Astrology horoscope free 2010 horoscopes

Daily Sidereal positions for Vedic Astrology  Planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mean Rahu (North Lunar Node) and Mean Ketu (South Lunar Node) are presented here at 0:00 GMT of the corresponding date of 2010 June. Decisioncare provides personalized daily predictions based on your birthdata and birthplace created by our experts.

Each Zodiac Sign (Rashi) begins as follows:  Aries (Mesha, 00-00-00), Taurus (Vrishabha, 01-00-00), Gemini (Mithuna, 02-00-00), Cancer (Karkata, 03-00-00), Leo (Simha, 04-00-00), Virgo (Kanya, 05-00-00), Libra (Thula, 06-00-00), Scorpio (Vrischika, 07-00-00), Sagittarius (Dhanu, 08-00-00), Capricorn (Makara, 09-00-00), Aquarius (Kumbha, 10-00-00), Pisces (Meena, 11-00-00).
Retrograde planets are denoted by R in front of the longitude and suffix D is used on the day they become direct.

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