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I imagine that a lot of folks who read my blog have already seen this, but just in case: go read Carl Sagan and his fully armed spaceship of the imagination. Just remember, Larian, if you are going to have apple pie made from scratch, you must first invent the Universe.
The Carl Sagan comic was great, but I though the best part is the link to the Symphony of Science video. On an amusing note, so to speak, putting Carl Sagan’s voice through the auto-tuner makes him sound a LOT like Kermit the Frog. I guess some people view astrology as a religion, but that does not obligate us to treat it any differently. The astrology of October features a Mercury retrograde, as well as Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, plus two eclipses.
The Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon of Wednesday, October 8th, is very exciting, as the Moon aligns almost exactly with the trickster energy of Uranus, in trine with Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius, forming a grand trine in Fire signs. The Solar Eclipse of Thursday, October 23rd, is also quite dynamic, being in partile conjunction to Venus, now in the very beginning of Scorpio, and trine numinous Neptune. CANCER (June 21-July 20) This is an interesting month for you, Cancer, in many ways a stepping stone to another stage of your evolutionary development. Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. The enlightening and unpredictable energy of Uranus is also highlighted in the current cycle by the above-mentioned conjunction of Mercury and also by an inconjunct aspect from Mars, just as Mars opposes numinous Neptune and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, at the very beginning of the month.
The Solar Eclipse of Sunday, May 20th, represents a powerful time, taking place in the first degree of Gemini and thus sextile to the Aries point. By the time of the Solar Eclipse the Uranus-Pluto square is less than 2 degrees away from exact – and therefore showing up even more markedly. CANCER (June 21-July 20) You are softer than usual this month, Cancer, but hard enough to change your life as you reflect upon it. Whenever I see the ridiculing of people’s cherished beliefs, I feel that the go to guy is one Phil Plait.
The days when we have to treat religion with deference merely because it is religion are long gone. I still remember when I saw Cosmos on TV for the first time (I have a copy in VHS, another in DVD, the book and the music in a 33 rpm-vinil record!!). As with computers and pretty much everything else in the world, the zodiac ship functions because it was built by engineers using scientifically sound principles. Mercury is retrograde nearly all month, beginning on Saturday, October 4th, near the beginning of Scorpio. Mercury is a little out of his depth, here, and proceeds with consternation, before retrograding back into Libra on October 10th.
This is an expansive and powerfully intuitive time, when all bets are off and anything could happen, and when answers will come unbidden to our questing minds.
There is quite a Neptune factor for the whole of this month, since the New Moon that preceded the beginning of October also aspected Neptune. The first lunation of the month, at the Quarter Moon of October 1st, coincides with the Moon in conjunction with Pluto; then the Full Moon eclipse of October 8th conjuncts Uranus, as already described. You are more attuned than ever in recent weeks to the importance of relationship, and as well of the equally significant demands of your own individual exploration.
You could be incorporating inner priorities to an even greater extent than you have in the past. This is an intense and yet also reflective month for you, Gemini, as you head into the closing of a year of metamorphosis and renewed revelation. Home and family concerns become a major factor for you now, and you are making something of a fresh start in this area. Mercury conjuncted Uranus in the last week of April as it recovered from its recent retrograde, and also at the time of the April 21st New Moon that set the stage for the current monthly cycle. Mercury rules the sign of Gemini and is found in Taurus, in conjunction with Jupiter and in aspect to Saturn and to newly retrograde Venus. The hour is growing late for our decade and for our century as we strive to turn things around. An idealistic streak has been building and the remaining question is how to handle it and to integrate it without losing track of actions within the purely physical plane of ordinary endeavor or the life of the body. This is potentially a time of enormous shift for you, Gemini, and yet everything appears much the same on the surface. The energy of Mars is with you in your communication sector, as tempered by the otherworldly energy of Neptune, so that there could be a subtle sarcastic edge to your commentary now, or at least an impatience with incomplete solutions.
18-March 19) This is a big month, Pisces, an occasion for stretching yourself to transcend previous limitations in heart-felt curiosity concerning who and what you really are. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. In the 1970s Robo ropes Sagan into helping him study an interdimensional Lovecraftian creature. As is true of the year of 2014 in general, Mercury begins its retrograde early in a Water sign, then backs into the preceding Air sign before straightening and eventually regaining its lost zodiacal longitude. This adds a multi-dimensionality and the potential for confusion along the lines of the activities of the purely physical plane, as well as a strong sense of imaginative sensitivity as well as idealism.
