Astrology for taurus next week

And there is a book proposal that I want to craft and another book in my head because I want to work with Elizabeth from Lark Books and I sing the lament of the self employed but I am not complaining. I don’t know the ultimate answer for you (unless you get a reading of course!) but I think it will be VERY interesting.
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Pisces and Libra inconjunct on the (natural) wheel so it just doesn’t make sense and yet THERE IT IS!
I’ll finally be presenting my magickal services and my compassionate coaching (Virgo Help for Pisces People!) and some other stuff There is still some content I need to add and other technical details but fingers crossed this week. Open door policy to anyone in the neighborhood (which had its problems of course) and food and comfort for all. It’s like… something dead comes back to life IN YOUR LIBRA HOUSE AND IN YOUR PISCES HOUSE NOT KIDDING and, well, that’s not the way nature works usually you don’t know what to do with this… THING!

So, look for better things to come, because some of the things you’ve been chasing are just NOT FOR YOU. I’d say the spookiest aspect is the Mercury Chiron but Mercury  has wings so not to worry my turtledoves!

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