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In need of a cyber fortune?Follow us on Twitter and Tweet #BODFortune to receive a personal DM message of hope, joy and wisdom. Aryabhatta-I (476 AD) wrote ‘Aryabhateeya’, which comprise a great deal of Astronomy, Mathematics and Astrology. A lot of other authors like Kalyana Varma, Kalidasa, Venkatesa, Neelakantha, Mantreswara, etc. Zodiac is the outer wheel from where the radiation from different celestial bodies is received, filtered and sent to earth. There are planets whose role is to bestow the results of past deeds, done either in this birth or carried from previous births.
By observing the inter-relationships between the signs, planets, stars and their positions, we can understand the inherent capabilities of a human being, his thought process, and his weaknesses, and finally conclude what he has in store for his future.
Another greatness of Indian Astrology lies in providing remedial measures for various problems faced by human beings. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Yours is the tenth sign, an earthy element, which makes you down to earth and matter of fact. You have great practical skills; material, financial and social resources that can be used to further your ambitions. For you to be interested in a project it has to have a solid grounding as airy fairy concepts are beyond your understanding. Although others may not generally see you as enthusiastic when they first meet you, after a while they will see that side which is humorous and affectionate.
It is often the case that not all Capricorns are supported early in their lives and so learn from a young age how to be self-sufficient and go it alone. Capricorns are level-headed but not all that optimistic about life in general and tend to be more of the cup half-empty type than cup half-full. A typical Capricorn is fearful of being embarrassed in public and although they may tap their toes in time to the music, getting up and being the centre of attention on the dance floor or making a fool of themselves is more than they would even consider. A lifestyle based on tradition appeals to you because you like things in their place and need to be in control.
You are generous with your time and money and if a worthy cause is presented to you, your generosity knows no bounds. If you give your word in a partnership, whether personal or professional, it is absolutely binding. You are trustworthy, dependent and punctual and can always be counted on to fulfill that contract you have given your hand on. You expect people to be just as trustworthy as yourself, but unfortunately this is not always the case. You are resilient and because your childhood has usually been difficult, you are able to weather the storms of life and come out into calm waters with your great strength intact. Your totem is the Goat, the agile animal who can balance on impossibly rocky and almost vertical surfaces and so at times you life seems to mirror this exact territory.
Being born on the cusp or the borderline of the previous sign to you is actually a karmic blessing Capricorn.
If you are indeed born between these dates you borrow considerably from the star sign before you. Jupiter and Saturn are biometrically opposed planets that rule the cuspal period under which you were born. You have a sober mentality but you have a way of generously giving of your time and energy so that people are drawn to you. Another important feature of your personality being born in this period is your diminished concern for money, status and the ambitious drive to achieve bigger and better things for the sake of simply using these things as a status symbol.
If your birth date falls between the 11th and 19th of January you are born in a very unusual junction and a very unusual junction point between the sign of Capricorn and that of Aquarius. I say this is unusual because your conservative nature will be continually challenged by the influence of Aquarius and its governing planet Uranus.
If you're a Capricorn who was born between December 23 and January 1 you have an extra dose of Saturn energy as part of your makeup. If you were born between 2 and 11th January you are sometimes inflexible and this can be particularly problematic for your relationships.
As a Capricorn born between the 12th and 20th January your mind is brilliant and full of amazing details and plans.
The Capricorn male possesses a rather serious appearance, but he is still capable of engaging in cheerful banter. The term 'workaholic' is an epithet reserved for Capricorn men as you're quick to take hours from your personal life and pour them into work. Your friends may be few, but they stand by you through the storms of life, always prepared to go that extra mile to further their associa- tion with you.
Your seemingly strong, frosty and detached exterior is a facade behind which you struggle with the harsh realities of life. This is why you invest time in building friendships and carefully assessing people before you can call them your own.