This is a busy month for transformational activity, as Uranus continues his retrograde motion, closing the gap between his degree in Aries and the perfection of his square with Pluto that gets closer over the weeks ahead, back for another exact hit by December 15th, in the ending of the year. You are inspired by vision and held to your task by necessity, all the while pondering and reflecting on where your life is currently taking you. You are also pausing to take stock in this present cycle, as the retrograde of Mercury places a contemplative spin on everything that is going on for you, including a re-examination of your idealized notion of your pathway forward, and also your own relationship dynamic. The beat for transformational change goes on, reviving somewhat from its summer hiatus and becoming more insistent.
Your creative output could perhaps better reflect your soul-purpose agenda and becomes the subject of introspection and reevaluation through the first half of the month.
There have been many changes since the year began, continuing into the present cycle, regarding your ideas of who you are and what you have to contribute, and surprising developments in your worldview have been one major inspiration. 21) This month is a very special one for you, Virgo, in part due to the retrograde of Mercury, your ruler, taking place for almost the entire month, and on into November when you take the retrograde shadow period into account. 21) This is an interesting, intense and introspective month for you, Scorpio, providing astrological indications of great positivity and also a good deal of cautious holding back.
20) This is a month of inner work, Sagittarius, and in many ways a continuation of what has been going on all this year. 17) An introspective month is ahead, Aquarius, making for an excellent time to be taking stock of yourself.
As you review and revise your worldview for a better match with inner knowing, the Libra New Moon from the end of the preceding month reminds you that the perspective of others counts with you, yet not too much.

Venus, moving through the sign of Gemini, ruled by Mercury, herself turns to retrograde motion on May 15th. There is an implied wake-up call here, perhaps involving an increased sensitivity to the past and to the pain and injury provoked by early trauma as well as an idealistic determination to rise above such ancient wounding. Both thought and emotion are brought to the fore and in combination, granting you an unusual opportunity to come to a better set of ideas concerning your earthly situation. This is an important time of spiritual awakening and resurgence, a continuation of what has been going on all year.
You are feeling into a mystical future for yourself, one emerging out of the experience of living in the physical world and yet transcending that day-to-day reality also, and taking this essentially spiritual approach as the only viable way forward.
You are very expansive and going all the way for the big picture, and you must recognize your power to make a difference for your own future and maybe even for the planet as a whole. You are always charged up, but lately you have been taking a break from directly pushing your agenda as you reassessed your beliefs and values.
21) This is a fantastic time of opportunity and growth, Virgo, so long as you incorporate deliberation. Holding degrees from MIT and the University of California-San Diego, Henry is a popular speaker and also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling.
Which further suggests their engineers wouldn’t know how to build a working ship in the first place.
All through the month, therefore we are rethinking our behavior patterns and most especially in regard to the relationship energy that we have with others. This month is therefore bringing us a foretaste of the looming changes still to come, in symbolic resonance with the Uranus-Pluto square. For the current monthly cycle, this is especially so in regard to your connection with others. It seems that partnering with others is one important way for you to accomplish your aims, and yet there is as always the concern that your own future progress matches your inner goals and plans.
You are reflecting on where your life is currently headed and where your imagination may yet take you, while looking within for the formula to enable yourself to shuck old patterns. You are taking a good long hard look at your inner self, and also coming to a better understanding of what you are up to with regard to the significant relationships in your life. You are decidedly introspective now as well, in chime with the retrograde of Mercury through your home and family sector.
You are coming into your own conception of who and what you are, based on new information that keeps flooding in from mysterious sources, although perhaps only after a period of questioning that must elapse before you will fully recognize what you have. You are exploring your own psychological backyard, and discovering a little more of who you are and how you show up for others around you.
You are looking to the inside, mulling over where you are, psychologically speaking, and where your life is leading you.
You are looking ahead to a future painted in brighter and bolder colors, corresponding to a self-concept that more fully reflects your emerging sense of who you really are. This month indeed represents a fresh start for you in matters connected to your career and professional life, but the most significant happenings could be taking place on the inside. Your immense learning curve continues, with accompanying shifts in perspective and the chance to put together in a new way the transformations of the past nine months. There are startling destabilizations and re-integrations that lead you toward a renewed basis for your vital sense of security, as founded not on material comfort but on the depth researches that you have lately undertaken into your own interior world. This retrograde of Venus leads up to a special time, when she disappears from the sky for 8 days, preceding her heliacal rise in mid-June, as she becomes the Morning Star.
