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We will try to get answers of these questions with the help of Palmistry and Numerology analysis. Now We will see the effect of these numbers in Modia€™s life and milestones achieved by him. Modi is number 8 ruled and due to this, his characteristics are also ruled by number 8 and Saturn. For calculating your lucky number and comprehensive numerological analysis, please click here - Numerology Calculator. First time BJP won elections in Gujrat under Modia€™s leadership in 2002 then Modi was in his 53rd year which was adding on his lucky number 8 and Modi made a convincing victory and again he returned in 2007 when he was in his 58th year. If we see his Palm, Modia€™s hand type is rectangular with medium finger length and we can see Long Mercury finger with dominating Sun finger over Jupiter. Now, the second important question- Will he be BJPa€™s next PM candidate?Next parliament elections are in 2014 and then Modi will be in his 64th year which is again adding on his auspicious number but Modi is 8 number ruled so, it will be difficult for BJP to get nod of all alliances parties but Modi will be BJPa€™s Star campaigner for sure and his image will definitely help Modi in next elections. A horoscope wheel showing the 12 astrological signs, their ruling planet and their corresponding astrological house.
Narendra Singh Tomar is a leader of Bharatiya Janata Party and a member of 15th Lok Sabha from Madhya Pradesh. A birth chart (also known as kundli, janma kundali, or horoscope) is a map of heaven at the time of birth. The ghosts of the Godhra riots of 2002 still haunt him day and night, and his detractors never miss an opportunity to castigated him as being communal, but Gujarat’s longest-serving Chief Minister Narendra Modi has withstood all the criticism with a stoic calm, and put the state on the express highway to development and prosperity for which he has gained not only national, but even international acclaim.
Now days every body wants to wear their lucky stone to achieve happiness and success in their life’s. Ruby for Sun, Pearl for Moon, Red Coral for Mars, Emerald for Mercury, Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter, Diamond for Venus and Blue Sapphire for Saturn.
There is a very simple logic to wear Gemstone is to keep that planets maximum effects with you by wearing the Gemstone.
It means if you wear the Gemstone of a benefic planet according to your horoscope, you will gain more benefits from that planet, but if you wear the Gemstone of a malefic planet you may be in trouble as you have increase the power of your enemy planet.
Now if you are really worried about, which Gemstone you should wear you must get your horoscope read by expert Astrologer of Gemology. Its very important to find about the exact beneficial planet in your horoscope to wear correct Gemstone, because some times the planets related to good houses do not give good results as all depends on there condition the horoscope or the duty is given to every planet in your horoscope, like if you want to wear the Gemstone for your success , you will have to wear the Gemstone related the planets those really going to give you the success in your life. Small Finger – Our last finger is Small finger relates to Planets Mercury, Venus, Moon and ketu.
Will Narendra Modi be BJPa€™s next candidate for PMa€™s post in 2014 how will his political career grow in coming time? Narendra Modia€™s Date of Birth is 17th September 1950 and his lucky number is 8 and destiny number is 5. Being a number 8 person he has 3, 5 and 8 as his friend numbers he enjoys company of these numbers and these numbers affect him positively.
And during this period he started his vibrant Gujrat campaign, which has been recently praised By US congress also.
Mercury again giving him speaking ability and Sun makes him a public figure and public leader.
This is an important and auspicious year for Modi and it is visible with the Supreme court decision and US congress praising Modia€™s work and governance in Gujrat. Sri, kannada, pandit, california, early, indien,kashi-narmadashiwaji park pramod sharma modi-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-sudhakar sharma ishan. All of these aspects signify unique personality traits, proclivities, strengths and weaknesses. If the Antiscia point of a planet becomes active by another progressed planet conjuncting or opposing it, there will be hidden affairs between the two planets involved. Narendra Singh Tomar's birth chart will show you Narendra Singh Tomar's planetary positions, dasa, rasi chart, and zodiac sign etc.
His quick decision-making and progressive policies are attracting entrepreneurs, especially of the automotive industry, from across the world, even as Gujarat, which used to be known as the Manchester of the East, rapidly transforms into the Detroit of the East.The jury is still out on whether the Chief Minister was guilty of complicity in the 2002 riots, but he is widely perceived as being the next prime ministerial candidate for the BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. But its very difficult to know which Gemstone to wear to get success in life or for any other reasons.
If you want any of your particular Planets maximum effect on your body and life, you can wear the related Gemstone.
