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Saxon Square Plaza in Sylvania, OhioOur office is located at the corner of Sylvania and McCord at The Saxon Square Plaza. Profile BookletsProfiles are a printed booklets, based on birth information, that help to define whatever your specific need is.
Order a profile for your partner, friend, family member, coworker or even yourself and discover what the future holds. Astrology supports the philosophy that life is a journey and our horoscope or natal chart is a star born road map of possible destinations”. She is also a columnist that writes for national as well as local publications including The Sylvania Advantage and DOT magazine. Monday Morning – TUNE IN to Demetrius Nicodemus, Meaghan Mick, Eric Chase and me KISS FM! Dear Readers, A retrograde occurs when the planet moves closer to the Earth thus changing the vibration of the planets influence.
If youa€™re looking for your astrology profile traits for 2013, read the horoscope predictions on this page.
Aquarius Profile for 2013 January 20-February 18 a€“ (With Independent Traits)According to your astrology profile traits for 2013, your love life is likely to hit a snag during 2013, but there will be an opening in personal connections with friends. Love Psychic Advice Wanted May 13, 16 01:43 AMWe are having visions and dreams about falling in love and romantic connections. Find Your Real Horoscope Online May 07, 16 06:50 PMHoroscopic astrology is a kind of astrology that gives sense and logic to occasions that take place. Psychic Mentors May 07, 16 02:34 AMSpiritual coaching to build a very successful and fulfilling psychic reading career with your own psychic mentors. Psychic Powers May 07, 16 02:06 AMI have found that with a little guidance, just about everyone can engage their psychic powers. Proof The Movie May 07, 16 02:01 AMSee both parts of the James Twyman experiment that reveals the secret truth underlying the law of attraction and our psychic abilities. Get Your Wedding Date's Meaning RevealedYour wedding date determines your couple personality. Your Birth Month's Meaning RevealedYour month of birth reveals secrets about your personality.
Make Cool Profile Pictures With Photo EffectsCreate super duper photos with these photo effects. Arrangement of human profile and abstract elements on the subject of spirituality, science, creativity and human mind. Her primary goal is to incorporate her knowledge of astrology and psychology into everyday life. The number one radio station out there.419-214-0925 Monday 8:15 AM I taking your calls live!

An example is seen as Mercury, the planet of chat, is now retrograde in creative, stubborn sign of Taurus. But think again, isn’t it time that we looked at ourselves from a different perspective. Her mother ( born in Damascus, Syria ) was an intuitive and encouraged Janet to tap in to God given talents. Watch her every other Wednesday morning at 9 AM on Channel 11 News, Your Day and every alternate Wednesday on Channel 36 at 8 AM. Have your question ready, along with birthday, month, day, year, time of birth, city and state. Watch Janet every other Wednesday morning at 9 AM, Channel 11 news and every alternate Wednesday on Channel 36 at 8 AM. An axial tile in the planetary movement is responsible for this movement, and ita€™s best to try and take advantage of it.
Janet's astrological talent has provided many individuals with the gift of self-understanding and awareness. For larger groups of 13 and over, an hourly rate will be met.There will be an additional fee assessed over 25 miles from office location. To understand astrology is like having a key to the universe; it provides us with a much needed link. Otherwise, the opportunity might pass before it can be properly leveraged.Read more prophecies of Aquarius traits for Love, Fun, Health, Lucky Numbers, Career and Finance in the 2013 HoroscopePisces Profile for 2013 February 19-March 20 - (With Impressionable Traits)Astrological events indicate that those born under Pisces will be encountering a year of considerable renewal in all that they do. With over 18,000 clients coast-to-coast, Janet's expertise in the field of astrology has made her a household name.
New friends, new job opportunities, and new events in general are likely to happen, or have the possibility of happening, around every corner. Qualities of Capricorn are: Ambitious, Humorous, Tolerant, Constructive, Confident,Organized, Goal-Oriented, Warm-Hearted, Tireless,Practical, Helpful, Prudent, Industrious & Patient.
Qualities of Gemini are: Witty, Brilliant, Knowledgeable, Popular, Versatile, Youthful, Talkative, Happy, Intellectual, Sharp, Thinker, Popular, Vivacious, Tact & Flexible. Whether your event is large or small, business or personal, each guest will have the opportunity to discover Janet's true, powerful insight.
It can help to facilitate new happenings yourself, since the time is ripe to do so.Read more prophecies of Pisces traits for Love, Fun, Health, Lucky Numbers, Career and Finance in the 2013 HoroscopeAries Profile for 2013 March 21-April 19 - (With Outgoing Traits)As the first Astrological sign, Aries is due to benefit first from the New Year. The positioning of the sun indicates a balance in work and love in for Aries in the coming year. Try not to get too heated and make poor decisions as a result, though the temptation will be high. The outcome of the dispute will have far-reaching ramifications that will extend into the coming years, either for good or for ill.Read more prophecies of Taurus traits for Love, Fun, Health, Lucky Numbers, Career and Finance in the 2013 HoroscopeGemini Profile for 2013 May 21-June 21 - (With Versatile Traits)The astrology profile traits for Gemini for the coming year indicates that it will have to do with the dreaming nature of Gemini.