Jupiter also aspects Uranus, from the beginning of the month until the Last Quarter Moon of the 12th, increasing the potential for intuition and for optimistic assessments. Since Venus is exactly trine Saturn, your love-life and relationship energy is inward and somewhat stifled, but intensified.
Nothing else will suffice in this crucial time period as we bring to the planet and to ourselves the bounty of fresh understanding and renewed determination to make a difference, this time around. This month, your values are the foundation that serves to ground you, with significant partners providing additional ballast. Now, refreshed, you are surging forward as a powerful and idealistic presence in the universe at large, although you must beware also of illusion. You are springing forward with the season and with the developmental parabola of your life that responds to the cosmic energies that surround you. Your transformation and growth is remarkable even though, with your ruler Venus retrograding through your sector of higher mind, it might be the case of two steps forward, one step back.
With any luck you will avoid treacherous shoals of delusion and confusion as you make your way forward into wholeness.
You are in motion, no doubt about that, and your life as well, and the question becomes wither and to what end. This is your time to shine, or at least, hard worker that you are, to quietly glow with the real-world satisfaction of a job well done. You have been experimental all your life and it has prepared you for this moment when the universe is asking from you even more. All during this entire month it is therefore a better time for introspection, especially in relation to emotional issues, and for journaling your thoughts, rather than for acting on them. We are reflecting on the very process of relationship, working this out as we live our lives.
This aspect refers to revolutionary and evolutionary changes that continue to be taking place, most intensely over the three-year period from 2013-2015, for each of us as individuals and for the surrounding society.
This constitutes the next step for you in a long evolutionary series, which began many weeks ago. You need to attend to your emerging sense of what is true for you alone, independent of other voices. With the retrograde of Mercury, your ruler, you are taking a second look at your day-to-day habitual patterns, health regimens and creative self-expression with the idea of eventually establishing a closer fit with inner goals that transcend conventional thoughts and attitudes.
You are searching for a way to express your own brand of truth that is uniquely your own, and attempting to build a future vision for your work in the world on that basis.
This is indeed a terrific time to be journaling, as you reevaluate your goals, and your day-to-day existence that is profoundly changing. You are concentrating on yourself right now, and yet important partners come into the picture as well, providing inspiration and even a surprising degree of guidance. There is a great deal of inspiration and yet as well, a studied carefulness to your approach.
Whatever you sincerely wish for now is very likely to become your new reality and you therefore benefit by exercising caution and choosing wisely. You remain in a practical mode with many plans and activities connected to prestige and performance. Mercury stands still during the first weekend of October at the very top of your solar chart, indicating that this will be a particularly powerful Mercury retrograde period for you.

This engenders a confidence that is yours and yours alone, stemming from your own deep center and independent of other voices; what can never be taken away by shifting circumstances. The Mayans believed that this symbolic journey through the underworld was a time of uncertainty in the daytime lands of her normal habitation. After the eclipse of May 20th in your sign the plan changes and what is hidden and inner begins to come to the surface.
Don’t be distracted by details or by the confusion that you and everyone else might feel these days about getting there. You are mentally energized; your mind and heart are filled with images of the way in which you wish to transform the world around you, and yourself in the process.
Partners supply a helpful and compassionate point of view that you might nevertheless want to verify before acting on, as described in the old Arabic maxim to trust in God but to anyway tie up your camel. As you balance visionary ideas for the future with day-to-day refinements and concerns, you do well to give full credence to both sides of these mystical scales. The potential conflict lies between moving ahead with what you truly believe versus business as usual, which seems safer, at least in the short haul.
Only, there are factors that seek to counter this more or less comfortable reality emphasis.
Your values are on shaky ground, morphing in a direction that is compatible with spiritual rather than mundane standards, which can be a strain unless you are fully committed to the paradox of living in at least two worlds simultaneously.
Stop making special pleas about religion because I don’t care if you are offended that I ridicule your religion or your deity. Your process continues, and progress is made in a direction that is largely unrecognized, although when you look back with the perspective of time you can perhaps discern the signposts of a guiding intelligence that is not wholly your own. You are coming closer to finding your own unique idealized vision for the future, in part by unraveling the lingering vestiges of past concepts that are no longer viable.
