fresh air, let go of old worn out issues with others. He found that he was not the only one who had difficulty answering questions on the subject. And every so often you see it break out, and encounter strange Pisceans like Attaturk and Julius Caesar, who, unlimited as always, must conquer the world. Attaturk, when he took over the rulership of Turkey in 1930, massacred an entire nation of Armenians who stood in his path. Once again, we must remember that Pisces represents not so much a type of person as a rendition of human nature. What he lacks is staying power, discipline, continuity, and the ordinary respect for hard work and good craftsmanship that has propelled many a mediocre writer of far less ability into fame and fortune. This kind of universal emperor, who sees fit to wipe out masses of people, is the opposite extreme to the Christian eaten by the lion in the arena.
I wrote a few pieces for magazines, but the editors are these typical fools, they only publish rubbish, they don’t know a good thing when they see it.
Pisces often presents himself as the new Poet, the new Writer, the new Filmmaker, the new Prophet. If you make anybody feel guilty, then they will resent you, then they’re going to treat you even more badly the next time.
As a result the White Light Spiritual Magazine was launched in May 1997, based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
It expects him, HIM…to hustle like ordinary folk, and work ordinary jobs, pay ordinary rent bills and electricity bills and national health stamps and car insurance, when it should all be made easy, after all, if they only knew what talent he had, what he could do for the world… A familiar story, and a sad one. Soon he is beating her, bringing other women into the house, and other favorite pastimes of the Right Bastard.
And the saddest part of all is that, often, the Pisces won’t be able to find the happy middle, the balance point between valuing his dreams and taking the time to craft them into shape. So the visionary becomes the most prosaic and most cynical of men, and never writes a line again, or scorns the paintbox that lays in the attic gathering dust.
And anyone who poses as a saint is shirking his share of common evil, and reaps it triplefold.

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