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Thousands of years of observation have shown that lunar rhythms affect us all, collectively and personally, instinctually and unconsciously.
From the earliest simple etchings of moon phases on sticks, humanity has found ways to identify measure and predict the timing of events based on the cycles of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. This has been true in astrological circles, as well, where the moon’s cycle is generally considered too fast and thus too short term to offer meaningful information. Working with the eight phases as stages in a cycle encourages us to view life as a process by emphasizing continuity and evolution.
The first four phases make up the waxing or growing half of the cycle, when the energy is building. The type of energy functioning in each of the phases alternates between active and receptive phases. During the Gibbous phase, we filter and analyze all of the information that we have obtained as a result of our previous actions.
During the Last Quarter phase, we are recognized for our accomplishments and must accept responsibility for our actions.
Sandra and David Mosley Sandra and David Mosley began their astrological studies in San Diego, CA, over 25 years ago. Sandra and David feel it is their mission to make their knowledge of metaphysics, astrology, the medicine wheel, and mandalas available to those who want to learn to use the lunar cycles to get in sync with their own natural and individual rhythms. Modern calendars, the tools we use for synchronizing our activities with the rest of the world, continue to be calculated using a soli-lunar formula. Much less are we able to recognize its cycle or phase by its appearance and location in the sky.
These regularly repeated cycles describe the process of manifestation and can be applied to business endeavors, creative projects and personal growth with amazing results.
Each new cycle offers us the opportunity to know ourselves a little better, to enhance our productivity, to become aware of our response patterns, to practice our spirituality and to live life more fully.
The last four phases make up the waning or ending half of the cycle, when the energy is released.
The active phases are straightforward; choices are made and direction is initiated in the external world.

The questions to be asked are: How do my goals contribute to the welfare of the collective?
The study of these cycles and their phases provides us with a deeper level of understanding of all planetary aspects. For example, the movement of Earth and its satellite, the Moon, around the Sun sets the rhythm and marks the steps in the dance of Life. Their focus for the last 15 years has been the masterful application of the eight-phase lunar cycle as a pattern for living a fulfilling life. The Mosleys make their home on the island paradise of windward Oahu where they encourage others to enjoy the value of natural timing and a purposeful life. The function of each stage in a cycle is to support the next stage, on through to the end, so that the cycle can begin again and continue moving forward.
The activity during this phase must clear away the obstacles so that the vision of the New phase will have space to develop and grow. The function of this phase is to begin the process of reshaping the goals in accordance with the awareness of the true meaning of the original vision. The struggle with surrender can produce confusion, which threatens to engulf and carry over into the next cycle. Although most commonly associated with the lunation cycle, this eight-phase division is used in many spiritual teachings and can be applied to any of life's cycles. Symbolically our spirituality (Sun) is manifested (Earth) via assistance from the soul (Moon). Based on the unique approach to cycles and phases of their late friend and mentor, Robert "Buz" Myers, the principles of the eight-phase lunar cycle of manifestation are easy to understand and can be applied to business endeavors, creative projects, and personal growth with amazing results. The receptive phases are complex; information is gathered both from the consequences of previous activity and in anticipation of future activity.
The function of this phase is to become aware of the intention; later there will be opportunities to revise and reorient. Intuition, reflex, and basic survival mechanisms preserve the imprint established during the New phase. The idea is to use body movement to generate energy that can then be channeled into creative expression.

The question is: What can I do now to initiate the actualization of my vision for this cycle? Intuition and sensory responses to the environment direct the final action necessary to the fulfillment of the cycle's goals. When working with planetary pairs, remember that the slower moving planet describes the theme of the cycle and the faster moving planet describes how the theme is carried out. These are the mutable phases where changes occur internally and adjusting action is planned. The idea is to let the goal become clear without concern about how it will be accomplished.
There is a sensitivity here that might be expressed in the extreme of wearing one's heart on one's sleeve. At this stage, the action taken is either a correcting action or the final push needed to realize a successful outcome.
Tactile, instinctive techniques to release blocked energy include bodywork, manipulation, and aromatherapy. Whereas in the Full phase the awareness is of what is, in Balsamic the awareness is of what was and what is to be. The Moon, in its cycle around the Earth, mirrors our daily experience of living and is about our response to collective needs.
It’s time to trust in our selves, our ability to learn and adapt, and our potential to manifest. When confusion distorts thought, remember that music calms the mind and song gives voice to spirit.

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