Though you hail from a feminine star sign, you do not exhibit a huge degree of womanliness. Your quiet and self-motivated presence may threaten your male counterparts as you are a hard worker and undaunted in the pursuit of your ambitions. Your love planet, Venus, rules pleasure and romance, adding an element of vibrancy to your somewhat staid personality. You're imaginative and ingenious, and indulging in musical, cultural and artistic exploits will help you cultivate a more fulfilling life. If you are the parent of a Capricorn child more than one person will make the observation of your child having an "old head on young shoulders". The Capricorn child will give you a power struggle that not many other children are capable of. A Capricorn child may even prefer older company as they have a wise head on their shoulders. Capricorn children are generally good at school, focused on the task at hand and enjoy having a good reputation. You are so heavily immersed in polishing your academic or profes- sional career, Capricorn, that when love sails by you take no notice of it. Of all the zodiac signs, you need to be far more discerning of the romantic opportunities that present themselves. Your 'wish list' when it comes to a prospective partner may be so staunch and unbending that you may question whether you're in sync with the times. Faithfulness is of paramount importance to you, and your life partner must be happily willing to weather the storms of life with you. The vulnerable and sensitive planet Venus presides over your sign's romantic zone, bringing a high degree of love and warmth in this sector of your life.
Though you pulsate with passion and exhilaration, these qualities only shine forth in the presence of a partner you feel comfortable with. You're a loyal and devoted friend, Capricorn, but you can also be possessive and envious in matters of friendship. The saying 'actions speaks louder than words' best defines your character, approach to life and relationships. You're a gifted leader who effortlessly commands respect and authority, especially in adverse situations. Capricorn women are grace and elegance personified, though their attractiveness may not be apparent at first.
Though you rate social eminence and status as extremely critical to your career path, try not to make this the primary focus of your life. You're also stringent in matters of finance and monetary sharing, and I'd like to advise you to practice generosity, especially when it is your turn to pay for a round of meals and drinks. Remember, it is only when you learn to share with others that your own life will open up and be rewarding.
Friends and family of Capricorns must bear in mind the latter's obsessive addiction to success, authority and the desire to influence their environment.
If they feel threatened when you assume control of something that affects them, you may incur their wrath for a generation to come.
What a better way to study face reading than to apply the principles of characterology to those faces of our favorably celebrities and public figures.
These famous faces are a brief interpretation of what their features and faces reveal about them.

We will be constantly updating our celebrity face readings, so check back to gather new insights into the rich and famous! You handle pressure better than most and this reflects your wonderful level of self control. You are fascinated by power and depending on the grade of your development you'll to use it justly.
You regard status and social standing as enormously important but you mustn't make it the main focus in your life. Happiness comes from being bighearted; this is not always apparent to you early in life but as you mature you will get it! On obtaining the aspirant thumb impression, it is handed over by the Nadi Astrology reader at the library, as it is the scientific fact the whirls and loops of every individual is unique and it is next to impossible to be replicated.
To confirm that the right leaf has been found the nadi Astrology reader has to read out to the seeker a prediction statement from the first leaf, if the seeker agrees then the reader will read out the second statement to continue verify the exact match of leaf. To expedite this process, the aspirant seeker has to extend his full cooperation and support because this process may take weeks or months. Marriage is a very ancient idea where two people marry & take promise of made for each other'. One of the many wonderful tools Vedic astrology has given us is "Horoscope Matching" & "gun milap".
In the free online astrology for marriage we take some information from your side such as Description of your spouse, Timing of marriage, if not married, Suggestions for getting married, if delayed, Suggestions & clues to look out for your spouse, Compatibility with spouse, Children from marriage, Luck or challenges due to marriage, Advice & suggestions for better handling & adjustment with spouse, Remedies for a happy married life, Chances of remarriage or multiple marriages, Other related points after that we provide the facility related to free online astrology for marriage.
Thus a total of 27 x 4 = 108 star padas will will arise, which have been distributed in the zodiac.
Saturn, your ruling planet, gives you an edge of caution and you are sometimes shy and lack self-confidence or self-esteem.