Ring finger relates to Planet Sun and Mars, so we can wear Ruby [ manik ] and Red Coral [ Moonga ] in our Ring Finger.
So representative Gemstones Emerald [ Panna ], Diamond [ Heera ], Pearl [ Moti ] and Cat’s Eye [ Lehsunia ] can be worn in small finger. While analyzing his life line we can see a struggle done by him in his early age and the joint of Fate line and Life Line shows the success in late thirties.
So, this period is good for Modi and Modi will emerge as BJPa€™s face of progress and good governance. If you have natal planets that are the Antiscia of each other, they operate like a weaker version of the conjunction but they tend to be repressed until a transit provokes them. Friends and well-wishers might support and cooperate with Narendra Singh Tomar in all Narendra Singh Tomar's dealings. It will also allow you to open Narendra Singh Tomar's detailed horoscope in "AstroSage Cloud" for research and analysis.

Dose that planet timings coming in your working period of your life or That will come in your old age. Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj Gemstone is the Gemstone of Planet Jupiter [ Guru ] it should be worn in Index finger. So representative Gemstones are Blue Sapphire [ Neelam ], Diamon [ Heera ] and hessonite [ Gomed ] should be worn in Middle finger. Number 8 and Saturn effect make him Determined, thinker, ambitious and authoritative but in negative side due to Saturn he will have a Zig-Zag graph of popularity and these persons will have to prove themselves in their life. If it is coming in your old age or has gone in your child hood, now its necessary to wear the Gemstone of that particular planet so that you can maximize its results in your current life. Mercury makes him a good speaker and give the ability to think big and makes him a visionary. We will compare the natal aspects of two fictional people who have Jupiter conjunct the Sun within a 3 degree orb. Some times you want a gemstone for your health problems or any other problems related to you life and family.
Capricorn and its ruling planet Saturn represent frugality, conserving money, and thrift on the positive side and stinginess and miserly hoarding on the negative side.
Sagittarius and its ruling planet Jupiter represent freehanded giving and munificence on the positive side and wastefulness and extravagance on the negative side. There is no orb allowed in critical degrees, the planet must be exactly on that degree to have the strengthening effect. The Contrascia is the opposite of the Antiscia and is based on equal distance from the 0 Aries---0 Libra axis. Modi is advised to be extra careful, says Ganesha.Health problems are likely till the end of July 2012, as Ketu transits through the 8th House. However, the Contrascia operates like a weaker version of the opposition rather than the conjunction and it also tends to be repressed until provoked by transiting planets.
There is a powerful yoga of hospitalization between 15th August, 2012, and 15th October, 2012. However, following the remedy (given at the end of this blog) will help him to protect against evil effects of transiting planets, suggests Ganesha. For example if the natal planet is at 14 degrees Leo, its Antiscia is 16 Taurus and its Contrascia is 16 Scorpio. Physically, she is likely to be beautiful and sensual with a very intriguing mix of passion and reserve. He may even have to face the wrath of the opposition party during the third quarter of 2012, feels Ganesha. Foolish astrologers public records for shri narendra images, photos, wallpapers, songs biography. She will have a proclivity towards having deep, transformative romantic relationships that will be characterized by obsessions, compulsions and extreme emotions both in intensity and range. Further, anytime an outer planet makes a tight aspect to this point, she could experience this type of affair when she is single.
Saturn is further strengthened as it is in accidental dignity because it rules Capricorn and the tenth is Capricorn’s house. Midpoints are also important in synastry and composite charts in assessing relationship compatibility. When Saturn is in the tenth it gives the person the endurance and determination to work very long and hard to reach their ambition, they don’t expect anything handed to them. For example, without a tight major aspect to the Sun-Moon midpoint from the other person's planets, the potential for a successful long lasting union is considerably lessened. Positive vibrations of this Mahadasha will help him develop better ideas and policies (Kut-Niti).
As Dasha Lord Moon is the cuspal sub-Lord of the 10th House, it will not be surprising if Narendra Modi gets to leads the Union Government in the next 5 years, feels Ganesha. Special Observations:The period between 23rd June, 2012 and 14th August, 2012 will be extremely crucial for his political career.
There is an exact trine from 17 Scorpio to 17 Pisces (120 degrees), however since the Moon is at 12 Pisces, we will subtract 5, 120-5=115. He will face various challenges during this period and they will have a lasting effect on his political career.
