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Monthly Horoscope Forecasts - Free Astrology Predictions is great image for your collection and this design is free to use with high definitions resolution. Copyright © 2014 Tattoo Design Bild, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Associates of the indication Pisces in Feb of 2016 will experience a focused, high-quality improve of power, which will occur due to a large improve in the beneficial characteristics of the emanations of Venus, the exaltation world of this indication. You can find horoscope rasipalan predictions for all the twelve rasis of the zodiac in Tamil language here. May 2016 Monthly Overview Love Money Health Muster up some magic! Monthly Horoscope Forecasts - Free Astrology Predictions is part of the popular collection wallpapers. The Sun is making its annual visit to Taurus until May 20, putting some pep in your step and turning your focus toward personal goals.
Here you can find some new design about Monthly Horoscope Forecasts - Free Astrology Predictions for your current screen resolution. You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer. Circle May 6 on your calendar, the date of the year's only Taurus new moon—also a powerful supermoon.
Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. This fresh-start moment is your personal new year, kicking off a six-month cycle for your passion projects. Even better, the new moon will form a supportive trine to lucky Jupiter in your romantic and expressive fifth house. Retrogrades can send us back to the drawing board or bring back unfinished business from the past. Communication planet Mercury also happens to be retrograde in Taurus from April 28-May 22 this year, which could cause you to feel wildly misunderstood or overlooked. Think before you speak—or press "send" for that matter—since Mercury rules technology, travel and all things interpersonal.
Jupiter has been retrograde in Virgo and your head-turning fifth house since January 7, causing slowdown around love, fame and creative projects.
Now, you've got cosmic permission to go forth and make a name for yourself while Jupiter remains here through September 9. Exciting romantic developments could arise, perhaps with someone from another culture or zip code (or a vacation romance for couples).
And since the fifth house rules fertility, there could even be a visit from the stork for some Bulls. You never know who could be there! One of the month’s trickier days falls on May 8—Mother's Day of all times—when a Grand Cross (four-way showdown) forms between the moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. Taurus is the natural ruler of the zodiac's second house, so you're in your element under this slow-and-steady energy.
Your trademark patience, persistence and practical nature will help you thrive. Jackpot!
On May 21, the Sagittarius full moon illuminates your eighth house of windfalls, joint ventures and shared financial gains. You could get a big payout, close a real estate deal or officialize a partnership—perhaps one you've been working on for the past six months, ever since the December 11 Sagittarius new moon. Sex and bonding are also part of the eighth house domain, so a smoldering attraction could consummate. It's possible you could deal with a legal battle, a stressful debt demand or an unexpected expense. Luckily, staunch Tauruses don't back down easily, so hold your ground and keep a cool head. You may want to get a spring sport or fitness regimen underway so you can have a good outlet for that energy! The silver lining? 2016 features a rare double-header of Sagittarius full moons, so there will be a second one on June 20.