You are not afraid of hard work in order to achieve what you want to in life and when you find what it is you are aiming for you will keep going until you succeed.
When you are given a job to do you tend to ignore the clock and just work away quietly and without fuss and not wasting any time. You may come across as rather cool but you will thaw out when you get to know them a little better.
You feel that self-sufficiency adds to your strength and do not ask others to carry you either personally or professionally.
You may even have the phrase "expect the worst, but hope for the best" constantly playing somewhere in the back of your mind. It would rarely be said that you are the most exciting person to be around, but you are very loyal and will never let anyone down once you have given your word. However you are likely to have success later in life and when it does come to you, you will share what you have achieved with others.
It is not in your nature to give up easily and you get emotionally stronger as life throws more and more challenges your way.
But also like the goat it is highly unlikely that you will fall from that mountain as you are sure-footed in everything you do. These are the dates of the first few days of Capricorn, that is between the 21st and 28th of December. And this means that the influence of Sagittarius and Jupiter soften your temperament, make you much more outgoing and jovial than the typical Capricorn.
Moreover you measure your words before speaking and unlike the Sagittarian you are not likely to exaggerate or embellish your stories to the point where people don't believe or trust you. You certainly are a hard worker but you also value the spiritual aspect of life and this is borne out by the strong influence that Jupiter has on your life and your personality. Aquarius is all about breaking free of the bonds of convention, pushing forward with new and revolutionary ideas and generally upsetting the natural order of things. You are exceedingly ambitious in the way you express yourself and are most likely to find success and happiness through work. You have your feet firmly planted on the ground, and even though you rate financial security highly, you aren't swayed by the money-making schemes floating around. Even when you encounter someone new, you're quick to gain their admiration and respect due to your understated sense of authority and confidence. You strive hard to build a standard of life that you'd like to see you and your family enjoy, and you derive immense satisfac- tion from getting there. You painstakingly invest emotion and time to foster deep relationships of trust and camaraderie, and you absorb your- self completely in your friendships. Also, you don't part easily with money or possessions until the beneficiary proves that your generosity will help them better themselves. As a private individual, you're not likely to share you instinctive awareness with the public at large. Your physical attractiveness may not be as obvious as the profundity of your character, and your attractiveness stems from your awe-inspiring moral fibre, which you carry with incredible aplomb. In fact, you may be more competent than many of the men around you, which can result in silent rivalries or fierce competiveness in your workplace. Only you, a Capricorn woman, can create an eclectic mix of the old and new, infusing life into both. They are mature beyond their years and may seem as if they have been here before so wise are they at such a young age. They have a mind that is inquisitive but is working well ahead of the agenda set for the day. They need to be taught that achieving their goals is only half the equation and the other half is being able to laugh and have fun in the process. They must be disposed to endure the peaks and troughs you experience, and pass some of your severe life tests to prove their love to you. Let's just say that there are some fairly straightforward rules when getting involved with a Capricorn, and unless these rules are adhered to, there's very little chance of therelationship moving to the next level. Since Cancer rules your marriage affairs as well as your sexual drive, you can enjoy a fulfilling future with this star sign.
You need to have faith in their character and confidence in the longevity of your relationship. You draft unusually high expectations for your close associations, and you measure their contribution to the relationship against yours. In friendships, you prefer to show your feelings rather than playing with big words and glorious promises. In the face of discord or violent friction between friends, you display remarkable poise and self-control, calmly taking everything in your stride and winning everyone over with your clear-thinking, objective solutions. Both Capricorn men and women are far too humble to show off their talent and skill, which they're blessed with in bounty. Your obsession for work may cause you to slip into indifference, which will have an adverse impact on your personal relationships.
Later in life you'll come to realise that true joy stems from being big-hearted and liberal. Capricorns don't like to be taken for granted, and if they feel forced to compromise, you will find yourself bearing the full brunt of their anger. The influence of Saturn makes them very unfor- giving by nature, and it is excruciatingly hard for a Capricorn to forgive the past and cheerfully embrace the future.