Modi as a person and as a political leader of BJP.Finally, Ganesha is of the opinion that the presence of his natal Rahu in the 6th House of victory over enemies will be very much helpful for his political career during 2012.
Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for the moment that is to come." Neptune is at critical degree 26 Libra in the tenth house, this is a very artistic and sophisticated placement which gives her the charm, sophistication, social skills and charisma that makes people greatly admire her in the entertainment industry. Neptune also causes her compassion and desire to fight for the underdog be very visible to the public in her career.
Their negative tendencies are that they can become very materialistic, lack imagination and not take enough risks because they are afraid of change. Signs in the same group form a square aspect (see section below on aspects) which means that they can frustrate each other and have to exert considerable effort to get along. The exception to this rule is that you will generally get along with members of the opposite sex in the opposite sign to yours. They persist and exert all their energy until they accomplish their goal, one at a time.

They are very slow to change their opinions and beliefs even if presented with compelling facts and evidence to the contrary.
The decanates can be applied to any planet in your chart so that you will have the main sign as the primary influence and the decanate sign as a secondary influence in that planet's domain. For example, if your Sun sign is Libra and you were born when the Sun was at 14°, your decanate would be Aquarius. This means you will have some of the same characteristics as Sun sign Aquarians in addition to your Sun sign Libra qualities. To calculate it, you must first obtain a list of all the planets and luminaries in signs at your time of birth (your natal chart). Aries is the sign that corresponds to this combination, therefore this chart signature is Aries. If you did not calculate this person's chart signature, you would not be able to tell that Aries characteristics had as much influence over this person as it truly does. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, the three planets that were last to be discovered, only have one planet they rule. Rulership conveys that the qualities of the sign and planet fall in natural harmony with each other and are quite similar to each other.
The qualities of a planet are most naturally placed in the signs they rule so they have an easy time expressing themselves well.
Detriment conveys that the planet has a hard time expressing itself in this sign, the expression is weak and the negative manifestations can easily occur if the person does not consciously work on improving them. Devine science, astrologyspecifically kplatest news for installing aastrological consultation. The Moon is in detriment in Capricorn, here the emotional nature can be reserved, businesslike and apathetic.
A planet in fall feels uncomfortable expressing itself so its expression becomes weak and muddled. For example if you have Aries in Jupiter in your ninth house, one interpretation is Bold (Aries) philosophies (Jupiter) regarding foreign travel (ninth house). If you have the Sun in Gemini in the eleventh house, one interpretation is Talkative (Gemini) individual (Sun) with friends (eleventh house). The more planets you have natally in a house, the more significant are the matters of the house in your life.
When you receive an outer planet transit to a stellium, dramatic and very important events inevitably occur. If you don't have any planets in a house natally, it does not mean the matters of the house are unimportant, it means that not as much attention will normally be placed on them until transits activate them. Our general health and vitality are shown by the nature of aspects to the ascendant (the cusp of the first house), if they are easy we will likely enjoy good health.
The  ascendant sign and specific planets that aspect the ascendant or are physically placed in the first house will influence our public persona, the first impressions we make on people. The sign on the ascendant, planets that aspect it and the planets in the first house also influence physical appearance and demeanour, our general public attitude.
These angular planets also have an important influence on our nature and when they are transited will have a more marked effect than other planets. The fourth house cusp (IC) is the lowest point on the natal chart, likewise it is the most private part of us.
Planets that conjunct this point have a markedly strong effect on our psyche and subconscious mind and often show dominating themes in your original family.
When planets in your fourth house are activated by transit they will have a more marked influence than other planets. The characteristics of these planets are very visible to other people, especially in a professional sense. The planets in the tenth house give clues as to what is important to us in our career and careers that are best suited to us. As the planets in this house are angular, they have a more marked influence when being transited. Otherwise an aspect is either applying (moving towards being exact) or separating (it already was exact in the past and is moving away from being exact). We use orbs to tell us how strong an aspect is, the tighter the orb, the stronger the aspect and the more visible its effects in a person's life. The easy aspects do not possess as much energy and therefore smaller orbs are used for them. There is an inherent dualness to it and the planets involved will have a more challenging time integrating their energies effectively psychologically. In predictive work the opposition can signify a problem, confrontation or challenge, this will usually arise from an external person or situation rather than being caused by the person themself.

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