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Venus your ruling planet is in your sign as from Tuesday the 6th she will be there for the whole of this month. Time to get busy with your own business; not a good time to get caught up with other’s issues. The Full Moon on Thursday the 8th may have you feeling a bit on the emotional side, or perhaps you may need to comfort another.
There could be a few misunderstandings at the beginning of this month, just have patience all will sort itself out. Leo rules the Heart Charka, the Full Moon on Sunday the 6th could bring about issues of the Heart.
Saturn is doing his last pass in your sign, just a bit more hard work, if you hang in there it will really pay off.
The Eclipse on Monday the 21st will bring about major changes with your relationships on all levels. Your ruling planet Mars is in the work and service sign of Virgo, this energy will help you to focus on your direction over this month.
Mars in the work and service sign of Virgo is challenging you, your frustration levels are really being tested. The Full Moon on Saturday the 7th, is a great time for you to organize some social adventure. If you feel a bit on the stuck side over this month, remember you can ask for help it’s not a weakness, just showing your human side. The Full Moon on Saturday the 7th may have you feeling a bit on the jaded side, don’t overextend yourself. Mercury the planet of communications if going retrograde, lots of confusion and mixed messages around over this month. Marilyn Hillier is a professional Astrologer and Spiritual Healer, she is the President of Gold Coast Astrology Society. The next day, Mars rejoins an exalted, retrograde Saturn in Libra.  This recreates some of the same dynamic tension which we had in February and March. Exalted Saturn comes out of retrogression on July 20.  Be vigilant for at least three days before and after Saturn leaves retrogression.
With these important planetary shifts happening in Vedic astrology for July 2014, there are opportunities to be both maximized and situations to be avoided. Astrology took its place in the body of Western knowledge with the spread of astrological lore from Babylon to Greece several centuries before Christ. The continuous movement of the planets in their courses, and their mutual interactions, were seen to correlate with the constant changes in the physical world: the cycle of the seasons, its mirroring in the four ages of Man, and the alternations between health and disease in an individual or community.
When astrological medicine was transmitted to Western Europe in the later Middle Ages; it required harmonizing with Christian theology.
Nicholas Culpeper, the famous seventeenth-century herbalist and astrologer, was one of the last to practise with integrity the combination of Galenic medicine and astrology, before the celestial art was relegated among the educated to a superstition, along with alchemy, which depended on astrology for its correct operations. One thing is clear from the outset: traditional teaching methods don’t do much to uproot folk beliefs. In order to persuade students to embrace new and more accurate ideas about how the world operates, science teachers need to find out which “alternative conceptual frameworks”—myths and misconceptions—they already hew to. Another promising approach is to directly confront individuals with the differences between their understanding and the correct one: to “offend the student’s intuition,” in the words of University of Wyoming astronomy professor Tim Slater.
The students who engaged in a “confrontation” with the facts, the investigators reported, were more likely to acquire a valid mental model and a deeper understanding of the material. Misconceptions and how to correct them is a pervasive problem, not limited to any field or particular group of people (e.g. Instead of identifying folk science as the culprit and assuming that modern science is the fount of true factual knowledge, I would instead urge that science open itself up to exploring a new and possibly more profound understanding of reality. For over 20 years, Psychic Medium Kristy Robinette has been reading and revealing the fates of individuals. Of those interviewed who said that a US economic collapse would occur, 42% said it would happen in 2014. Psychic Medium Kerrie O’Connor, who’s consulted for the some of the world’s most powerful CEO’s as well as hundreds of law enforcement agencies says that she’s been receiving insight & messages about the US economic collapse for a long time.
Economist Peter Schiff who’s recent 2012 book “The Real Crash” described the likely scenarios for which the US economy would collapse were eerily similar to many of scenarios predicted by 66.6% interviewed who said this event would happen. The late Metaphysical Visionary & Author Stuart Wilde (considered by many to be a modern day Nostradamus) made hundreds of predictions that came to pass his lifetime and several of them were about the US economy. Of the 21 Psychics, Astrologers, and Metaphysical Teachers, not all believed that the US has a date with economic doomsday.
