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In the March 2014 Astrology Forecast, a new month beckons in March and in the first half of the month new paths will be formed, however, events will remain low-key. Despite this, the planets of Jupiter and Mercury are directly moving and Lilith is entering Leo providing progression in some areas of life, such as home and family life, education, science and communication in the March 2014 Astrology Forecast.
The latter part of March will be an excellent time for bringing new impulses into relationships, for expanding your contact network and also for finding inspiration through communicating with others.
During the last 18 months there was at least one point where you finally managed to step out of your comfort zone and place a foot into real life, it could have even been a recent occurrence. The beginning of March will bring a development that will grow and has been flagging you, yet motivating and activating you, since January. The first part of the March 2014 Astrology Forecast will bring a chance to expand your horizons. Things are working out beautifully in your world, however, there may be a feeling of unusual hyper-sensitivity.
The March 2014 Astrology Forecast centers around a theme of relating, simply put this month is about balancing both your male and female sides. During the course of this month you will feel your spirit of adventure and personal power beginning to grow.
A vital stage of reflection is beginning that will bring you deep inside yourself and last until the end of July.
The wind is changing direction and the March 2014 Astrology Forecast is about gaining new mental orientation and new learnings. There will be a clarification process regarding your relationships which will be discovered during the first half of the month, providing you with more peace and stability allowing you to become relaxed and realistic. Once you have finished the work of clarifying things and begin some new initiatives during the first half of March, you should follow the voice within.
Best Tarot WebsiteTruly one of the best tarot and psychic sites we've discovered is Bear Tarot. The time for worry is over, everything’s ok, you’re complete and safe and the problems have been resolved. OMTimes AstrologyOMTimes Magazine is one of the leading on-line content providers of positivity, wellness and personal empowerment. The planets of Saturn and Mars are slowing down, bringing a phase of reflection and looking within yourself.
This can lead to an upward turn in things relating to creativity, spirituality and travel if the correct steps are taken. However, maintain patience, as you may have to wait for a while before reaping the benefits of these encounters.

The middle of March brings a time where you can begin to use this in bringing some new ideas into your existing relationships and test them out. The middle of the month bring opportunity to dive into all things with the potential to open your senses and expand you horizons, even if this means dissolving your usual boundaries and with them the corners of your own world.
Whichever area, no matter whether it is inner or outer, exceeding the limits you usually place on yourself will bring valuable and fulfilling experiences. You shouldn’t fight your vulnerability, it is what makes you human and loveable, instead continue to discover the hidden strength it can give you. The balancing act is about one side requiring a need to flow and relax and the other side trying to make sense of things that are going on. It will become easier for you to make a move in a certain direction as you are full of self-confidence and are becoming more daring and independent. The process will not be fully complete until November (early September for late Scorpios) and once it is finished you will be able to project your energy outwards again.
You will recoup your full trust in the direction things are taking, gaining a new understanding where you may have been previously lost. It will then become less important to feel the need to regulate and order every minute detail. The voice can heard in your silence and you shouldn’t seek the answers but find situations that will help you gain peace.
Be aware, however, a streak of perfectionism can create tension during the first period of March so you should try to relax and allow yourself to be carried along.
To retain your sense of peace and happiness, make sure you learn the lessons of the past and keep your actions honest, selfless and good.
In the immediate future it is advised to put off planning big projects unless they are for the long term and require sticking power. Overall, March should be viewed as a month where you can regain and build strength in preparation for a turbulent April.
The time has passed when you were a hero in battle alone and togetherness and creating a harmonious atmosphere is where your energy must be focused for the next year and a half.
The challenges it presented may still be with you now but you are standing on solid ground again and have a sense of where you are now.
You should dare to enter unusual spaces, allow yourself to be open to new experiences and not worry about lack of experiential context. After the month has reach mid-point, the energy focus will shift to a need for more planning and a strong urge for clarity and structure. After the 20th of the month the vulnerability you are feeling will be changed back to the usual courage and resilience you possess and enterprising energy will increase.

If you find obstacles trying to block your path it is not a cosmic sign that you are wrong.
You can recognize all the unnecessary worries you were having and maybe even come through the recent months in a more relaxed state then before. You should remain open to suggestions from outside sources, even if they seem like they will knock you off your perch.
Emerging from the stillness the answers will come flooding out of their own accord if they are necessary.
An increase in discipline and concentration will be felt during this period, however, it is essential that you remember to examine your personal life thoroughly and look at your motivation in all aspects of life including work, sport, health and personal goals through astrology or psychic readings. During this period many opportunities will be presented to develop important virtues such as compromise, tolerance and patience. March will bring more situations where you are pushed to get going and allow change to take place. The new moon at the end of the month may make you become quite demanding and you should be wary. Remember that everyone has obstacles to overcome and use your creativity and ideas to leap over them. You should remain in control of yourself but allow things to develop naturally, trying to hold back from too much interference. The lesson will be learned when between December and April 2015 a similar configuration will be present in the skies. Perhaps all that is needed is silence in your heart and everything else will flow naturally. Don’t allow yourself to be content but ask questions, get to the root of the problem and take risks.
It is important to remain playful, experiment with yourself and be ready to try new things. From the 26th a feel-good program and relaxation is offered until the new moon begins in Aries on the 30th and get you on the move again. Enjoy who you are and what you love because anything less will bring about a feeling of restlessness and make you feel you lack fulfilment.
Both side make up part of what being human is all about so it is advisable to befriend them and invite them into your life.

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