So even if your big break doesn't come now, or you have to deal with drama and delays, it should all resolve itself a month from now. If you're not ready to sign on the dotted line—and with Mercury retrograde until May 22, signing contracts isn't advised—use this month-long grace period to do more research and conduct due diligence. Venus is your celestial ruler, and she passes through your sign to inspire you to adorn, pamper and cherish yourself. Refresh your wardrobe, try a new hairstyle and maybe treat yourself to one of these gorgeous, Vedic astrology-inspired rings from Dualtias.
The gemstones are set in a unique way so that they actually touch your skin, which your sensual sign will love. Single? You might even do a little ritual to "marry yourself" at the May 6 Taurus new moon, like this woman did. If that seems too silly for your sensible sign, this is still a great day to clarify the next chapter of your romantic life, since the moon forms a golden trine to lucky Jupiter in your love sector. However, some of the flames could have died down in the past four months, since Jupiter slowed to retrograde motion on January 7. Good news: Jupiter will resume full-speed direct motion on May 9, getting your blood pumping and your heart racing once again. On May 10, the love planet waltzes into this alignment with Jupiter, which could bring a cross-cultural romance or a day when all eyes are on YOU.
Be sure to dress up, flirt and even give someone of a wildly different background a chance. You could meet an alluring new prospect while traveling or commuting, so don't get too absorbed in your smartphone screen. Single Bulls might want to work with a matchmaker (though you probably won't need the help!) or try online dating, even if it goes against your old-fashioned sensibilities. You might also have an epiphany about ways you've been controlling or holding back, which has blocked deeper connection. You'll be most inspired if you can share a grand, world-changing vision with someone, blending your energies to create something that's bigger than both of you.
With Pluto in your personal growth sector, you might take a workshop, go on a retreat or discover a life-changing book that completely flips your perspective on dating and mating. The aggressive, hot-blooded planet is retrograde from April 17-June 29—and alas, your sign may feel the brunt of it, as the red planet is reversing through Sagittarius and Scorpio, hitting the two committed relationship sectors of your chart.
Couples may fight or feel extra tension, perhaps due to an expense, a legal matter or general tension. You may still feel an attraction, but if trust has been broken, it will need to be fully repaired. With tough Saturn also retrograde in Sagittarius until August 13, there could be a few issues to sort through, perhaps with a therapist or trained healer.
Mars retrograde can also bring up jealousy, possessiveness and some of your "shadow" emotions that could lead to impulsive and unsavory choices. Are you in or are you out, Taurus? This is the first of two consecutive Sagittarius full moons in 2016, a rare double-header. You'll have another round of this energy on June 20, when la luna visits this smoldering part of your chart again. In fact, the skies may be clearer then, as the May full moon is conjunct retrograde Mars, which could stir up conflict or fighting about these sensitive topics. You're able to look at your love life with a cooler head and from more of a "do we want the same things in the long run?" lens. You can really settle in once you know that your values align and you're building a shared future that inspires both of you.
On May 25, expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn will lock into a tense square, pulling you between starry-eyed swooning and old fears about trust and intimacy. One part of you is craving new, lusty adventures, while another side wants that inked-in-blood commitment.
And before you sweep someone off into YOUR fantasy, get clear on what you really desire now.
If you're not sure, it's okay, but don't give an innocent person mixed messages—it isn't fair to hurt someone just because you aren't sure what you want.

While your sign likes to stick to the tried-and-true, this is an excellent time to explore new opportunities.
While you should pursue what you want with abandon, don't rush to sign on the dotted line just yet.
Mercury, ruler of communication and contracts, is retrograde in Taurus until May 22, which could obscure some key details.
You could end up winning the booby prize if a big opportunity turns out to be different than it originally seemed.
The spotlight could call, especially since this new moon is trine outspoken Jupiter in your showy fifth house. Jazz up any presentations with music and visuals, go the extra mile to stand out and really "sell yourself." You could be celebrating a personal coup, especially if you're an artist, performer or creative type. This is probably not the time to march in on Monday and quit your day job, even if you're fired up or feeling unappreciated. Stressful Mars is retrograde in the two most collaborative zones of your chart from April 17-June 29, which could cause disruptions in professional partnerships. An unresolved legal or real estate matter might resurface, especially before May 27 while Mars is in Sagittarius and your eighth house of shared finances.
An emotionally charged financial issue could come to an intense peak, perhaps one that involves dividing assets with an ex or dissolving a corporation. This day could also bring a windfall—such as a bonus, royalty payment or passive income—or the resolution to a stressful matter.
A rare second Sagittarius full moon will fall on June 20, and it will occur under much clearer skies.
So even if you don't hit the jackpot or put things completely to bed, you could have a better chance a month from now. Dealing with a difficult or contentious person? With tough Saturn also retrograde in Sagittarius from March 25-August 13, you'll need to go through all the proper legal and financial channels. Make sure you do things on the up-and-up yourself, and don't cut corners or allow inexperienced people represent you. For the next month, focus on the things you CAN control—the next 24 hours—and take things one (pay)day at a time. Use this cycle to wrangle your budget, spending and savings plan into place, and to work productively toward your personal goals. You'll be filled with buoyant optimism at the May 6 Taurus new moon, so set some new six-month goals for your health and vitality. These old fears and self-doubts may be the biggest thing holding you back from really soaring. Release that negativity with guided meditations, therapy, journaling, or just by surrounding yourself with people and situations that reaffirm how awesome you are.
Put it into practice when the Sun moves into Gemini for a month on May 20, heating up your second house of daily routines and stability. You'll be able to prioritize and focus on setting some healthy new habits now. Arguments flaring? Stressful Mars is retrograde from April 17-June 29, and you'll feel the tension most with the people closest to you. If you feel an imbalanced dynamic with a doctor, therapist, trainer or healer, it might be time to choose another person—or to shift the tone of your talks toward more of a partnership. So if you walk into an expert's office like you already know everything, you can't really expect to gain any life-changing results.
Be nakedly honest: Is your desire to stay comfortable (and—ahem–stuck) stronger than your desire to get well or improve your life? If you start to feel worse before you feel better, know that it may be a sign your efforts are actually working.

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