Astrology comprises several systems of divination based on the premise that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world. Astrologer Constance Stellas who’s consulted for thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies over 25 years has extensively studied and researched the astrological charts of the US & global economy. Peter Schiff, CEO of EuroPac, Gerald Celente, Founder of The Trends Journal and Chris Duane, Founder of Silver Shield (all highly successful individuals) all say that the reasons for the US economic collapse can be supported by sound logic and simple mathematics. Psychic Medium Vincent Genna said while it’s impossible to predict the date and time of the full economic collapse, he feel it’s a very positive event and one that people should be running to and not resisting. Krepcik, Stuart Wilde, and Kerrie O’Connor have all extensively written about multi-dimensional forces that impact our waking physical reality. The age old “good vs evil” idea is apparently not only very real and but, it’s currently playing our on a much grander & much more complex scale than many individuals can comprehend. While Keller and others acknowledged the suffering associated with the economic doomsday, Psychic Medium Llorraine Neithardt said that on the grand scale of human evolution, the pain affiliated with the event will be dwarfed by the garden that grows in in it’s place. Regardless if the US economy collapses or limps along, our panel of 21 were asked what they felt the next few years on planet earth would be like.
38% of Psychics said there’s nothing written in stone and that collectively humanity invokes its paradise or provokes it’s apocalypse with each passing moment. In conclusion, whether individuals accept or reject the idea of a full scale US economic collapse, a vast majority of the 21 interviewed said we can expect some form of economic turbulence in the next fear years. This is really strange but I think it is inevitable for the economy to collapse before things improve. As I website possessor I believe the subject matter here is very wonderful, regards for your efforts. I shunned the psychopaths in my life, closed my facebook, took every hour of free time to see the academy and read A LOT (a first for me), learned that I have a deep innate thirst for knowledge and teaching, jumped head first on topics I would have NEVER taken an interest in if not for waking up (finance, economics, politics, psychology, to name a few), and view everything in a completely different, but forward thinking and more intricate way. The magnitude of all the changes that I've made in my life because of the SOL academy are so huge that I can't even begin to put a word on it. Sons of Liberty Academy TestimonialYou really need to sign up at the Sons Of Liberty Academy! Sons of Liberty Academy TestimonialI just finished the 10 modules of the Sons of Liberty Academy. It is very important to understand what is going on in our world and how to fight against it most effectively.

45 hours of video is a lot of information (I spend 3 weeks day and night, going through the course). I would look for information on my own and it would take me a lot of time but to have it done and just to be able to build on that is great. The information I've observed to this point has opened my mind to new ideas, and also reaffirmed some beliefs I've always had. Sons Of Liberty Academy TestimonialMy only regret is that I did not have this knowledge 20 years ago. If anyone is on the fence about joining the Academy, I will tell them they are doing themselves, their family and the country a injustice by not taking it. Don’t let the money stand in the way, the course is invaluable and will pay for it self many times over with the finance info within the course.
I have two masters degrees and the Sons of Liberty Academy has been of greater benefit than all the “formal” education I have received. Sons of Liberty Academy Testimonial"I have just finished watching Module Six and continue to be amazed at the deception perpetrated on the American people. I applaud your work and thank you sincerely for these eye-opening truths you have laid out.
Sons of Liberty Academy Testimonial"In just a few short months, I've gone from being a skeptic to being a believer.
Mercury the planet of communication is going retrograde in your sign, no need to rush anything. This planet only stays in a sign for 1 year so he is on a 12 year cycle through the Zodiac.
Mars is now moving forward, this should give you the boost that you have been lacking over these last couple of months. This could come about around the Full Moon on Sunday the 6th, see what manifests over this week. If you feel that life is pulling you in two different directions, see if there is a way for balance. Try and take some time out for a bit of R and R even if it is only an extended weekend away. It’s back to half its regular speed on July 7 and then full speed ahead by the 13th.  Vedic astrology for July, 2014 also brings the unusual phenomenon of having four of the nine planets strongly placed. This can be an even more powerful time for spiritual practices or rituals, especially for Scorpio ascendants.  Libra ascendants can find greater strength in their career at this time. Fire and ice collide and there can be a lot of friction.  Trying to have things your way and on your timeline will be problematic.
This transmission began with Berosus, a priest of the temple of Bel, who settled on the island of Cos, the home of Hippocratic medicine, where he established a school of astrology at the end of the fifth century bc. The birth horoscope was used to identify the individual temperament, whether sanguine, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic, or a combination of these, from which followed advice on the correct diet and lifestyle to maintain health and avoid the diseases to which that particular temperament was liable.