You may well be caught up in one particular dream, and wona€™t notice when a manifestation of the possibility of that dream actually shows up.
The importance according to the stars in the coming year will be paying attention for possible ways of taking advantage of your dreams.Read more prophecies of Gemini traits for Love, Fun, Health, Lucky Numbers, Career and Finance in the 2013 HoroscopeCancer Profile for 2013 June 22-July 22 - (With Emotional Traits)It is in the nature of astrological Cancers to close themselves off from others as part of a defence mechanism.
Ita€™s important to try to prepare yourself for this coming eventuality since letting them in will take an extra amount of effort. But ita€™s likely that if the opportunity happens, it will be well worth the extra effort.Read more prophecies of Cancer traits for Love, Fun, Health, Lucky Numbers, Career and Finance in the 2013 HoroscopeLeo Profile for 2013 July 23-August 22 - (With Authoritative Traits)Those of the astrological sign Leo the lion will want to pay particular attention to their health in the coming year.
The fortuitous alignment of the stars mean that it is a good year for health, such as quitting bad habits like smoking or drinking. An event will occur that will provide extra motivation and assistance for eating and living in a healthier manner. Ita€™s important to try and take advantage of this window while it occurs, or present health problems will only redouble in the coming future years.Read more prophecies of Leo traits for Love, Fun, Health, Lucky Numbers, Career and Finance in the 2013 HoroscopeVirgo Profile for 2013 August 23-September 22 - (With Exacting Traits)The astrology profile traits for Virgos show you will do well to look to your work life this year, since the star alignment indicates considerable chances for wealth and prosperity. But this will only occur if the right opportunity is taken, and if due consideration is given to the possibilities as they occur. Dona€™t jump without thinking through.Read more prophecies of Virgo traits for Love, Fun, Health, Lucky Numbers, Career and Finance in the 2013 HoroscopeLibra Profile for 2013 September 23-October 23 - (With Helpful Traits)The astrology profile traits for Librans bodes a good year for resolving inquires in the New Year. If there is a burning question stuck in the mind of yourself, as a Libran, the Libran sign shows that everything is in good alignment for asking that question of whomever you need to, since it indicates good results for the question as long as you are attentive to the answer.Read more prophecies of Libra traits for Love, Fun, Health, Lucky Numbers, Career and Finance in the 2013 HoroscopeScorpio Profile for 2013 October 24-November 21 - (With Determined Traits)The astrological portents for Scorpio indicate a year dealing much with the elderly. This could indicate a good year for older individuals who are Scorpios, or it could indicate a good year to enjoy time with older persons, such as parents or grandparents. Ita€™s true they wona€™t be around forever, so ita€™s a good idea to take advantage of every astrological alignment that comes up regarding them as possible.Read more prophecies of Scorpio traits for Love, Fun, Health, Lucky Numbers, Career and Finance in the 2013 HoroscopeSagittarius Profile for 2013 November 22-December 21 - (With Optimistic Traits)With the astrology profile traits for Sagittarius, a cataclysmic astrological event indicates that something urgent and important will happen in the coming year, something that cannot be ignored. It would be a good idea to not try to ignore it for too long, since it could be ruinous if ita€™s ignored.
It could even be an excellent opportunity that was unlooked for as it occurred.Read more prophecies of Sagittarius traits for Love, Fun, Health, Lucky Numbers, Career and Finance in the 2013 HoroscopeCapricorn Profile for 2013 December 22-January 19 - (With Cautious Traits)Opportunities in financial and work matters could be facing serious dry ups according to the astrology profile traits for Capricorns in the New Year. It may be a good year to save money, biding your time for when new opportunities may arise. There wona€™t always be good fortune around to be had, but the same can be said of ill fortune.

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