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Stephanie Tetra Forest, who is the first known astrologerA first to publish articles, teach online courses and present slide show lectures on both the occurrence and potential of APDM. Stephanie goes on to write, “A An APDM cycle is definitely one of hope for the future.
Where the vibration of the solar system can provide an extraordinary kind of cosmic assistance to any endeavor created to benefit, rather than to hinder, human life on earth.A Where the whole planet can be energized by cosmic fuel rather than fossil fuels.
With our solar system moving about 600,000 mph, with this kind of speed and power, maybe it takes just one molecule of APDM sunlight to transfer a new kind of sustainable solar system energy to the earth without harm to natural life on earth.

Uranus will begin this cycle on December 25th, 2015 and will end on January 5th, 2016 when Mercury stations retrograde. Above all, during that time Stephanie suggests to be mindful at every moment of the possibility of an awesome breakthrough towards world harmony and peaceful tolerance amongst all cultures on Earth. I encourage readers to share this now and several times in the coming days leading up to this rare cycle that begins on December 25th, 2015. Coming together in groups to do such things is also a great way to use this beautiful and empowering astrological energy.

That way, we can reach as many people as possible to consciously co-create a beautiful new world during this 11 day cycle.
Stephanie will be giving regular updates throughout December, throughout the 11 day event as well as after the event.

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