You could be sensing a fresh start in your perspective, manifesting as an educational focus that could include actual physical travel as well as academics or armchair explorations, and that constitutes further seismic shifts in your beliefs and in your way of seeing how the universe around you functions.
You are encountering unexpected treasure in relationship interaction, even as you track your progress toward more complete self-understanding and pause in reflection on who and what you truly are.
On the other hand, Jupiter in your career sector represents a green light for positivity and for good fortune in career moves.
Your transformation continues apace; your changes suit you and you might be reveling in a better feeling of psychological security.
There is yet a subtle nudge from the universe that questions the idea of going ahead with outer world achievement independently from taking a deep and prolonged look within.
Along with missed connections and the other usual symptoms, there is the chance to deeply reflect on what your changes have to tell you. You find in this a more solid basis for relationship that allows you to stand in your own light and yet be available for others. Since your mentality is so high-flying, engendering concepts that are not only fresh, but, more important, tailored to your own specialized arc of development and growth, it becomes increasingly important that they be grounded into some kind of concrete action.
As you move forward, you must decide most carefully exactly what it is that you wish to embody. You are seeking intimacy and communication and you will find it – although perhaps in unexpected places.
You are reviewing all your beliefs and values, looking for concrete evidence you can leverage for lasting transformation.
Hidden limitations and old wounds conspire to throw you off course but you can discern the true north of the magnet’s pull that leads you onward. You are filled with a kind of fever for forward momentum and must beware of mindless milling about, especially since the core basis of your psychological security seems an empty page, like trying to walk on thin air. An instability at the very core of your being is heating up and leading you toward a potentially productive but still disconcerting melt-down.
Also, you are bringing yourself more fully to the table of family and of partnership, showing up with a whole heart as you face potential challenges that grow you.
Home and family concerns continue to be an evolving landscape, the resultant of many weeks of attempting to transform yourself in this vital area of your life.
You are this month even more invested in exploring your depths, seeking clues to the patterns that have been driving you.
If you fail to heed its subtle summons, this voice becomes louder and its gestures more insistent, until you are no longer able to ignore the call.
You may wind up turning recent events inside out for a new way to look at them, and marvel at the thought of your life unfolding in just the way that it should, in spite of any and all appearances to the contrary. The April 21st New Moon closely aspected Neptune, bringing that numinous and otherworldly energy quite strongly into the picture, and Mars is also opposed to Neptune as the current month begins, which further emphasizes Neptune’s shape-shifting qualities.
You are seeking to forge a unique amalgamation of Spirit and real-world concerns that will take you forward without in the process losing too much of what you truly desire for yourself, as you make your way forward with your highest intention. There are many potential paths, but only the path that aligns with your very highest intention will serve you now. The bottom line is that your fundamental action-orientation at this juncture must be tempered by philosophical contemplation and by renewed caution before everything that you are cooking up in your cauldron will be entirely ready for consumption. A thoughtful and even spiritual point of view is essential to this enterprise and through many major twists and turns will take you where you need to go, which is toward a renewed sense of absolute security that stems not from the opinions of others but from the depths of your very own mind and heart.
Partners in your life are important to you now, and provide at least as many answers as question marks, helping you to sort out significant priorities and parameters for your journey amongst all the myriad facets of the divine that are being presented to you for your consideration.
Partners help you by standing firm but the ultimate decision on where you are heading is uncomfortably your own. There are places within this arc of development that yield to the fuzzy logic of emotion more readily than to the purely mental variety mistakenly called common sense.
As inspiration continues to drive you farther into a more viable future for yourself, you realize that you have in some sense returned to your own home base and actually begun to recognize it for the very first time. You have a tremendous focus on outer world achievement and also on inner contemplation, and are being pulled in two directions at once. The period of the first half of the month might be the perfect cosmic storm that will jar you further out along the scary limb of discovering what lies within the vast interior realms of your own psyche.
When you think about your path from the standpoint of its eventual end point the choice becomes clear.
You can and will shore up your attitude as the month wears on, but it helps if you can first come to terms with outrageous eccentricity and rampant uncertainty. You can fruitfully combine these by forging ahead as consciously as you can, remembering to honor your inner process and the power of your deep intuition to guide you.

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