It is the yin and yang of life and once we confront these shadowy areas within ourselves the sooner we are able to break free of all self limiting behaviours and habits.
Money and power may ultimately eclipse your personal relationships leaving you feeling empty.
For each thumb impression there are likely to be around five to six bundles; each such bundle in turn containing 50 to 100 leaves. Under Nadi Astrology the sub lord is stronger than the Nakshatra and the Nakshatra is stronger than the planet. If the statement does not hold true for the individual, the Nadi Astrology reader passes on the next leaf, discarding the previous one.
Once the nadi Astrology reader locates the correct leaf, he begins to read from the leaf, describing the seeker's life in detail.
Free online astrology for marriage give compassionate guidance to our members who come with questions about romance and commitment in the free online astrology for marriage because all human beings are curious to know about their future, sthere are several areas of your chart reveal helpful information about what type of partner you will do best with. So free online astrology for marriage is the portal where you can find there answer related to marriage. It was my own life’s multiple combo plate of bad date experiences that inspired me to create this supportive community.
There are 9 planets identified: Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus , Rahu (Ascending Node) and Kethu (Descending Node). This means you have your feet firmly planted on the ground and that you tend to be cautious in everything you do.
You are sure-footed and thoroughly practical and in the end the Capricorn goat always reaches the heights, beating others who are faster but less determined.

Although you like money you prefer to know exactly where your hard earned dollars are going so risky ventures are not for you.
Commitment comes naturally to you and you are likely to be successful at whatever you attempt. You like to understand where the other person is coming from with their ideas and they will be regarded with suspicion until they pass your rather stringent character tests. Added to this of course is that you like to take full credit for whatever work you have done and the goals you have achieved.
You are not blind to the way that others are manipulative and secretive to get their own way. Although you are courageous in your own way, there will be no dashing off on some unlikely adventure for you Capricorn and that is just the way you like your world to be. You will find in particular that your attitudes to money, materials and career are a little less important in you than the typical Capricorn.
Finding the balance between these two extremes will be a challenge for you cuspal Capricorn.
This will be difficult for you to reconcile as Capricorn needs structure and traditional modalities in which to function peacefully. You are extremely practical and your common sense will be one of your most invaluable assets. You are a little critical of yourself and others and should spend a little more time focusing on your good points rather than the bad. You have keen insight and an interest in tasks that people your age wouldn't even attempt. It is only with these devoted friends that you let your guard down and reveal the emotional and sensitive side of your character. You are so accustomed to this attitude that when someone gives you something for free, you don't value its worth as much. You like to see yourself and the things attached to you as being of consequence to others, and you don't like the idea of squandering them. You're an old-school traditionalist at heart, and you can feel self-conscious in the company of people you haven't met before. Humour, however, can provide a welcome breather, so it would be a great idea to engage with friends who inspire you positively.
Try and let your guard down and allow others to experience the gentle and cheerful side to your personality. To understand your Capricorn child you need to be able to read their body language as they are not always verbal when they are unhappy or dissatisfied and their eyes will also tell you a lot about how they are feeling.
They need lots of fresh air and physical activity and this will help them with their stress levels. They may feel at times that they're not working hard enough so you must help them to relax while at the same time encouraging them to do their best work. Talking about private issues to others is not easy for them but they should be encouraged to do so in a safe and familiar environment. You like your partner to be financially and emotionally savvy, and if you suspect any idleness on their part, you waste no time in putting an end to the association. Since you're a die-hard conformist, even in matters of romance, you don't crumble to societal pressures or compromise in any way. On a positive note, your innately practical and intuitive abilities sparkle as your most valuable assets. You're cautious and discerning when trusting others and you would rather have a few close-knit friends rather than a plethora of acquaintances that don't matter to you. They can be enormously uncompromising in their approach and prevent you from defending your own position.
