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One thing is clear from the outset: traditional teaching methods don’t do much to uproot folk beliefs. In order to persuade students to embrace new and more accurate ideas about how the world operates, science teachers need to find out which “alternative conceptual frameworks”—myths and misconceptions—they already hew to. Another promising approach is to directly confront individuals with the differences between their understanding and the correct one: to “offend the student’s intuition,” in the words of University of Wyoming astronomy professor Tim Slater. The students who engaged in a “confrontation” with the facts, the investigators reported, were more likely to acquire a valid mental model and a deeper understanding of the material. Misconceptions and how to correct them is a pervasive problem, not limited to any field or particular group of people (e.g. Instead of identifying folk science as the culprit and assuming that modern science is the fount of true factual knowledge, I would instead urge that science open itself up to exploring a new and possibly more profound understanding of reality. Most western astrologers uses only Sun's position at the time of a person's birth to predict his or her personality.

Houses: Life, Profit and loss, Brothers, Parents, Children, Health and illness, Spouces, Death, Journies, Kingdom, Friendship, Prison. Students in conventional classrooms listen to the correct explanation, read it in a textbook and may even produce it on an exam, but their bedrock assumptions remain untouched. To that end, researchers have developed student surveys that can help instructors identify the beliefs their pupils have when they walk through the classroom door.
In a study published in the journal Learning and Instruction, scientists from the University of Pittsburgh asked one group of students to compare a diagram of their own inaccurate conception of the body’s circulatory system to an accurate drawing; a second group was required simply to explain the correct version. Researchers are now developing a variety of ways of presenting students with disconfirming evidence, such as live demonstrations, online videos, computer simulations, animated visualizations and interactive tutoring programs tailored to the student’s particular misconceptions. According to a new study released by the National Science Foundation, Americans are  less skeptical of astrology than they have been at any time in the last thirty years.
Such debunking is important not just in terms of relatively harmless beliefs like astrology, but also the more consequential misunderstandings that lead students to fail to learn in their science classes, and citizens to misapprehend crucial issues like climate change.

These surveys show the same handful of wrongheaded ideas showing up again and again, espoused by strong students as well as weak ones. They have probably been studied most extensively in science and the results are not encouraging. You can make a dent in them, but chances are people will slip back into the misconception after a time. Victor Benassi has some good studies of trying to correct beliefs in the paranormal and how difficult it is.
I think the answer lies at the curricular level rather than any individual course, and it lies with a general approach to thinking rather than any specific method.

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