The position came to be accepted that the stars incline but do not compel, keeping intact Man's essential free will.
Culpeper popularized astrological medicine by issuing inexpensive books in straightforward English on these learned subjects, with the effect of extending people's knowledge beyond the simple rules for seasonal blood-letting, purging, and bathing, and the times for doing so according to the zodiac sign occupied by the Moon, which were common to many popular almanacs of the time.
Students in conventional classrooms listen to the correct explanation, read it in a textbook and may even produce it on an exam, but their bedrock assumptions remain untouched. To that end, researchers have developed student surveys that can help instructors identify the beliefs their pupils have when they walk through the classroom door. In a study published in the journal Learning and Instruction, scientists from the University of Pittsburgh asked one group of students to compare a diagram of their own inaccurate conception of the body’s circulatory system to an accurate drawing; a second group was required simply to explain the correct version.
Researchers are now developing a variety of ways of presenting students with disconfirming evidence, such as live demonstrations, online videos, computer simulations, animated visualizations and interactive tutoring programs tailored to the student’s particular misconceptions. When asked about the potential for an economic collapse Robinette says she has no doubt it will happen. 57% said that it would occur between 2014 – 2016, 28% said that a collapse was either imminent or actually in progress, and 21.4% didn’t have a specific time in mind when it would occur. O’Connor also says that this catastrophic event has underlying positive ramifications for the human race. Subtle signs have already been seen, but a major fall will occur in beginning of 2014 and continue through 2016 when the slate will again be wiped clean (much like the auto and bank fall) and a new start will happen.” Said Robinette.
Out with the old in with the new. The ongoing squares from URANUS which rules the Internet, revolution, freedom and PLUTO- which rules the collective Unconscious,the Plutocracy, banking, recycling, psychology and the Soul are in the midst of creating this.
Finally, loss of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency leads to civil unrest and rioting. In the cycle we’re in right now, if we were going to completely collapse we would have already.” Said Astrologer Victoria Bearden. Money will be returning to the US and by 2015 our money will be worth more and they’ll be more jobs and more work. They say that since all actions invoke a reaction that the collapse is nothing more than a reaction to many years of reckless fiscal actions. 14.2% said that the collapse will unshackle humanity from the chains of insidious dark forces who are apparently enslaving billions of people in the form of debt, consumerism, and states of being that disregard human life.
Some people are becoming very successful after they lose their 9-5 jobs, say “screw it!”, and finally going after their life long passions.
Psychic Joyce Keller offered a more simple explanation for the spiritual reasoning behind the economic collapse. There is a discarding of basic conservative or moral values of God, family, self-sufficiency, savings, and independence. While storm clouds appear to be gathering on the horizon, they apparently are reflection of the collective feelings of humanity at that particular moment in linear time.
It wouldn’t hurt to plan or prepare accordingly to how you feel about this historic event that may or may not happen. It's like a golden seed of life, love & truth, planted in my mind that is making me realize what does matter, what is real, and what I want be at the end of the day to myself, loved ones, and the world.
A toast to you, the individuals in our group, and all the great and positive things to come despite such times. I have been researching, as Chris has, for the last 5 years and have found out many things that have really changed my way of thinking!
I feel a tremendous sense of confidence now, the fear is subsiding, and I'm excited to complete the Academy and find the direction I can take with my future, as well as my friends and family. I am not afraid of the changes we will soon see, but confident that I am prepared to handle them. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, my life will never be the same, and for that I am very grateful. This gives you time to mold this new inspirational idea into something that will work for you. Jupiter has a lot to do with your beliefs, you maybe finding that they are changing through this period.

Mars the planet of will; is challenging you to be real about what it is that you are wanting. The universal energies are asking you to focus and to be adaptable to what is happening around you, how are you coping with this?
The Full Moon on Sunday the 6th, may bring up some tensions within, who is the reason for this?
It’s an ideal time to immerse yourself in spiritual practices and have sublime, blissful experiences.
It’s important not to be focused on goals to the detriment of other priorities.  Don’t allow personal relationships to suffer. The horoscope cast for the time of a person falling ill, called a decumbiture, was employed to help identify the nature, origin, and location of the disease, the likely prognosis, the kind of treatment to be given, and the most propitious times for its administration.