Though calm on the whole, they erupt inwardly, which gradually becomes public and cannot be easily contained.
You like competition and play fairly, but if people cross you you're probably not able to let things slide that easily. The sublords form the basis of Nadi Astrology and which is based on the belief that the past, present and the future lives of all human beings were foreseen by Hindu sages (Saptarishi) in ancient times and written down as Palm Leaf Manuscripts which are mostly familiar in Vaitheeswaran koil, india. The writings in palm leaf bundles are indexed and classified in the library according to thumb impressions to fascinate easy searching of the bundles. As he read it out in Tamil, there is an interpreter who will interpret it in a language of your choice.
In the oldest time Traditional techniques examine the 7th house for clues about your chemistry for commitment with the partner, as following the 5th House gives important clues about likelihood for closeness, romance and intimacy while the 11th House indicates your ability to experience and maintain harmony with others.
We provide the free online astrology for marriage that involves a process of matching of the horoscopes of prospective bride and groom before getting them married, this following program takes particulars of the boy and the girl and then creates a score based on eight different guideline, When Boy and girl getting a score of 17 + out of maximum possible 36 is considered a good match.
Astrology can be divided broadly as Siddhanta Bhaga (Calculation part) and Phalita Bhaga (Predictive part). The entire Zodiac chart is divided into 12 signs, starting from Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.
You have excellent organizing skills and will work away quietly and surely without creating too much attention to yourself. You would rather live life on your own terms than compromise and live as others would like you to.
With your natural built in suspicious nature you can usually work out what these characters are up to and not get embroiled in their latest 'get rich quick' scheme. At the same time, when nudged to share your discerning insights with others, you happily share your wisdom, provided you feel comfortable and trusted and know your knowledge will be of significance to those who solicit it. You prefer to learn about people at your own pace rather than accepting them on other people's terms, and you reveal your true self to a chosen few, and then only after careful assessment and self-review. I would also recommend incorporating daily relaxation activities, such as yoga, meditation or spirituality, to maintain an emotional equilibrium and sustain your self-confidence.
With a goal clearly set, you pour all your energy into realising it, supremely confident about the direction you want to take. This is a fine line to tread but when done with love and patience they will blossom and grow into confident and well rounded adults. As they aim so high it is easy for them to feel that they've failed even when they have done exceptionally well.
These traits are rare to find, and you may have to wait a long time before finding someone even remotely suitable.
You're clearly aware of the qualities you seek, and once you do find that special someone, you pour your being into the relationship.
You're a perfectionist in your life even if you are slower than most in getting to the finishing line. Being down to earth you don't like to show off and your talents are more modest and sensible than most. Your demanding nature picks the flaws in others' personalities and you use this as leverage against them.
In Nadi Astrology One particular leaf might be that of the individual, but the process of finding out that specific leaf is very laborious and time consuming. It is therefore, evident that the nadi Astrology reader will have to go on searching leaf after leaf, bundle after bundle to trace out that one leaf in which all the particulars concerning the individual correctly appear.
That time they saying is "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" although in reality these two planets impact all of us in our abilities to find and achieve happiness in relationship. In Rigveda, the year is divided into 12 months, the special 13th month called extra month correlates the Solar and Lunar months. There are 4 things to be done in a human life: Dharma (righteous path), Artha (wealth), Kaama (Desire), Moksha (Unification of soul with God). As per Nadi Astrology (Naadi Astrology) principles, the zodiac is divided in twelve equal sub-divisions of signs with equal subdivisions of the twenty-seven Nakshatras (constellations). Once you're sure of someone's ability to perform a task, you delegate you responsibilities, confident that thefinal result will be achieved without compromise. Similarly, a more intensive prediction about a one of the twelve house (each house is associated with various elements of life) in the horoscope can be provided in under a house specific Kandam.
The hidden meaning is: A man should follow righteous path to achieve wealth and fulfill his desires.
At the same time he must be desirous to reach God, and find ways to finally unify himself with the super soul.

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