Astrology for sagittarius october 2013

Research Maniacs sees it as entertainment only and you should not alter your life according to Olga's written words. Cancer Sagittarius Relationship CompatibilityWith differing natures, the Cancer and Sagittarius often clash. Aries Sagittarius Relationship CompatibilityWhen it comes to this relationship, they share a need for adventure and have high amounts of enthusiasm. Taurus Sagittarius Relationship CompatibilitySagittarius can survive on socializing, traveling and variety. Capricorn Sagittarius Relationship CompatibilityA couple of the Sagittarius and Capricorn faction may have real problems: One would rather work while the other wants to play.
Gemini Sagittarius Relationship CompatibilityBoth the Gemini and Sagittarius are curious creatures, always looking for action and are on the move. Leo Sagittarius Relationship CompatibilityWhen these two signs converge, there is much warmth and vitality between them.
Libra Sagittarius Relationship CompatibilityBoth signs are very friendly, love spending time socializing and being in each other’s company. Pisces Sagittarius Relationship CompatibilityBoth the Sagittarius and Pisces have powerful imaginations and need to dream in order to live.
Scorpio Sagittarius Relationship CompatibilityThere are so many ways in which Sagittarius and Scorpio are different: Sagittarius is usually enthusiastic about plans, dreams, ideas or projects. Virgo Sagittarius Relationship CompatibilityVirgo tends to put their attention on trees while Sagittarius is more concerned with the forest. Aquarius Sagittarius Relationship CompatibilityBoth the Aquarius and Sagittarius enjoy their busy lifestyles, always going and outgoing. Sagittarius Easy CompanionsAnyone born under the Sagittarius astrology sign will find that many people who are easygoing and fun-loving are attracted to you and easily become your buddies. Sagittarius wants to explore and travel; to get away from the same things they face every day. Taurus is perfectly content in doing the same thing over and over, which can drive the Sagittarius crazy.
A couple of this sign is often active, with change always going on – surprises, challenges and constantly moving. Sagittarius tends to give the relationship some zing with the signs of visions, dreams and ideas. Both are romantics and can sympathize with the other’s dreams and hopes when people call them impractical.
They may feel that Scorpio is overly stubborn to like the optimistic plans of the Sagittarius. Both signs love to travel, meeting people and staying atop of current happenings of the world.

You are a very generous partner but you do not like the feeling of being “tied down.” Sagittarius are easy companions but not in relationships, so to speak.
Cancer is different; they love being near their family and friends… to put down roots and provide for them.
Although the dissimilarities can work well for the two, there may be instances where the signs must get creative to meet the needs of everybody. The changes can be positive and negative, but both signs are happy by the different interests and activities. Later in their life, they’ll also stay in the loop for the arts, science, literature, politics, etc. You require considerable alone time and a sense of freedom, independence, no strong ties in order to be comfortable in a compatible relationship. The personalities and emotional needs of the Cancer and Sagittarius are different, which can cause some frustration from time to time. Sagittarius is always looking to socialize or travel; to take part in some type of entertainment. You have a strong sense of direction and when you feel like your partnership is going somewhere, you are more mentally and physically fulfilled. This can be a rather mutually advantageous relationship that promises good times and an active lifestyle with each other. Due to a higher active energy level, Sagittarius’ impatience is well noted, especially to the relaxed nature of the Pisces. Sagittarius doesn’t mind doing a bit of all things (whatever it is) whereas the Scorpio focuses on one effort until complete. They may still battle from time to time especially if Sagittarius feels details can be handled all on their own and thinks Virgo just needs to have some faith.
The sign also wants to feel it has a purpose to life and may often have exaggerated visions and hopes.
In your eyes, energy and freedom are what makes relationships compatibility tick, no matter how much theatrics or coercion you receive to think otherwise. Both signs need their personal space and, even when they spend time together, they’re not likely to feel trapped by it. Sagittarius will engage in any mission that is for either their personal gain or satisfies a philosophical motive. Sagittarius can be rather oblivious to other’s feelings, often making hurtful comments that can wound the pride of Leo. Sagittarius doesn’t mind talking Libra into getting involved with various ventures… even when Libra should be questioning. Neither partner takes life so seriously, which allows them to take part in new adventures and playfulness.

Sagittarius’ feelings don’t run as deep as the Scorpio’s feelings, meaning they don’t tend to appreciate the depth of those feelings. Virgo has a tendency to spend a lot of their time criticizing details that are often overlooked in a plan. When it comes to loyalty, Leo has it much more than Sagittarius, who is more of a wanderer than Leo will ever be. Pisces is sensitive and won’t often make blunt statements whereas Sagittarius doesn’t mind hurting someone to get their point across.
Since Sagittarius is a philosophical sign, when there is a difference in it, it can be hard for the couple to get past it. Sagittarius is a bit of a flirt and may accidentally awaken the jealous feeling in the Scorpio. Sagittarius, however, may want the in-depth research that Virgo has but is not willing to let people know this. While things are seen from dissimilar perspectives, they do benefit from the other sign’s viewpoint, are open to change and don’t mind listening to the other. They are both idealists and would rather see the good, positive things in people and life even when the facts tell them otherwise. In fact, Sagittarius has a tendency to hurt the Pisces feelings with this way of saying something. Scorpio can become emotionally attached to their partner and doesn’t like the idea of sharing their partner’s affection. Both signs are highly independent; this partnership allows for freedom and space whenever it’s needed. Sagittarius may choose to ignore the needs of Scorpio and may be oblivious to the strong feelings of the Scorpio.
On the downside of it all, Sagittarius may be annoyed with the criticism that Virgo gives and Virgo can feel aggravated with the sloppy behavior and thought of the Sagittarius. Sagittarius has a need for new things to happen in their life, always looking to travel or move. If this relationship is to work, they need to be aware of their differences and find a way to work through them.

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