For, although the human body might be subject to alteration and change occasioned by the movements of the planets in the zodiac, Man's immortal soul remained free from such influences so that he could indeed command the stars, insofar as he commanded his passions. According to a new study released by the National Science Foundation, Americans are  less skeptical of astrology than they have been at any time in the last thirty years.
Such debunking is important not just in terms of relatively harmless beliefs like astrology, but also the more consequential misunderstandings that lead students to fail to learn in their science classes, and citizens to misapprehend crucial issues like climate change.
These surveys show the same handful of wrongheaded ideas showing up again and again, espoused by strong students as well as weak ones.
We’re almost at the 4th out of seven of their squares which started in 2012 and continue to tighten the screws until 2015. Rioting is caused by an inability to purchase food and other commodities that they require, even if they are on food stamps, welfare, and all kinds of public assistance.
Gold rockets and it eventually becomes the only medium of exchange as paper money becomes worthless. However, of our panel of 21 interviewed, many said that there’s a greater spiritual lesson & force behind this upcoming event of historic proportions.
The collapse has the potential to ‘save us’ by showing us the fruits of our dark labor.” Said Psychic Joyce Keller.
We’re diving beings having a human experience and what’s happening now (and the next 30 years) in our culture is what people will be telling stories about for the next 2,000 years.” Said Psychic Medium Llorraine Neithardt. What that means is that the fated outcome of the US economy or any predicted event (whether it be that of a nation of that of an individual) can be changed. Uranus rules sudden unexpected changes, sometimes shocking events and rebellion but also new insight and evolution . After signing up with Chris I have learned a lot more and he has vilified that which I have already learned! We are building a strong group here in my area and have shared your website with several key people of influence here. The New Moon on Friday the 23rd may open some new doorways for you to explore, great for your creative juices. Be aware of the people that come into your life on that day and the messages that they bring. The best way to deal with this energy is become conscious and use clear communication skills, be aware of projecting your issues on to others.
The eclipse on Monday the 21st will be like a breath of fresh air, let go of old worn out issues with others.
He found that he was not the only one who had difficulty answering questions on the subject.
Although 2022 is when Pluto will cross the United States natal Pluto for the first time since the nation was born.
Gold has already gone up from $290 when I first recommended it my book God’s Gladiators in 1994.” Said Stuart Wilde (April 2010).
Not because the economy is robust but because the stock market is not reflecting the state of the general economy. We’re supposed to find professions that fulfill us and allow our true talents to shine – not be slaves in cubicles.” Said Genna. Pluto rules, power, vs powerlessness, debt, credit, long term investments and other peoples money. The notion of a pre-ordained length of life, calculated from the points of life (apheta or hyleg) and destruction (anareta) in the natal horoscope, was overturned by correct physical habit and spiritual development, which nurtured the health of the body and soul, so extending the lifespan.
They have probably been studied most extensively in science and the results are not encouraging.
I am going to run through the entire Academy again, and review all the additional materials linked below the videos. You can make a dent in them, but chances are people will slip back into the misconception after a time. There are still hedge fund possibilities, Wall Street wealth, and new innovations that will make some people very rich. We as a world went through the influence of these 2 planets back in the 1930’s and 1960s. As a result the White Light Spiritual Magazine was launched in May 1997, based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The Moon in addition represented the humours as a whole, while the Sun denoted the vital spirit of the body, radiating from the heart via the arteries. The medical establishment in Paris blamed the triple conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn for the outbreak of the Black Death in 1348. Victor Benassi has some good studies of trying to correct beliefs in the paranormal and how difficult it is.
It will feel as if it is the end of the world, but it is just the end of the world at that moment.
The difficulties will be in the salaries of middle class workers and the prices of things that we all need to live. Venus governed the genitourinary system, while to the seventh planet, Mercury, was given rulership of the mind.
I think the answer lies at the curricular level rather than any individual course, and it lies with a general approach to thinking rather than any specific method. On Nov 3rd the peak of the total eclipse of the sun in Scorpio, the ruling sign of Pluto, will add a great deal of strength to the power of the events.
I do not expect to see anything now that hasn’t already happened in the history of the world. I have not had any clairvoyant visions, at least at this point, of a total global economic collapse.

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